Tuesday, March 19, 2013

With This Kiss (Part Two) by Eloisa James

Last week I started With This Kiss (Part One), I finally got my hands on With This Kiss (Part Two). Still on the fence on the serial idea. After reading Part Two, I have to wait a grueling week for the conclusion. BLASTED!

As I said last week, I'm not going to go into detail what the story is about and the same goes with this weeks part. Other than Collin has returned with no sight. Grace is still in love with Collin.

Ugh would be the right word. Seriously, I thought I would be crying, because of this particular line from Grace: "No one will ever love me in the right way, not in that feverish way that men fall in love with you. I'm not the sort of woman!" Alas, I didn't cry through this part of the story. I was more in shocked with what happen. I mean quite a bit happens through this part of the story and I'm really wondering how Colin and Grace are going to end up together. 

Overall, I'm still shocked with all that happens in Part Two. Honestly, I'm kind of scared what Part Three will bring. However, I have to keep telling myself everything will be fine. I just need patience. So, prepare yourself for the journey that is in With This Kiss (Part Two). Till next week when we come to  the conclusion of With This Kiss (Part Three). I must say I will be bitting my nails till I see the end.


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