Sunday, March 31, 2013

Torch in the Forest by Marcie Kremer

The other day I read Torch in the Forest by Marcie Kremer. First off, this is not normally a book I would read. However, I'm always looking for new reads, especially when it comes to historical romance novels. So, today I bring to you a Medieval tale today.

The tale starts out with a very young widow, Eleanor of Strathcombe who has a lot on her plate. First instance, she has an arrogant neighbor Hugh of Wykeham, who has an issue of her management style. On top of it all, Hugh is in the market for a new wife and figure Eleanor sister would be a perfect candidate, since she's young and malleable. However, there other things a foot. For instance, there are poachers running rampant between Hugh and Eleanor's land.

As I said this isn't a story I would normally look at. However. the story intrigued me. I must it was a good read and the writing was well done. Plus, as I read Torch in the Forest I felt like I was part of the story. I like Eleanor. I must say she handled everything very well. Plus, she even stood up to Hugh, which most people wouldn't have done so. Hugh had a temper and didn't trust anyone. So, we have Eleanor who will trust almost anyone (within reason) and Hugh who was hurt by the past and doesn't trust anyone.

Overall, a good read, especially if you are a fan of Medieval stories. I liked Marcie Kremer's writing style, so I most likely to checkout more stories by her. So, if you are looking for a Medieval with poachers and power struggle, I would suggest Torch in the Forest

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