Thursday, March 14, 2013

Buyer, Beware by Diane Vallere

All right everyone, I just finished Buyer, Beware by Diane Vallere. First off this is not my normal read for sure. I actually got this by accident, but I might as well try something different, right?

There is a couple of reasons this isn't my normal read:

1) I don't normally read mysteries.
2) When you read mysteries you need to be ready to commit to the series, because they aren't normally a single book.

Don't get me wrong I have read a couple of mysteries, and have continue with the series. Plus, there's one I like,  but haven't gotten a chance to read the next book. Anyways. However, I picked up Buyer, Beware which is actually book two of Style and Error. I must say that was cute and funny.

Well, in the story Samantha Kidd finds herself in a bit of trouble when she finds herself embroil in another murder. Now she is working for this the particular retailer and hoping to be able to solve this murder.

So, this story is a cute and funny read if you are into mysteries. I'm kind of on the fence if I want to commit to Style and Error series. I did enjoy the story and I kind of want to go back and read the first book, but at the same time I look at my TBR pile and think can I really commit. So, you never know what might happen, you might actually see more of Samantha Kidd on my reading list. Who knows. Well, if you are looking for a fun mystery I would suggest Buyer, Beware. Another great thing about this particular book I didn't feel like I was missing something, because I didn't read the first book.

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