Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Three Weddings and a Murder

When I read on Twitter that Tessa Dare, Leigh LaValle, Courtney Milan, and Carey Baldwin were writing an anthology to raise money for the Avon Walk, I was excited. If you don't know the Avon Walk fundraises for breast cancer research. They actually plan to participate at the one in Santa Barbara, CA, which is near my hometown and I think that is so awesome. So, I hope that they do well with there fundraising efforts.

With that said I should tell you what I thought about the book. I loved it. I loved the stories and how they all focus on second chances and a new release on life. You start off with Tessa Dare, The Scandalous, Dissolute, No-Good Mr. Wright, which is a fun story with the old saying that appearances are not always what they seem to be. Next you read Leigh LaValle, The Misbehaving Marquess, which is really about second chances and new beginnings. Afterwards you have Courtney Milan, The Lady Always Wins, which is all about seeing the big picture. And you have Carey Baldwin, Solomon's Wisdom, let me just say I didn't know what to expect and was shocked.

I hope that you all get a chance to get this ebook, because it is going towards a good cause. All the profits will be going to the research and treatment for breast cancer.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Grasping at Eternity by Karen Amanda Hooper

Another adventure out of the Regency period. Gasp, I know. Yep, this time my adventure is off to a new young adult book. Today's review is on Grasping at Eternity. I was amazed on how much I liked the story. I would call this book the essences of true love.

We have two main characters that have been together for many lifetimes. However, Maryah has no recollection of her previous lives with Nathaniel and the other kindrily. Nathaniel is coping with a broken heart and wondering why Maryah has erased her memories of their life together.

A sweet story of soulmates and everlasting love. As I said at the beginning I liked the story, I would even say love the story. Since this is the first book in the Kindrily series, I'm so excited to see more books to come out. However, I need to learn patience, because I have to wait. I hope that you will go check out this book, because it was such a wonderful read.

Friday, May 25, 2012

A Scandalous Past by Ava Stone

We are drawing to the conclusion of the Scandalous series. It's always sad to see an end of a series. However, I'm always hopeful that this is not the end. After all, there are a couple of characters from the series I would love see marry and have there own happily ever after. However, this is not the place to mention which ones need there need there own stories. Today we are focusing on A Scandalous Past. You remember how I said that the first and second book go well together. The same can be said with the third and fourth book.

In this book we find Miss Cordelia Avery wanting to escape her mothers house and for good reason. She figures that if she marries a guy like the Duke of Kelfield everything will be all right. She believes she found it in Kelfied's best friend the Marquees of Haversham, Marcus Grey (another scoundrel I love). Marcus is just looking for a certain kind of action and he figures he's found it with Cordie. Then we have the honorable Brendan Reese, Earl of Clayworth (a.k.a Lord Adonis among the ton, which he hates that name). Brendan is looking for these secret letters his mother wrote years ago and he figures that the Avery's have it due to the fact there family crest has a lion in it. In a way, he starts courting Cordie and realize he can't live without her. Cordie is torn between here the feelings in heart and freedom the freedom she wants.

However, if you really think about it, following your heart will usually lead you to the freedom you are searching for. Key word usually. What you will find here: A mad dash to Gretna Green (those are always fun), blackmail, and missing secret letters.

After reading this book for a third time, I think this book is number two in favorite in the series. To be honest, I think it has a lot to do with Marcus Gray. He is just... well, words just can't describe him. However, the fight over Cordie's affections between him and Brendan make it worthwhile adventure. I do hope you have enjoy my little reviews on my favorite series and I really do hope you guys go and pick it up.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Renegade Passion by Lisa Renee Jones

If you don't know by now I do occasionally jump out of my comfort zone in reading you should. Yes, I know I mainly read Regency or Victorian romance novels. However, not this time. I got a chance to take a look at Renegade Passion. I don't know how to really describe where it would fit into the world of romance, because it can fit into a couple of the sub-categories.

You have Kelvin Smith (Kel for short) who just got back from an assignment and is about to start a new assignment, which is a special unit at Area 51. Little does he know what it all entails. However, we jump ahead three years later to find out the girl he left behind is in trouble. Sonia Carmichael is a girl with a special gift, whose life is in jeopardy cause of it. Kel is a GTECH which are super soldiers that have had there DNA alter and they are trying to put a stop to this happen to other people. 

Honestly, I really like this novella. Novella's are great if you are unsure if you want to get into the series, particularly something like this. After reading Kel's and Sonia's story I really want to go back and read the others story. I mean who doesn't like a super soldier who is trying to save a world from a crazy mad man. I do plan to read the other books. It doesn't hurt to give this try since it's a quick short read that you might actually like.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Scandalous Pursuit by Ava Stone

If anyone who knows me would know that the third book in the Scandalous Series is my all time favorite book. Come on my favorite scoundrel is in this book. I'm so excited to be writing my review about A Scandalous Pursuit.

Well, it all starts out at a house party at Prestwick Chase and if you remember it's mention in A Scandalous Charade. The house party is not going so well, and the young ones are bored. A lot can happen when the young are bored, most of the time it's not good. Which it is are good fortune that trouble is a brewing. Alexander Everett, the wicked Duke of Kelfield hears something that leads him to his wardrobe. Of course the wicked Duke would be naked when he opens the wardrobe and out comes a wide-eye innocent  Miss Olivia Danbury. What a fun way to start a book? Alex has decided to make it his goal to capture Olivia's heart before the rumors of her ruination hit the fan. Too bad things never go according to plan. Now they need to marry in haste to save Olivia reputation. Is that really enough, who knows? With a marriage of convince, will it work and will the wicked Duke and his wife find love in the process? Who is to say?

However, what you will find in the book is a hurried marriage to a very wicked Duke, which makes it oh so fun. Olivia's ex-betroth coming home from France, yes that can make things a little complicated. You have to love finding a duel in the book. I'm afraid if I say anymore I might tell you the whole book, because I love this book. As I said at the beginning this is MY FAVORITE book in the series. So, I hope you are getting a chance to read this series and will continue on.

Friday, May 18, 2012

A Scandalous Secret by Ava Stone

I'm so glad that Ava wrote this story, heres why: In the third book you see that Astwick acquires a wife somewhere along the line between the second and the third book. BeforeI read the third, I always thought Astwick needed a wife, because he was such a great guy. Then come to find out he has a wife. Hold up, where did she come from? That always puzzled me.

Heres the sum up of the novella: We have Lady Hannah Campbell coming back to England after being on the continent for 12 years and bringing back two sons. Chester Peyton, the Marquess of Astwick needs a wife after he made the bargain with the dragon (his mother) last year. However, Hannah's brother James MacFadyn, the Earl of Carteret has this animosity towards Astwick, which is explain in this story. A love so pure that was destroyed by a hateful dead brother.

Can there love be rekindle? Well obviously it can, if you read my opening. However, the story bridges the others together. Plus, its a quick read and won't take you very long to read. I hope you are enjoying this series and if not. Why not?

Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Scandalous Charade by Ava Stone

Here is my excuse for this week on why it has taken me so long to finish a book. Well, this week I have been sucked into the Game of Thrones. I started watching season 1 sometime last week and I made it my goal to get all caught up before the next new episode. In doing so I have slack off in my reading (as I hang my head down in shame).  Now I am all caught up my watching, I can get back to business to review books I read.

The previous blog talks about A Scandalous Wife, and now we are moving on to book 2 A Scandalous Charade. I would call this a sister book to the first book, because they share some of the same timeline. However, they do splinter off nicely and you do have two separate stories from each other. By the way was done very nicely, I did not feel like I was reading the first book.

In this book, we focus more on the relationship of Juliet St. Claire and Lucas Beckford. Juliet is described as the "Ice Princess" to all that know her and an heiress. Luke is a scoundrel of the first order. Luke's buddy Hayward enlists his help to melt the "Ice Princess" so he can marry her and get her money. Luke gets to know her and decides that he wants Juliet for himself. Not to marry of course, what scoundrel does that, right? They strike up a bargain, so they can pretend to court each other. However, it goes horribly wrong. She had the audacity to fall in love with him. After making a biggest mistake of her life she does what most do in her circumstances, flee to the country. That's when her life gets turn upside down and needs to flee for her life.

What you will find in this book: compromising situations, attempted murder (who doesn't like that), death, a bastard of an uncle, and of course a scoundrel.

As I said before I love this series. And if you followed my advice about the first book you need to get the second one to see if everything works out with Juliet and Luke.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Scandalous Wife by Ava Stone

I'm so excited to do a review on this book. Lets be honest I'm excited that I will be reviewing this series in the next couple of weeks. I LOVE this series. You get see why in todays post.

Let me give you the background on how I came across this book. About this time last year Amazon was suggesting this series to me. I have been reading romance novels for about a year now (I took a hiatus on reading them), and was looking for something new to read. I told myself what the heck the story plot sounded interesting to me.

At the opening of the book you meet Robert Beckford, the Earl of Masten at his sister's ball. He catches a glimpse of a beautiful woman. Little does he know that it is his wife, Lydia. Five years earlier Robert marries the girl to save the reputation of his family. After the vows were said and done he dumps her off at one of his country estates never to think of her again. A little older now, Lydia decides that she is tired of being cooped up in her gilded prison. So, Lydia makes her way to London to enjoy a season, no longer caring what her husband thinks. Robert has an urge to get the situation under control again and get his wife back to her place back in the country. He comes up with a plan that no man of his standing could fault him.

What you will find in this book will be a scoundrel of a brother, a bastard of a brother, a vindictive ex-mistress, and an unfortunate past that makes this book a worth while read.

ALL my really good friends know that I LOVE this series. After reading the first book I told each of them (the ones who love a good romance) to get this book. So, you really should check this book out and I'm sure you will love it.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Scandalous by Karen Robards

Ok, I have been kinda behind in my reading of late. I have too many books to read. However, that is not your problem is it, but mine. In the mean while I have been listen to some books on my phone while I walk. To be honest I probably wouldn't have picked some of them to read if I had my way, but they make for a good listen. My latest listen has been Karen Robards Scandalous.

Let me start that I probably wouldn't have picked this one and download to my kindle. However, listening to it, what the heck. Basically you have Lady Gabriella Banning finding out that her brother the Earl of Wickham is dead. No one but her servant and herself know that he is dead. So, she decides to take matters in her own hand and take her sisters and herself to London for a season.  In London the plan was to pretend her brother was still alive until her sister Claire could get married off. Once they arrived in London, they find Marcus alive or so they think he is. Well, all her plans come crashing down when she has to trust a scoundrel who is not her brother.

It is completely scandalous to have feelings to have romantic feelings for a man pretending to be your brother. Pretty much wrong on so many levels, but what can you do about it? Let say things get pretty heated over the course of the Season.

Would I have read it? I don't know. The first couple of chapters were a little rough to get through, but it did pick up. I might have put the book aside and start another one while I tried to get motivated to finish the book (I have been known to do that. In fact I have I do have a couple of them on my kindle awaiting me to finish them). Once it did picked up it was pretty good. Well, its up to you if you want to read or listen to it, the choice is up to you.

Monday, May 7, 2012

The Betting Season Anthology

I'm so excited that I finally got a chance to read The Betting Season. This book has been in my kindle waiting for me to read it. However, I kept putting it off. I know, it's a shame. Especially, when I really love the authors that went in it together. The four authors that were part of this anthology are Ava Stone, Catherine Gayle, Jane Charles, and Jerrica Knight-Catania. I have read books from each of these authors and love their writing.

Now about the book: What would the season be like without the famous betting book at Whites? I bet pretty dull, so we have four stories writing by four authors. In this collaboration we have four friends Lady Philippa Casemore, Lady Georgianna Bexley-Smythe, Lady Moria Kirtwood, and Miss Patience Findley who are making there coming out together. Somehow each of them ended up in the infamous betting book at Whites. How are they ever going to make a decent match with that much notoriety?

The first story is by Ava Stone called, "By Any Other Name." We have Lady Philippa  Casemore (also called Pippa) who is trying to avoid the devilish handsome Earl Of St. Austell, Jason York. However, she can't remember what he looks like. Which could be a problem within itself. Jason uses his lesser title to get close to Pippa, which it makes oh so much fun.

The second story is by Catherine Gayle called, "Flight of Fancy." Lady Georgianna Bexley-Smythe (also called Georgie) who has her heart set on adventure. However, her brother's friend Cedric Loring, the Earl of Montague had been asked to keep an eye on the family has a hard time keeping track of Georgie. Especially, when his stodginess is trying keep her out of the clutches of Lord Haworth.

The third story is by Jane Charles called, "Landing a Laird." Lady Moira Kirtwood would anything to get away from her mother. I don't blame her on that count. She is willing to marry a Scottish Laird and live in Scotland to get away from her mother. Gideon Baxter, Viscount Ainsley is out looking for a bride, but no one is to know this (shush). Gideon gets to know Moira and comes to really like her, but can't understand why she would want to live in Scotland. With all the stuff that happens to Moira, I would probably would have ran away and head to the continent or the Americas. Scotland would not be far enough away with a mother like hers.

The final story is by Jerrica Knight-Catania called "The Marriage Trap." Miss Patience Findley is trying to get past her father's scandalous actions and was fearful that she wouldn't land a husband. So, she enlist her cousin to make a scandalous bet in the book. Rowan Findley decides his friend Tristan Wafford, Baron Swaffham would work. The bet is made and Tristan on prowl to win his bet. Funny how rakes find out they actually have a heart after all.

All the stories were fun and entertaining. We have a reference from a previous anthology the Regency Summons Collection (by the way is worth the read, but it takes place during Christmas so you might want to wait till then or do a Christmas in July theme).  This is worth the read. So, go check it out.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Governess Affair by Courtney Milan

Sorry to belabor the point of my move, but I do have a lot of boxes that are just not going to unpack themselves. So, I decided to read a novella. I really like reading novellas, because there quick. Yesterday I started reading The Governess Affair. Oh my goodness I loved it.

We start off with the Duke of Clermont complaining to Hugo Marshall who he has wager to get him out of his pickles. Let me just say the Duke is such a bastard, I would like to take him down a peg. However, the story's really not about him, but a former-governess that won't leave him alone. He sends out Hugo to take care of the problem. Miss Serena Barton will not be ignore (I think of Fatal Attraction with a line like that). She wants to compensated for the injustice that was cause to her. Hugo and Serena draw the battle lines and go head to head. Hugo starts to develop a conscience while getting to know her. Somehow, Hugo priorities change over the course of the story.

So, we have a quick overview of the story. Why I loved it? I found the story to put things into perspective on things that happen too offend during that time and how quickly they were hushed up. I love how strong Serena was and how she was able to overcome her obstacles. I mean if I was her in her shoes I would have curl up into a ball and wish to die. I don't think I would have had the strength to overcome what happen to her. In essence a fantastic quick read. So, check out The Governess Affair, if you are in need of a quick read.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Black Duke's Prize by Suzanne Enoch

Sunday, the eve before we got our stuff and the same day I started reading The Black Duke's Prize. I couldn't put it down, but I had to get some sleep the movers were coming the next day to deliver our stuff. Torn between sleep and a book. Well, sleep won. We were super busy that I wasn't able to get back to the book until late at night. Last night I was able to finish the book.

Here's what its about: We have Miss Katherine Ralston who goes to live with her Godparents while her uncle destroys her home. Then we have Nicholas Varon, the Duke of Sommesby the most eligible bachelor in the land. Nicholas decides to become friends with Katherine. I know friends, how does that work when your a rake and an innocent? She basically calls it as she sees it and doesn't take his guff.

Don't get me wrong they have there ups and downs. To my surprise I really like the book. I found it really sweet and fun. Who knew that a cad can be a good friend?