Friday, March 22, 2013

Driving to You by Marquita Valentine

I'm super excited to present you one of my latest reads. Seriously, if you don't know by now my love for Marquita Valentine's writing, obviously you haven't been reading some of my reviews. Anyways, I actually got a chance to beta read Driving to You, which was awesome. However, I did re-read the story to see if what I felt as a beta reader still felt the same as a reviewer. Without anymore delays let's dive right into my thoughts, since this is a novella I'm not going to summarize.

Last time we saw April Billingsworth was in Drive Me Crazy. If you haven't read that story you might want to check it out to see what April was like. You don't have to, but it's a suggestion. Let me just say I wasn't an April fan. Come on I wanted to choke the girl. *Deep breath*

Anyways, Ms. Valentine was able to get me to like April and help me understand her character a lot more. The things she did in Drive Me Crazy became clear in Driving to You. Amazing what knowing the circumstances can do to your perspective. Plus, Finn Burke Kennedy is to die for. He is such a great hero and he's perfect for April.

In short, this story is still AWESOME! I still chuckle through the story and the moments that were eye bulging were still eye bulging. You know the story is awesome when a character you can't stand, becomes likable. Seriously, I would say grab Driving to You and anything else by Marquita Valentine, because they are totally worth the read.

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