Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Audiobook Review: Second Chance Pass by Robyn Carr

A couple months back I listened to Second Chance Pass. I struggle with this story. The only reason I was able finished this story was it was due back at the library at the end of the week, and there was someone else waiting for the story. Otherwise, I would have sat on this story for a little longer. 

Now you wonder why I struggle with this story, and it was Vanessa. I can understand that she struggled with her feelings with Paul and the passing of her dead husband. However, how she treated Paul drove me batty. I wanted to smack her a couple of times. Even her friends had to talk her down a couple of times. She kind of used this adorable Doctor from Grants Pass to make Paul jealous. I was not okay with that, because he was a good guy. Paul is a decent guy, and he wants to give Vanessa space and to make sure she was done grieving. He does something stupid at the beginning of the book, and it gave me some concern. Fortunately the issue does work itself out. He's portrait as a decent guy throughout the story. 

I can't really remember what else happens in the book, but I know there are other characters storylines going on. It was an okay listen. Even though I wasn't a big fan of this story there were other storylines I need to know about, so yes I continue the series. 

Copy provided by local library

Rating: 3 Stars

Sunday, December 5, 2021

Audiobook Review: A Virgin River Christmas by Robyn Carr

I have been continuing my journey through Virgin River. About a month ago I listened to A Virgin River Christmas where we meet Marcie Sullivan who is in search of Ian Buchanan. Now Marcie's husband was best friend with Ian, and he brought him home to Marcie. Now Marcie need to have some closure, so she needed to find Ian. Now Ian had no desire to be found. He been keeping guilt as his close companion. Guess what she finds him, and he's not the same guy. Yes, Marcie breaks down all his wall. It took a little time for her bubbly personality to knock them down. 

Anywho; this is a sweet Christmas story to bring the holiday spirit. Do you really have to read the previous books to get gist of what's going on. Not really. Ian and Marcie aren't canon to the series. Marcie pops up to the area with no real ties to the people, and the same with Ian. However, you do see the people of the town and they do welcome into the area. So, you aren't missing back story with these two. Now if you are a like me and invested into the story you will read this in order. Yes, they do find new beginnings to their lives. Overall, a pretty good listen. I like Marcie's can do, will do attitude. Ian does soften in the story. 

Copy provided by local library.

Rating: 4 Stars 

Monday, November 8, 2021

Audiobook Review: Whispering Rock by Robyn Carr

A few weeks back I listened to Whispering Rock by Robyn Carr. As you can see I have decided to continue on the series. In previous books we met Jack's sister Brie Sheridan, and we learn that she was a prosecutor. She was working on a major case and it didn't pan out, and the guy walked. The guy takes his revenge on Brie and goes on the run. Brie is having a rough year. Another person is having a rough year is Mike Valenzuela. He is too recovering, and him and Brie bond this book. You know who has a problem with this Jack. Those meddlesome older brothers. 

In Whispering Rock we still have that small town living where everybody knows your business. Okay it's not that bad, its mainly Jack who meddles in his sister's love life. Not only that we have a new family move into the area, which sets up scene for future books. We have tragedy, and heartbreak with one of the new members to the town. This story touches on death, and rape. Brie has to overcome some fear. Mike has to overcome his challenges. In the process they solve possible bigger problem in the area that has to deal with date rape drugs. A lot happens in this story, and a good majority of the story is intertwine with what's going on in the town. 

Overall, Whispering Rock was a pretty good listen. I enjoyed the story of Brie and Mike's budding romance. Their is another budding romance in the story too. 

Copy provided by local library 

Rating: 4 Stars

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

April May Fall by Christina Hovland (Review)

I got a chance to read April May Fall by Christina Hovland. Overall, I liked the story. However, there were couple of things I didn't like. One was her friends signing her up for an online dating service. April clearing not ready for something like that. Plus, she kind of had the hots for her boss Jack. I had to get that off my chest first before I could dive into the rest of the story. 

Why did I pick this story to read? 1. I liked the cover. It's a super cute cover. Plus, I love color; very eye catching. 2. The title; it grabs your attention. It fits the story. Sometimes you get titles that you are like huh. 3. The book blurb caught my attention. I mean you have April who is holding onto a thread, and then you see it while streaming. So, we have Jack Gibson coming to the rescue. 

I mean the opening of the story was epic. She gets roasted by other mommy bloggers, and she has to overcome her situation. Jack sees that she needs the encouragement. Of course something builds has he helps her rebuild her image. The kids are adorable in this story and I wish they played a bigger part in the story. Oh well. 

I enjoyed April May Fall, and I found it to be cute read. The kids were adorable. Her friends were okay. I think I would have been pissed if they signed me up for a dating app. I'm glad that didn't pan out. Jack was adorable with the kids. Yes the story was a little rushed, but it was fine for me. I like that this is part of a series, but can be read as a standalone. I wouldn't mind going back to checkout the previous stories. If you are looking for some light reading with a single mom trying show that she's cool and collective, but hanging by a thread. She just needs a little encouragement this might be your read.

Copy provided Entangled via Netgalley

Rating: 4 Stars

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Holiday Ever After: One Snowy Night/ Holiday Wishes/Mistletoe in Paradise by Jill Shalvis

Holiday Ever After
is a combination of novellas that Jill Shalvis wrote for a couple of her series. One Snowy Night and Holiday Wishes fit in the world of Heartbreaker Bay, and Mistletoe in Paradise fits in Wildstone books. I actually read One Snowy Night and Holiday Wishes when they released. However, I hadn't had a chance to read Mistletoe in Paradise. So lets dive into the stories.

Saturday, October 23, 2021

The Ex Hex by Erin Sterling (Review)

 I got a chance to read The Ex Hex by Erin Sterling. Where we meet Vivienne Jones who is suffering a broken heart from Rhys Penhallow. She got a little too much vodka in her and she ended up putting a hex on Rhys. Flash forward to more present day Rhys comes back to Graves Glen and his magic is a little funky. Now Rhys and Vivi have to figure out how to break the curse. You learn more that it's not a simple curse to break, and I want to tell you more, but I can't.

Is this story kind of campy? Yes. Is it adorable? Yes. It's a silly, fun read. You get to see if Rhys and Vivi are able to make a go at a real relationship or is it doom from the start. Is it scary? Absolutely not, but again a cute read with two people who have a journey to figure out how to solve a problem that might endanger the whole town. You learn a little more about Vivi and Rhys family history. Would I read this story again? Yes, because I love cute, campy reads. Plus, it's a light read. 

Copy provide by Avon via Edelweiss

Rating: 4 Stars

Thursday, October 7, 2021

Her Renegade Cowboy by Lora Leigh (Review)

This book was a mistake for me, and probably should have stopped after a few chapters. I regret not DNFing Her Renegade Cowboy. I thought this would have more suspense than what was in here. However, you know what got me to read this book was the cover, and the promising book blurb. 

Yes, Levi Roberts is an undercover US Marshall, and former Army Ranger. He's playing a cowboy on Lily's cousin's ranch. He's not there most of time cause he's at Lily's house getting it on. Lily is a school teacher. You are probably thinking she's sweet and kind. Wrong! She's sassy, and a firer ball. She could be with her students, but you don't really see her interacting with her students. 

Majority of this book takes place around Lily's house. Honestly, you don't really feel the impending doom that her life is in until the last portions of the book. I probably should have put this story down, after the first time. I trudged on trying to read the story. If you are looking for a story that has more suspense you aren't going to find it here. Now if you are looking for hot steamy read, and not really going anywhere, this my friend is your read.

Copy provided by St. Martin via NetGalley

Rating: 1 Star

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Audiobook Review: Shelter Mountain by Robyn Carr

As you know I started listening to the Virgin River series, because of the NETFLIX show. Yes, still finding a lot of difference. However, I'm sticking to the series cause I'm committed. Since I'm committed I finished Shelter Mountain, and I have to say I liked this book a little better than the first one. I liked Preacher, because he's a steady strong guy. He might be big, and quiet, but he's also a watcher. He notice that Paige was in deep trouble and needed help.

There are quite a few subplots going on. If you are one of those types of people that aren't too keen on multiple subplots, this might be your type of read. Even though they seem like filler and helping you understand the dynamics of the town. I also find out that it's a town of 600 instead of hundred, but still small. However, a good portion of the story is about Preacher and Paige's relationship development. This is definitely a slow burn kind of story. The main reason behind that is the story touches on domestic violence. Paige is domestic violence survivor, which she does feel the guilt, and believes it's her fault. It takes a long time for Paige to open up to Preacher about this. A lot of character development. One of subplots is Ricky and Lizzie, and they have a pretty big subplot in the story. They were hot and heavy teenagers in the first book, but they had to cool it. Their story plays a little role into the story here. They both had to grow up real fast. It's a small town, everybody talks.

Overall, it's getting better. However, I don't think Mel is all that smart, but it's a personal opinion. I still feel this way as I'm going through book 3. However, I did like this story more than first book. Preacher and Paige are cute together. Preacher is a good guy, and he had to show Paige that all men aren't bad. Domestic violence takes a toll on a person, and Paige survived. 

Copy provided by local library

Rating: 4 Stars

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Audiobook Review: Virgin River by Robyn Carr

I'm starting to find myself reading the books that were made into movies or series. Whoops. However, it's getting me to checkout other series I would never read. This is true for Robin Carr's Virgin River series. My husband have totally watched all the seasons that are on Netflix, and I think he's hooked. Since I'm waiting for the next season, I decided to listen to Virgin Rivers books.

Now if you plan to checkout this series you need to be prepared that the series has been modify quite a bit.  I think it's fine if you watch the series then read the book, but you need to expected to be different from the series. There is quite a few changes in the story. Actually a lot. Now my thoughts on the first book Virgin River

We have Melinda Monroe needing a change from her current situation. She need to shake things up, and move up to Virgin River. Going from L.A. to North California is a culture shock. SoCal and North Cal is different. Yes, they are both in California, but it would be culture shock, and Mel definitely felt completely lost. Granted she was not expecting a dump upon arrival. She slowly finds her way to stay up in Virgin River. Now it doesn't hurt that the handsome Jack Sheridan has taken an interest in Mel and wants to keep her there. He and others make it pretty impossible for Mel to want to leave a piece of heaven.

Okay, I wouldn't really call this a small town romance, because it's basically smaller than a town. It's less than 100 people. Small area, but I think the plan is to build up Virgin River. I mean they have to, because there's 20 something books. I think eventually it will be a small town. The story is like bar in Cheers where everybody knows your name, and they know your business. I'm going to be honest Mel's not my favorite character, and Jack is all right. They didn't really win me over, but I'm curious enough to see how this all plays out. So, yes, I'm going to continue the series. 

My advice on this series is you have to want to be invested in the story. I mean there are over 20 books, and the stories characters intertwine in the series. Yes, it will be beneficial to read the story in chronological order, because you are basically building a town. After listen to other books, they characters are going to be integrated into the story. Yes, you will be seeing other side plots. You need to commit if you are going to do this. Overall, it wasn't a bad read, and we have starting point. 

Copy provided by local library

Rating: 3 1/2 Stars

Sunday, September 19, 2021

Audiobook Review: Party Games by RL Stine

After finishing You May Now Kill the Bride I was still on an RL Stine kick. Okay more along the lines of Fear Street, so I decided to give Party Games a go. 

We have Brendan Fear who is a wiz at video games, and loves to program them. He also throws amazing birthday bashes. Rachel Martin has a crush on Brendan Fear, and is totally stoke when she gets invited to the big birthday bash. That's when things turn a little weird for Rachel and Brendan.

Okay, Party Games kept me on my toes. I liked the story. However, it was a decent read or listen. Would I check this story out again? Probably not. The funny thing is I actually bought this book for my daughter, because I wanted her to try out RL Stine. There is a book two and I might try it out, but I think I might hold off on the story. 

Copy provided by Local Library

Rating: 3 Stars

Saturday, September 18, 2021

Audiobook Review: You May Now Kill the Bride by RL Stine

I have been in a reading slump, and actually still kind of am. So, I decided to checkout something I would have read as middle schooler. Yes, I was a huge fan of RL Stine. I absolutely loved the Fear Street series, which was amazing. I was sad when he kind of stop writing those stories, and focus on Goosebumps. I couldn't get into them, because they weren't scary as the Fear Street. RL Stine has return to Fear Street. I happen to stumble upon this audio version of You May Now Kill the Bride, a Return to Fear Street book. 

I'm not going to lie, the nostalgia hit hard. It made remember why I love this series. Granted it's not as good as the previous Fear Street books, but still worth the time. 

So, the story is broken into parts. We have the past and how the curse was established. Then we move to the present time. Then we head back to the past to fix the past. The first past and present have a similar situation that happens. One of the protagonists needs to fix the situation before the past repeats itself. There were a few times I need to take a moment to group myself. However, I was able to finish the story. 

Overall, I enjoyed You May Now Kill the Bride. Yes, I was loving the nostalgic feel of living my teens again. I love that it gave me a little scare and a nice ending. I wouldn't really say a happy ending, but a satisfy ending. Yes, the issue does get fix and it was pretty cool to watch play out in my mind. I also love the cover of the story. Pretty and sinister. Not as good as the past books, but I think it's a good start for creating a new generation to fall in love with Fear Street. 

Copy provided by Local Library.

Rating: 4 Stars

Wednesday, September 1, 2021

His Majesty's Mistake by Jane Porter (Review)

I can't remember if I read this or I just bought it because it intrigued me. Looking back on my blog it looks like I just bought it on a Walmart trip planning to read. Here we are almost 10 years later finally getting to this story. I wanted a quick read, and Harlequin Presents is great for a quick read. Today, I bring you His Majesty's Mistake by Jane Porter.

We have Princess Emmeline d'Arcy she always felt "unworthy and impossible to love." You find out the reason why. Then we meet Sheikh Makin Al-Koury,  and believes Emmeline is flighty, self-center princess. Now you wonder how could he be around her when he can't stand her, glad you ask she's masquerading as assistant. Well, his assistant looks alike and so they traded places so she can meet with the father of her baby and tell him what was going on. Anyway, he finally figures out what's going on, and since it's a short story we are going stop there.

I like the story, I felt bad for Emmeline, because she was looking for love in all the wrong places. We have a handsome Sheikh wanting to save her once he got the full background. Great little quick read. In need a quick pick me up, or escape you might like.

Not sure where I got this little gem, it's been almost 12 years. 

Rating: 4 Stars

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Lost and Found Family by Jennifer Ryan (Review)

I got a chance to read Lost and Found Family by Jennifer Ryan. I love Jennifer Ryan, she knows how to draw you into a story. She definitely drew me in with Sarah Anderson. She lost her husband, and was summoned by her MiL to bring her kids. I felt so bad for Sarah, because she's trying to do the best she can with people that hate her without knowing the full story. 

Okay, I liked the story. However, towards the end it started to drag, because I want when a lot was revealed. I was tired of Sarah being the punching bag. Plus, she had to be a saint with all the crap that she put up with. I enjoyed the relationship between Luke and Sarah. It was nice for her to find someone who appreciated her. 

Some may not like Sarah cause she's so perfect. However, those who are already fans to Jennifer Ryan will like the story. It was a cute story. I did have the feels of the story. 

Copy provided by William Morrow via Edelweiss 

Rating: 3 1/2 Stars

Saturday, August 7, 2021

Audiobook Review: Holes by Louis Sachar

I know this isn't my normal read, but I needed something my kid could listen to while in the car with me. We both actually liked the book Holes, so we listened to it on our way to Mississippi. Here we go with Holes

In the story we meet Stanley Yelnats who happens to be the most unluckiest person, which he ends up at a camp that is to suppose to reform bad kids. While there we meet bunch of kids that Stanley gets to know. Slowly develops a friendship with one of the boys. 

We like this story. We liked the growth of Stanley character. We liked how we see the backstory of is sprinkled in. We see how Green Lake became what it is present. Overall, we found Holes enjoyable. 

Copy provide by local library

Rating: 4 Stars

Friday, July 30, 2021

When Stars Collide by Susan Elizabeth Phillips (Review)

I got a chance to finished When Stars Collide by Susan Elizabeth Phillips. I do have a fondness for her stories. They are fun to read or listen to, so I was excited for a chance to checkout her latest Chicago Stars story. I love this series. We have met some super fun characters, and very memorable moments. Yes, I was excited that there was a new book. I'm going to be honest I don't remember ever reading a Thaddeus Bowman Owens (T-Bo). He could have been in the last story. I could try to listen to the previous story, but I just can't. Moving on. We have Thad who has to work with Olivia Shore who is a famous opera singer. She holds a grudge against Thad to some information. Anyway, we have a rocky start with these two for a national tour of a product. 

It wasn't a bad story, but it wasn't a great story. I like the idea of a jock and an opera singer trying to play nice on a national tour for a product. However, it kind of fell flat for me. There were some banter in the book, but nothing like past banter. I guess I didn't feel an emotional connection to the character. SEP usually hits a couple of spots with me: 1) She has me needing a box of tissue at least once in the story. 2) I'm laughing so hard that I'm in stitches. Which didn't happen to me. I did get a few chuckles, but nothing that feel busting a gut. However, towards the end I did feel it was more like SEP book, but by the time I got there was ready for the story to be over. Will I check this story out again, probably. I do my annual listen to the Chicago Stars stories, because that's a comfort for me. It was okay read. Will I continue reading SEP of course, because not every book is going to hit the same spot for everyone. However, majority of her books hit the right spots. 

Copy provided by William Morrow via Edelweiss

Rating: 3 Stars

Saturday, July 24, 2021

Love for Beginners by Jill Shalvis (Review)

A few months back I did finished Love for Beginners, which I should have written right away. Oh well, here we go. We have Emma Harris who woke up from a comma to a loser fiancĂ© and loser best friend. I guess they will all be ex's. Now she's picking up the pieces of her life, and have fresh start. However, she has to work hard for what she wants. 

She starts to fall for her evil physical therapist, Simon. Simon seems like the whole package, but he comes with some serious baggage which could hinder any relationship. Not to mention that he's related to Emma arch nemesis from high school. 

Of course, everyone in the story has issues. People come with issues. Each of them have to overcome their personal issues that they may find happiness. Allie and Emma might even be able to patch up the past and might even become friends. Emma might even be able to find love. 

Overall, Love for Beginners is a pretty good read. The title is works for the story, because they are all beginners at love. Granted they've had relationships in the past, Yet they are beginners at lasting relationships. If you have been a fan of this series will enjoy the story. 

Copy provided by William Morrow via Edelweiss

Rating: 4 Stars

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Where Have I Been

As you guys might have notice I haven't been posting. Or you might not have. I had to take a little break. I wasn't feeling this. I was feeling overwhelmed with life. I was working a lot and haven't had a lot of time to read. I actually had to mentally checkout. So, I ended up watching a lot of movies. I mean completed the Marvel movies in order. By the way, it was a lot fun. I started with Captain America: The First Avenger  and finished with The Avengers: End Game. I realize I can't stand Tony Stark, and Captain America is my favorite hero. However, I do have a soft spot for the Winter Soldier. 

Since I was trying to cope by watching movies, I was also preparing for a move that I didn't want to do. We had to uproot the family again. The longer we are in, the harder it's getting. It's hard to say that I'm off on a new adventure when I'm started to create deeper roots. Starting all over again in a new state. Trying to stay positive is getting harder. I know this is only going to be temporary, because we didn't buy a house. Hopefully, in a couple of weeks it's a little better. We will see if I"m adjusting, and I hope in a months time I will have adjusted a little. Here's hoping, and I plan to get back to typing more. Or at least that is plan. Heres hoping, I will be posting later. 

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Comparing the Film of Crazy Rich Asian to the Book

In the last post I mention that there were a lot of difference from book to film, here we go. Now if this book is on your to read list, you might want to skip over this post. There might be spoilers ahead. I mean you kind of have to. If you don't care read on. 

In the previous post I mention that I watched the movie before the movie. I normally wouldn't suggest doing that. I would advocate for reading the book first, but I'm kind glad I didn't. The two characters that didn't change much from book to film were Rachel Chu and Nicholas Young. However, I didn't realize that Nick was a teacher at NYU along with Rachel. I must have missed it. Anyway. Yes, Nick wants to bring Rachel to his best friend's wedding. This is where the story starts to off on a different tangent. I mention there are a lot of characters in the book, in the movie that kind of condensed some of the characters into a couple key character. 

Now if you seen the movie, you might have loved Awkwafina as her Peik Lin, and her outlandish character. However, Goh Peik Lin is a bit more subdue. She's supposed to be bubbly in the book, but doesn't come off like that. By the way, Awkwafina does an amazing job. In the movie Awkwafina has an Ellen style hair cut, and we get the line Asian Ellen look. Not in the book. Actually Peik Lin's look is more dark long hair, and fashionable. Where in the movie she's a bit gaudy. However, it's hilarious in the movie. However, the person with blond bob hair cut is actually, Sophie Khoo who isn't in the story. She's Colin's sister and Astrid's cousin, and Sophie helps Rachel at the bachelorette party. In the movie Astrid is the one that helps Rachel with the fish. Astrid is having a lot of issues in the story. Her marriage problems are more pronounce in the story. That was interesting listen too, because we learn more about "the affair". Trust me, we need quotation marks are required. We also have Nick's mother, and her posse. In the book they play a bigger role than in the movie. 

I probably beat this until it was a dead horse on the difference. I know you guys would probably say you shouldn't compare two, because they are different. You know, and you would be correct. However, this was something that has been weighing on my mind for sometime. Also I need to get back to writing blog. I even tried to read book two, because of the rumors of them making the second book. However, I couldn't. Too much for me. In short I prefer the movie, because it was light and fun. Plus, I didn't get bombard with characters. It just a personal opinion, and my thoughts could be total crap. Oh well. 

Sunday, July 18, 2021

Audiobook Review: Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan

A few months ago I finally watched the movie Crazy Rich Asians which I absolutely love. Seriously, the movie was so much fun that I wanted to give the book that it was based a try. Normally, I would say that the book would be better than the movie, but I didn't feel this way. I actually felt overwhelmed by the book. I might do a comparative with the movie and the book. However, I haven't completely decided. I'm glad I did an audio version, because this wouldn't have been too much to handle as a reading.

Where do I go with my thoughts. There is a lot that is happening in the story, that a person can feel overwhelm with the story. You also have about five parts to the story, which you are trying to keep track of all that is going on. We have Nick and Rachel relationship and how it's being question. We have his mother and her personal feelings toward this Rachel. We have Goh Peik Lin who happens to be Rachel's friend. So many characters to keep track, that I felt overwhelm. I get that this was supposed to be light and fun, but with all the family members it's hard to keep track of these things. 

Now if you wanted to read this book, because you saw the movie and absolutely loved it, I would stop you right there. It's different from the movie. I mean they kept a good portion of the elements from the book to film, but it's different. If you get overwhelmed by so many characters, you might want to find another read. 

Copy provided by local library.

Rating: 2 1/2 Stars

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Wilde Child by Eloisa James (Review)


Oh boy! There were times I was blushing with Lady Joan and Thaddeus. Somebody get me a fan. Other than a higher steam factor, Wilde Child is amazing. LOVE these two. It's amazing to watch these characters to grow in the series to finally get their story. Plus, amazing to see them actually come together when we watch Thaddeus court to of Joan's sisters. 

Honestly, Thaddeus wouldn't have worked with her sisters, he was to stuff. He needed to let loose, who better to help with that other than Joan. I love when Joan realize that she might like Thaddeus when she was a little butt-hurt in the past. As they hang out more, passion ensues. However, both have things hanging over their head. It's been a while since I read the other books, so I can't remember if Thaddeus circumstances was mention on why he had to marry a certain type of girl. However, Joan's is mention since she's a walking scandal. I mean when your mother walks out of the family to be with a Prussian Prince it makes the news. It doesn't help that you look more like the Prussian Prince. Hey she has royal blood. 

Wilde Child was a fantastic way to end a series. I know the Duke of Lindow has more kids, but you never know when they will popup in a series, and Eloisa James is amazing at doing that. Honesty, we are probably not done with the Wilde, but the others a little too young to get their own stories. Thaddeus and Joan make this story go way too fast. I completely melted when Thaddeus would look Joan *self fan*. One thing that sticks out in the story is that Wilde's stick together. 

Copy provided by Avon via Edelweiss

Rating: 5 Stars

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

InkSlinger PR Blog Tour + Review: By Mist@ke by Sigal Ehrlich

By Mist@ke 
Poison & Wine, 1
Sigal Ehrlich
January 21, 2021

You've Got Mail meets Grey's Anatomy in this sweet slow-burn, virtual meet-cute romance.

There's so much going on in Anna's life. Teaching countless hours at the studio and nurturing the three major relationships of her life - her group of tight-knit friends, all while attempting to not screw up this whole adulthood thing leaves very little time to waste on yet another dating app. At this point, a relationship is off the menu. Being "self-partnered" is more than enough.

A serious relationship has been crossed off Liam Brody's list of goals, at least for the foreseeable future. Completing his residency and becoming a trauma surgeon is his only priority. Casual relationships, his friends, and books are the only things he's willing to lose his precious free time to.

When an accidental email starts a deep online connection, both Liam and Anna dive in with zero concern . . . because there's really no harm in getting close to someone who you'll never meet in real life, right?


When a turn of events brings their "safe" virtual connection to an unexpected face-to-face, Anna and Liam learn their online chemistry pales in comparison to the real deal. A realization that brings along the bazillion-dollar question - what do you do when you meet The One at the most impossibly wrong time?

** by Mist@ke is book 1 in a standalone series with connected characters, but independent storylines.

My Thoughts:

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

The Spinster and the Rake by Eva Devon (Review)

I got a chance to read The Spinster and the Rake by Eva Devon. Definitely not your typical read, but still a good read. Some parts of the story does remind of me Pride and Prejudice, but the story is its own. We meet Georgiana Bly who is destined to be a spinster; however, fate has another plan. We also meet Edward Stanhope, the Duke of Thornfield. Of course, he feels that he was trapped in marriage. Good times. 

Anyway, Edward isn’t your typical Duke. He’s a bit standoffish, but there is a reason. Even though it wouldn’t be something talked about in a regency story, I get the feeling that he might be on the spectrum. However, this is my personal opinion. I could be wrong, but that is how it felt to me. I love Georgiana, she’s so understanding and tries to be a perfect duchess even though she’s way beneath Edward’s status. There were a few times I felt bad for Georgiana cause she never wanted to be someones responsibility. Yet, Edward and Georgiana learn to balance one another. 

Overall, The Spinster and the Rake was a pretty good read. I hope that we get Georgiana's sister story, because I think we could see the background of the drama that happens in the story. At least that is my hopes. Looking for a not so typical Duke, you might want to checkout The Spinster and the Rake.

Copy provided by author

Rating: 4 1/2 Stars

Friday, January 15, 2021

The Forever Girl by Jill Shalvis (Review)

I was privileged to get a chance to read The Forever Girl by Jill Shalvis. I'm glad a I got a chance, because it was a nice diversion from life. We get a chance to meet Maze, Caitlin, Walker, and Heather. When they were younger Caitlin's parents took in Maze, Walker, and Heather into their home. Tragedy hits and Maze, Walker, and Heather had to be place back into the system. However, they all stayed in contact. 

In the beginning Maze has a freakout and the band goes their separate ways until Caitlin comes up with a plan to bring them all back together. Caitlin plans to have a wedding, but she needs her family there. We see how things have change for each of them. We watch these four repair their bonds that were damage a few years ago. Also getting to know one another again. 

The Forever Girl had me all over the place with my emotions. I felt bad for Maze, and she couldn't out run Mayhem Maze. However, she's pretty amazing. Walker is pretty stoic. We don't really get a feel for him unless we are in his mind, and even then you don't really get to see him until the end. Heather is a hot mess, but she's managing it. Caitlin has to be in control, but she's barely hanging on. They actually are better all together. I enjoyed this story and it's a pretty good story to read. I like that they start to figure out that they are better with each in their lives. 

Copy provided by William Morrow via Edelweiss

Rating: 4 1/2 Stars

Monday, January 4, 2021

The Secret History of the Pink Carnation by Lauren Willig (Review)

About 10 years ago I purchased The Secret History of the Pink Carnation, I'm a sucker for a pretty cover. It wasn't even the original cover, but the reprint. The story was published back 2006, and I happen to stumble upon the reprint. I started the story, and felt the story dragged. It wasn't what I was expecting at the time, and I thought it was boring. I put the book down, because it wasn't calling my name. However, I did go back to the story, and story does pick up. 

Now fast forward to the present. I have read majority of the books in the series. Actually loved the series, but stories weren't coming out fast enough, so I had to put the series on the back burner. Life got ahead of me, so I never finished the series. I decided to make it my goal this year to finish the series, but I have to go backwards before going forward. Here I am starting the series again, and starting with The Secret History of the Pink Carnation

What makes this series an interesting one is the fact we start off in the present with Eloise Kelly trying to do a dissertation on the Pink Carnation, but she's blocked by one of the ancestors of the story Colin Selwick. Eloise finds away to read about the Pink Carnation, and begins the story of Amy Balcourt and Lord Richard Selwick. The story stays mainly with them. We see how many puts forth her dream in being in a league with Purple Gentian. We watch it transfer back to the present.

When I first read this book, it was an okay read, and I struggle. I eventually finished it and was emotionally invested with Eloise and Colin. Their story continues even after Amy and Richard find happiness. This go around, I found myself enjoying the story a lot more than I did when I first read the story. The Secret History of the Pink Carnation is not for everyone. If you have a the patience to stick out the story you might enjoy it. Also, if you are looking for a historical accurate story, this is not your story. If you are needing an escape you might want to take an adventure with Amy and Richard. 

Purchased this book years ago.

Rating: 4 Stars