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Lusting for Covers (147): Mad About the Marquess by Elizabeth Essex

Lusting for Covers is a weekly meme, held on Sunday, that allows bloggers to share their current cover obsession with fellow book lovers.

This meme is hosted by TBQ @ TBQ's Book Palace.

This Weeks Selection:

Mad About the Marquess by Elizabeth Essex
Publisher: Self-Pub (April 2016)
Series: Highland Brides, 2
Genre: Historical


From acclaimed author Elizabeth Essex comes the adventurous first book in the Highland Brides, a quartet of bold, brilliant lasses determined to make their own happily ever afters. 


Lady Quince Winthrop has been robbing from society’s rich and giving to Edinburgh’s poor for years. But everything changes the day she can’t resist the temptation to steal from the Marquess of Cairn. 


Alasdair, Marquess of Cairn, has come back to Scotland to stop a thief, never thinking that the lass he’s trying to woo is about to give a lesson in larceny he won’t be able to forget. From the twisted streets of Auld Reeky, to the hills of the highlands, Quince leads Alasdair on a merry chase, and finds the one man she shouldn’t fall for, is the one man she can’t resist. 


Purchase Links:


I love this cover. I love the color combinations. Totally love it. When I first saw this cover back in when the cover was reveal, I wanted to use it for a Lusting for Covers. However, there was no blurb. I truly try to wait until there is a blurb for a cover. Time has passed, and I still haven't used this cover. Now how I decided to use this cover. 

Last weekend I went to Buns and Roses, and I had the opportunity to meet Elizabeth Essex. Super amazing woman. Anyway, we started talking about covers and I told her how much I love her Mad About the Marquess cover. She was ecstatic to hear. This is where I learned how much work she put into this cover. She actually made the dress for the cover and helped on the photo shoot. Seriously, how often do you hear that. Anyway, such a dynamic cover that I love, and you have to love too. Okay, you don't have to love it, but you should. What do you guys think of the cover? 

I also have a giveaway going on my Buns & Roses post.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Just Thinking + Giveaway: Buns & Roses

This past week I went to Buns and Roses Romance Tea for Literacy. It's basically an event help raise funds for Richardson Adult Literacy Center, they do a lot of good for the area. Basically you get to have tea with romance authors, meet authors, auction and signed books to raise money for this organization. I ended up buying a lot of books, but had a blast, plus it went to a great cause. This years Keynote speaker was Jill Shalvis. She did a fantastic job. I would say those who want to go make plans to attend next year. I told my husband I plan to go again next year. Yes, I had a blast.

Here are a few of the authors I had a lovely chance to meet:

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Tasty Book Tours Review + Excerpt + Giveaway: Bottom of the Ninth by Jami Davenport

Bottom of the Ninth: Seattle Skookums Baseball
Game On in Seattle #6
By: Jami Davenport
Releasing October 21, 2016
Cedrona Enterprises


This long-awaited story of the third Wolfe brother introduces the Seattle Skookums baseball team.

Zeke Wolfe, the man who’s written off his entire family, rescues a young woman and three children on a stormy Seattle night. Before he knows it, he has an instant family and a fake fiancé he’s certain he doesn’t want.

Paisley Madison dreams of having a real home for herself and her sister's children. When a handsome baseball player drops into her life, she knows a gift when she sees one and hires herself as his assistant.

As their business arrangement turns into something much more personal, Paisley and Zeke's pasts threaten to destroy their precarious hold on a future together. Can they conquer their demons and find love, or will they run from their pasts and abandon their future together?

My Thoughts:

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Forever Romance Top 5 + Review + Giveaway: Mistletoe Cottage by Debbie Mason

Debbie's Top 5 Songs That Inspire You To Write Mistletoe Cottage

1)The Tenors’ “Who Wants to Live Forever” with Lindsey Stirling is one of the songs I listened to every morning before sitting down to write Mistletoe Cottage. It fits the book perfectly, and not only because Liam and Sophie’s story opens on Halloween.

2)It doesn’t matter which book I’m writing; I listen to “Fight Song” by Rachel Patten. It’s like the anthem for all my heroines and Sophie’s no exception.

3)Gerard Butler singing “Galway Girl” in P.S. I Love You inspired the win-the-girl scene at the Salty Dog in which Liam performs for Sophie.

4)Sophie sang and Mia mimed “Let it Go” from Frozen in one of my favorite scenes in Mistletoe Cottage. Letting it go was also something Sophie had to do if she and Liam were going to get their second chance.

5)I don’t want to give anything away, but one of the songs I listened to while writing the end of Mistletoe Cottage was “Marry Me” by Train.

Harmony Harbor, #1
Debbie Mason
October 25, 2016

The first novel in a brand new series from USA Today bestselling author Debbie Mason! The series will appeal to fans of feel-good romances by New York Times bestselling authors Brenda Novak, Robyn Carr, and RaeAnne Thayne.

'Tis the season for love…

Sophie DiRossi loved growing up in Harmony Harbor. But after fleeing in disgrace many years ago, it is the last place she wants to be. Left homeless by a fire, she's forced to go back to the small coastal town that harbors a million secrets, including her own. Sophie sees this secret reflected every day in her daughter's blue eyes—and she must keep it hidden from the only man she has ever loved.

Sophie's return is a shock for everyone…especially Liam Gallagher. The firefighter had some serious feelings for Sophie-and seeing her again sparks a desire so fierce it takes his breath away. Now Liam will do whatever it takes to show Sophie that they deserve a second chance at love, even if everything they've concealed threatens to keep them apart. In this special town at this special time of the year, Sophie and Liam can only hope for a little holiday magic...

My Thoughts:

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Lusting for Covers (146): Moonshadow by Thea Harrison

Lusting for Covers is a weekly meme, held on Sunday, that allows bloggers to share their current cover obsession with fellow book lovers.

This meme is hosted by TBQ @ TBQ's Book Palace.

This Weeks Selection:

Moonshadow by Thea Harrison
Publisher: Thea Harrison (Dec. 2016)
Series: Moonshadow, 1
Genre: Parnormal


Her past is a blank, her future uncertain….

Recovering from a shooting, LAPD witch consultant Sophie Ross leaves her job and travels to the U.K. to search for answers about her childhood. When she encounters a Daoine Sidhe knight of the Dark Court, she becomes entangled in an ancient hatred between two arcane forces.

He has given his body and soul to fight for his people….

Barred from his homeland along with his surviving brother knights, Nikolas Sevigny is embroiled in a conflict that threatens everything he holds dear. Only by uniting his people’s resources can they hope to prevail against Isabeau, the deadly Queen of the Light Court. He will do anything and use anyone to return home to Lyonesse.

When Nikolas encounters Sophie, he sees a tool to be used. The insouciant witch might be the key to unlocking every passageway that has been barred to the knights of the Dark Court, even as a fascination for her takes root in what’s left of his soul.

Sophie has no intention of becoming anyone’s pawn, yet the fierce Nikolas is so compelling, she can’t deny the temptation that endangers her guarded heart.

As magic threatens Lyonesse, Queen Isabeau unleashes her merciless Hounds, and Nikolas and Sophie become embroiled in a race for survival. Meanwhile, the passion that ignites between them burns too hot to be denied and quickly turns into obsession.

Thank goodness they both know better than to fall in love…

Preorder Links:


LOVE this cover. Oh my gosh I love the eerie feel of the cover. Plus, the guy is hot, but I love the spooky house in the background. So, what do you guys think of my pick of the week?

Friday, October 21, 2016

Tasty Book Tours Book Blast + Excerpt + Giveaway: Marry Me Mad by Katy Regency


Marry Me Mad
The Blueberry Lane Series: The Rousseaus #2
By: Katy Regnery
Releasing October 21, 2016


Did you fall in love with The English Brothers? Were you hot for the Winslows?  Katy Regnery's Blueberry Lane series continues with The Rousseau siblings!

For as long as Madeleine “Mad” Rousseau can remember, she’s been the “sweet” twin to her sister Jax’s “sassy.” But after an especially painful break-up, Mad decides she’s had enough of being sweet. Children’s librarian during the day, she begins visiting Philly’s seedier nightspots on a quest for adventure and experience. When Cortlandt “Cort” Ambler, the ex-boyfriend of Mad’s sister, Jax, saves her from disaster on one such evening, an unlikely friendship is born between the rebellious librarian and the moonlighting pianist…and two broken hearts begin a journey toward being whole again.


Thursday, October 20, 2016

Tasty Book Tours Sale Blast + Excerpt: Welcoming the Bad Boy by Annie Rains

Welcoming the Bad Boy
Hero's Welcome #3
By: Annie Rains
Released August 2, 2016


From the bestselling author of Welcome to Forever (“Full of heart and emotion!”—Lori Wilde) comes a sweet, sexy novel about breaking all the rules. In Seaside, North Carolina, the boys on the base are heroes—but that doesn’t mean they’re always well-behaved.
As a preacher’s daughter, Valerie Hunt only dates the very respectable, very boring men who meet her father’s strict standards. In private, however, she leads a double life as a romance writer of steamy stories about the least respectable sorts of men. Valerie has always kept her hottest fantasies separate from her real life, but when she nearly runs a hot-blooded biker off the road, the lines begin to blur.

Even though Valerie almost killed him, Griffin Black can’t be angry after he learns the reason for her distracted driving: an unruly puppy belonging to her ailing friend. As a member of the military police K-9 unit, Griffin insists on training the dog himself. But he soon wonders how he’s ever going to stay disciplined around the most alluring, down-to-earth, and totally unattainable woman he’s ever met. Valerie is the ultimate good girl. And Griffin is going to need all his old tricks to unleash her wild side.


Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Tasty Book Tours Review + Excerpt + Giveaway: Baron by Joanna Shupe

The Knickerbocker Club #2
By: Joanna Shupe
Releasing October 25, 2016 


New York City’s Gilded Age shines as bright as the power-wielding men of the Knickerbocker Club. And one pragmatic industrialist is about to learn that a man may make his own destiny, but love is a matter of fortune . . .

Born into one of New York’s most respected families, William Sloane is a railroad baron who has all the right friends in all the right places. But no matter how much success he achieves, he always wants more. Having secured his place atop the city’s highest echelons of society, he’s now setting his sights on a political run. Nothing can distract him from his next pursuit—except, perhaps, the enchanting con artist he never saw coming . . .

Ava Jones has eked out a living the only way she knows how. As “Madame Zolikoff,” she hoodwinks gullible audiences into believing she can communicate with the spirit world. But her carefully crafted persona is nearly destroyed when Will Sloane walks into her life—and lays bare her latest scheme. The charlatan is certain she can seduce the handsome millionaire into keeping her secret and using her skills for his campaign—unless he’s the one who’s already put a spell on her . . .

My Thoughts:

Tasty Book Tours Book Blast + Excerpt + Giveaway: Between Love and Loyalty by Shannyn Schroeder

Between Love and Loyalty
By: Shannyn Schroeder
Releasing October 18, 2016


When at war, aim for the heart…
Connor Duffy is desperate. His tell-all book on corrupt Chicago alderman Brady Cavanagh isn’t telling enough to get publisher interest, and in order to get the hot dirt, he must find a way to get closer to the man who let Connor go to prison to cover for his own son’s misdeeds. So when fate puts Cavanagh’s lively, artsy daughter across Connor’s path, he decides to take advantage of the first bit of good luck he’s had in a long while.

… but don't forget to keep your own under guard.

Fiona Cavanagh needs a break. Between assisting with her father’s political campaign, trying to please her unpleasable mother, and dealing with an ex who won’t go away, she has no time for a life of her own. One night she meets sexy and mysterious Connor and everything looks like it’s about to finally turn around… until she discovers that the one man she thought she could love was using her to get to her father. As dark family secrets unravel around her, Fiona finds herself caught between love... and loyalty.


InkSlinger Pr Book Blast + Excerpt: Royally Screwed by Emma Chase

Royally Screwed 
Royally, 1
Emma Chase
October 18, 2016

Emma Chase, New York Times bestselling author of the Tangled Series & Legal Briefs Series, returns with the first of three sizzling standalone books about a family of racy, irresistible Royals.

Nicholas Arthur Frederick Edward Pembrook, Crowned Prince of Wessco, aka “His Royal Hotness”, is wickedly charming, devastatingly handsome, and unabashedly arrogant—hard not to be when people are constantly bowing down to you.

Then, one snowy night in Manhattan, the prince meets a dark haired beauty who doesn’t bow down. Instead, she throws a pie in his face.

Nicholas wants to find out if she tastes as good as her pie, and this heir apparent is used to getting what he wants.

Dating a prince isn’t what waitress Olivia Hammond ever imagined it would be.

There’s a disapproving queen, a wildly inappropriate spare heir, relentless paparazzi, and brutal public scrutiny. While they’ve traded in horse drawn carriages for Rolls Royces and haven’t chopped anyone’s head off lately—the royals are far from accepting of this commoner.

But to Olivia—Nicholas is worth it.


Nicholas grew up with the whole world watching, and now Marriage Watch is in full force. In the end, Nicholas has to decide who he is, but more importantly, who he wants to be: a King... or the man who gets to love Olivia forever.


Monday, October 17, 2016

Tasty Book Tours Book Blast + Giveaway: The Right Kind of Guy by Kerri-Leigh Grady

Love is a Gamble...

A What Happens in Vegas Romance
Kerri-Leigh Grady
Releasing Oct 17th, 2016
Entangled Lovestruck

Romance novelist Kelsey Spencer doesn’t believe in love, and she's tired of faking her way through happily ever afters. Determined to change things up, she heads to the Las Vegas Romance Lovers Convention. But somewhere between half-naked cover models and hot Navy SEALs, Kelsey’s plans derail...

Especially once she meets über-fan Jasmine Grant...and Jasmine’s über-hot alphahole brother, Aaron.

Buttoned-up Aaron Grant never thought he’d find himself at a romance convention, but here he is, trying to convince his impulsive sister not to marry a beefcake cover model. His only hope is to enlist the aid of the cynical (and sexy) romance writer his sister worships.

After a sweltering jaunt around Vegas, some strange conference hijinks, and one outrageous proposal, Kelsey and Aaron are left questioning everything they know about romance and love...and if falling in love might just be worth the gamble.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

My Brown-Eyed Earl by Anna Bennett (Review)

Yes, I started the music to Brown-Eyed Girl to My Brown-Eyed Earl. I think I even tried to come up with words for My Brown-Eyed Earl. Anyway, this was a fun read. Basically, we have two people who knew each other before and technically they were suppose to marry. However, Meg didn't feel they would suit, and feels that he dodged a bullet. However, the story reveals more than what both these characters know of the situation. That is way later into the story.

The more important things to remember is Meg is dire situation to help her family, so she's willing to be a governess for a guy she rejected. Will needs a governess, and he doesn't mind that Meg has to eat humble pie. However, he has never felt more alive than when he's being challenge by Meg. They are both equally match when it comes to the word wars. Plus, she has a talent to be the twins advocate. Now the twins are rambunctious six years that need a little guidance. Actually they look up to Meg as someone to admire.

Anyway, My Brown-Eyed Earl is a fun read. I mean you have Will and Meg going head to head, but they are perfectly match. Meg does a fantastic job with the twins. I was surprise with the ending. Not with Will and Meg getting together, but the turn of events, completely surprise. Overall, enjoyable and definitely can't wait for the next book. The series is something to look forward.

Copy provided by St. Martin via NetGalley

4 1/2 Stars

Lusting for Covers (145): Kill Without Shame by Alexandra Ivy

Lusting for Covers is a weekly meme, held on Sunday, that allows bloggers to share their current cover obsession with fellow book lovers.

This meme is hosted by TBQ @ TBQ's Book Palace.

This Weeks Selection:

Kill Without Shame by Alexandra Ivy

Publisher: Zebra (Dec. 2016)
Series: Ares Security
Genre: Romantic Suspense 


Five brave military heroes have survived the hell of a Taliban prison to return home—and take on civilian missions no one else can. They’re the men of ARES Security. Highly skilled, intimidating, invincible, and one by one, tested again and again…

Lucas St. Clair’s prestigious family had a political future neatly planned out for him—one that didn’t include his high school sweetheart, Mia Ramon. Under their pressure, Lucas gave her up. But since surviving captivity, he’s a changed man—and a crucial member of ARES Security. When he discovers a dead man clutching a picture of Mia that bears a threatening message, his fiercest protective instincts kick in, and he knows he must go to her.

Mia has never forgiven Lucas for breaking her heart, and she’s convinced her feelings for him are in the past. But it’s soon clear that isn’t true for either of them. Now, determined to solve the crime and keep Mia safe, with his ARES buddies backing him up, Lucas will have to reconstruct the murder victim’s last days—and follow a lethal trail that leads right back to the fate of the woman he still loves…

“A fantastic blend of romance and suspense…thrilling to the end.” --Mary Burton, USA Today bestselling author on Kill Without Mercy

Preorder Links:


Guy with a gun looking like he's trying to protect his women, oh yeah. Plus, I'm super excited about this book. Loved the first book and I have been waiting forever for this book. Can't wait! What do you guys think of my pick of the week?

Friday, October 14, 2016

Tasty Book Tours Book Blast + Teaser + Giveaway: A Story of Noelle by Mika Lane

A Story of Noelle
Devil’s Bliss #1
By: Mika Lane
Releasing October 11th,  2016

A story of Noelle. The first novella in the Devi’s Bliss series by Mika Lane, writer of hot, sexy romance. 

Noelle Berry is going places. She’s an in-demand sensual massage therapist at the famed Devi’s Bliss spa just outside San Francisco, nestled among the breath-taking redwoods of Marin County. She’s got a long-term plan to open her own business, which will set her up for life and give her the security she never knew growing up. But there’s one problem.


Her kid brother. Charming. Clever. Cute. But always in trouble.

To get him out of the home they grew up in, Noelle became Mikey’s guardian. But so far her good example has failed to teach him anything. Not responsibility, not ambition, not good judgment.

But when Mr. R comes to Devi’s Bliss for a massage, things seem like they might be turning a corner. Not only is he devastatingly handsome, he also wants to help her realize her dream. Right away. He even has a plan for Mikey. But can Noelle leave her past behind and trust him? Can she let him prove he’s different from the man in her life who hurt her the most?

Join Noelle in the Zen sexuality of Devi’s Bliss and fall down a rabbit hole of your own exquisite passion.

Note: this novella is appropriate for ages 18+ due to language and sexual content. 


Thursday, October 13, 2016

St. Martin's Spotlight + Excerpt (Quick Thoughts): My Brown-Eyed Earl by Anna Bennett

My Brown-Eyed Earl 
The Wayward Wallflowers, 1
Anna Bennett 
St. Martin Press
October 4, 2016

From the author of I Dared the Duke comes MY BROWN-EYED EARL, a delightful new regency series about a young woman who discovers that sometimes love has an odd way of finding you.

Miss Margaret Lacey is brainy and beautiful, but she’s also penniless, and at the ripe old age of twenty-three society has declared her a spinster. For her part, Meg is less concerned with her empty dance card than with her empty bank account. She resolves to make her own way as a governess but discovers her new employer is the Earl of Castleton—the vexingly handsome man she rejected one fateful day, eight years ago.

William Ryder has never forgotten Meg, the elusive girl next door who claimed she’d rather shave her head than marry him. Now she's the governess, but Will plans to teach her a few lessons of his own. As stolen kisses lead to passionate nights, Will and Meg just might find true love where they least expect it…


Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Just Fine With Caroline by Annie England Noblin (Review)

First off, the cover for Just Fine With Caroline is stinkin' adorable. I totally love the dog, the flowers, and her skirt, makes for an adorable cover. We are going to leave it at that. However, Just Fine With Caroline was an okay read. The pacing of the story happen to be a little slow for my taste. At times I was trying to figure out what era the story was set in, by the way it's present day. It's set in a small town in Missouri, and that could be the reason it gave a feeling of being lost in time.

In Just Fine With Caroline we meet are main protagonist, Caroline who happens to live at home basically helping her father take care of her mother who has Alzheimers. I wish at times that this more prevalent in the story, instead of more in the background. Along with that you have a cast characters that make Caroline's family and friends. They tend to be filler to the story. Each of the characters give a different light to Caroline. The ones that popup the most are Ava Dawn, Court, and Noah.

Ava Dawn is a hot mess. I think Caroline tries to help her, but she's a hot mess. There is a potential for her to have a story of her own. I think she would be an interesting one to read. Court, her go to guy. He has some secrets that slowly come out in the story. Noah, he's the guy that pops into her life. There relationship is a slow one. At times it doesn't seem fluent, and you wonder how that is going to work.

Just Fine With Caroline has little drama to the story. As we get closer to the end drama starts to to pick up rabidly. Overall, not a bad read. There were somethings that I would like to see more focus on, and I think it would have benefited with an epilogue. The ending wrapped up to quickly, and an epilogue would have been nice. If you are in a mood for something easy flowing and not too much drama, Just Fine With Caroline might your read.

Copy provided by William Morrow

3 Stars

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Sourcebook Casablanca Cover Reveal + Giveaway: Wild Ride by Julie Ann Walker

The Black Knights Inc, 9
 Julie Ann Walker
Sourcebooks Casablanca 
April 4, 2017

The hero we've all been waiting for...

Ethan "Ozzie" Sykes

Former Navy SEAL

Underground operator for Black Knights Inc., the covert government defense firm disguised as a custom motorcycle shop.

In a black-on-black international mission that went seriously sideways, Ozzie was badly injured—now he's stuck at BKI headquarters in Chicago, champing at the bit to get out into the field again. To his disgust, he's tasked with distracting Chicago Tribune ace reporter Samantha Tate, who's been trying to dig up the dirt on BKI for years. Turns out Samantha's beauty, intelligence and sense of humor are a seriously big distraction, and Ozzie's losing his desire to keep her at bay.

Ozzie's tired of hiding, and Samantha may be the best-and worst—person to share his secrets with...

"A nail-biter from start to finish". —Publishers Weekly for Too Hard to Handle

Tasty Book Tours Book Blast + Excerpt + Giveaway: It's a Fugly Life by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

It's a Fugly Life
Fugly #2
By: Mimi Jean Pamfiloff
Releasing October 11, 2016

From New York Times Bestseller Mimi Jean Pamfiloff, Comes a New Standalone Contemporary Romance.


My name is Lily Snow. And I was once the kind of ugly that turned heads and made people stare. The worst part was how I let it ruin my life and destroy my relationship with the love of my life—Maxwell Cole, one of the sexiest, wealthiest, enigmatic men on the planet.  All because I felt ugly and certainly not good enough for a man’s love.

But not anymore.

One car wreck, three reconstructive surgeries, and some unexpected money have changed my life.

I’ve started my own company, I’ve finally learned to like myself—not love, but like (hey, it’s a journey)—and I’ve met a wonderful new man who’s helped me put Max in the past where he belongs. 

There’s only one problem: After six long months, Maxwell Cole is back, asking for the one thing I can’t give him. And he’s not taking no for an answer.

NOTE: This is a continuation of the story FUGLY, but is a standalone.


Monday, October 10, 2016

RockStar PR Spotlight + Review: Going Down Fast by Carly Phillips

Going Down Fast
Billionaire Bad Boys #2

Carly Phillips
October 11, 2016


A stand-alone Billionaire Bad Boys novel.

Billionaire Bad Boys: Rich, Powerful and sexy as hell.

Lucas Monroe dropped out of college only to become a multi-billionaire and tech world God. He can have any woman he desires in his bed, but the only woman he's ever wanted is off limits and always has been. When Maxie Sullivan finds herself in dire straits, the only man she can turn to is the one she's always secretly loved: her childhood best friend. Can they trust their hearts and make a future, or will their complicated pasts stand in the way?

This bad boy is going down fast …

And going down fast has never felt so right.

My Thoughts:

InkSlinger PR Review + Except + Giveaway: Bound to Submit by Laura Kaye

Decadent… Sensual… Forbidden…

12 Masters. 12 Desires. 12 Fantasies Come to Life. Meet the Masters of Blasphemy…

About Bound to Submit:

From the ruins of an abandoned church comes Baltimore’s hottest and most exclusive BDSM club. Twelve Masters. Infinite fantasies. Welcome to Blasphemy…

He thinks he caused her pain, but she knows he’s the only one who can heal her…

Kenna Sloane lost her career and her arm in the Marines, and now she feels like she’s losing herself. Submission is the only thing that ever freed her from pain and made her feel secure, and Kenna needs to serve again. Bad. The only problem is the Dom she wants once refused her submission and broke her heart, but, scarred on the inside and out, she’s not looking for love this time. She’s not even sure she’s capable.

Griffin Hudson is haunted by the mistakes that cost him the only woman he ever loved. Now she’s back at his BDSM club, Blasphemy, and more beautiful than ever, and she’s asking for his help with the pain he knows he caused. Even though he’s scared to hurt her again, he can’t refuse her, because he’d give anything to earn a second chance. And this time, he’ll hold on forever.

My Thoughts:

Tasty Book Tours Book Blast + Excerpt + Giveaway: Sound Effects by LJ Greene

Sound Effects
By: L.J. Greene
Releasing October 10, 2016


What is YOUR passion?

When an uncharacteristically rash decision lands law school graduate Melody Grayson in San Francisco’s dicey Tenderloin District, she comes face to face with a dangerously tempting man who embodies every mistake she swore she would never repeat. Passionate, sexy, and far more insightful than she’d care to admit, he causes her to question everything she thought she knew about her future. Now she’ll have to decide where the bigger risk lies: in the prudent path she has been working tirelessly to pursue, or in the intriguing but uncertain one he’s offering.

Up-and-coming, Irish-born musician Jamie Callahan is no stranger to chaos; he’s lived a lifetime of it. But in the fall of 2004, when the music industry is on the verge of massive upheaval, the life he aspires to could come at a heavier price than he’s prepared to pay. And while Melody may be the ideal person to help him navigate the gambles he must take, a relationship with her might be his biggest gamble yet.

SOUND EFFECTS is a standalone dual POV adult contemporary romance that captures the gloriously unpredictable nature of life, in which the path from who you are, to who you’re meant to become may not be a straight one. It may also have a few bumps. Sexy, humor-filled, and relatable, Sound Effects is a story about living passionately, staying true to yourself, and finding that one magic person who makes the journey of self-discovery an adventure worth taking.


Sunday, October 9, 2016

Lusting for Covers (144): The Heiress and The Hothead by Sabrina Jeffries

Lusting for Covers is a weekly meme, held on Sunday, that allows bloggers to share their current cover obsession with fellow book lovers.

This meme is hosted by TBQ @ TBQ's Book Palace.

This Weeks Selection:

The Heiress and the Hothead by Sabrina Jeffries 
Publisher: Pocket Star (Nov 2016)
Series: Sinful Suitors, 1.5
Genre: Historical


Return to the beloved Sinful Suitors series from New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Sabrina Jeffries in this delightfully sexy winter-themed novella!

Stunned by the heat of an unexpected kiss on a cold winter’s eve, two strangers from vastly different worlds turn hotheaded principles into burning passion in Sabrina Jeffries’s charming yuletide story, The Heiress and the Hothead.

Preorder Links:


I love the green dress and the looks says come and get it. Plus, the title. The title is what really got me to pick the book as the lust of the week. What do you guys think of the pick of week?

Legal Wolf's Mate by Eve Langlais (Review)

When I read Legal Wolf's Mate I was secretly hoping to find something fun, but you never know what you will get with paranormal. Fortunately I found my fun in Legal Wolf's Mate. We meet Gavin who's a lawyer and lone wolf. Plus, the idea of "The One" is kind of foreign. His thought is why should I settle down when the world is my playground kind of attitude. I mean he's hot and a lawyer so finding anyone to play should be cake. Yep, until Megan walks in and now he's doom. After all she might be a criminal who might have murder someone, but there is something about her makes him believe she didn't do it.

All right, Legal Wolf's Mate was hilarious good time kind of read. I mean the banter between Gavin and Megan is hilarious. I mean with him being such a cocky bastard and her family connection it makes the read quite entertaining. I personally didn't have a problem with the plot twist, because I was having a good time with these characters. Now some may have a problem, it happens. However, if you are looking for something fun to read you consider trying Legal Wolf's Mate. By the end of the story it had me wanting to check out more Eve Langlais books.

Copy provided by St. Martin via NetGalley

5 Stars

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Blog Tour + Review + Giveaway: Not Quite Perfect by Catherine Bybee


Not Quite Series, Book Five

Catherine Bybee 
Mountlake Romance
September 20, 2016

With true love, there’s no such thing as a safe distance.

Mary Kildare knows how to read people. It’s both why she makes a great therapist and why she refuses to trust the average bachelor. Staying fiercely independent has been her primary relationship strategy—until wealthy playboy pilot (and commitmentphobe) Glen Fairchild reappears in her life. After a yearlong teasing tug-of-war, Mary and Glen test the waters of attraction, only to find that their physical chemistry runs deeper than flirtation.

At first, a bicoastal romance suits them both—especially since Glen can swoop in and whisk Mary away on one of his company’s planes. But no matter how close they get, they’re still three thousand miles apart. And when Mary’s life is threatened, Glen realizes the one luxury he doesn’t have is time. Can he close the distance between them before it’s too late?

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