Monday, March 11, 2013

Down for the Count by Christine Bell

Last night I started Down for the Count by Christine Bell and was able to finish it this afternoon. Nothing like starting a book and being able to finish it. I have to say when I started to read this story I was able to put it down. Honestly, I love when that happens.

Nothing like having a wedding day end in a disaster. Seriously, Lacey Garrity happens to catch her husband banging one of her bridesmaids. Talk about an eye-bulging moment. I must say Lacey took it quite well, I on other hand would have been gutting someone. Anyways, needing to get away Lacey ends up going to Puerto Rico with her long time crush (also best friend's brother) Galen Thomas. Galen starts to help her loosen up and heat up the bedroom.

I enjoyed this story. I loved how uptight Lacey was at the beginning of the book and started to loosen up because of a dare. Enjoyed how Galen took his time to reassure her that she was more than enough. Growing up in an uptight family didn't do much for her self-esteem, but she was slowly finding herself through this mess. So, if you are looking for a story with girl who has a crush on her best friends brother, you might want to read Down for the Count. Plus, who doesn't mind a nice escape from the real world in paradise.

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