Here is how my Ratings Work:

Absolutely Amazing
Loved It 
Couldn't put it down, or my life got in the way that I had to put it down yet I morn the lost of the time I spent with the story. 

Pretty Darn Good
Almost Perfect
There was a couple of times I put it done, but still into the story. 

I Liked It
Put it down, and I need a break from the story, I'm going on social media or doing whatever. 

An Ok Read
Struggling, but there are good points. 

Sorry that I wasted my time
Dear God, WHY! 

The rating system is just of what I thought of the book. You are entitled to your opinion. This will apply to the reviews starting after the publish date of October 6, 2012. I might apply to previous blogs. 

Also, when I write my overview or summary of the story this is what stood out the most. Therefore I really liked what about the story. My thoughts are what they are my thoughts. Sometimes when I write a review the words just flow and others I have to think really hard. I hope this helps y'all out when you read my reviews. I try not to give to much of the story, because that's not fair to the writers. I really do want to help them out and love when my favorites come out with new work. I also want others to enjoy their stories too.

Updated: I will write how I feel about a book. There might be a summary or might try to work into the review. I have no format on how the review is going to go down. Different reviews need different things. 

I need to a disclosure, so here we go: I would want people to know that these are my honest thoughts and feelings. I DO NOT get paid for my reviews and I'm appalled by people who would put fake reviews and get paid. For all your information you won't see me put in a review saying "I got this copy free and what I have wrote is honest." This should be implied. However, I'm putting it here.  It doesn't matter how I have obtain the book, I will give my honest feelings about the book. I have obtain some the books via NetGalley, Edelweiss, the publisher, authors, and purchasing.