Tuesday, March 26, 2013

eARC: Last Chance Book Club by Hope Ramsay

All right everyone it's time to revisit Last Chance, South Carolina. I have to say that I have enjoyed all the Last Chance books I have read so far, and I must I say I plan to visit the other books I haven't read yet. Today Last Chance book is Last Chance Book Club. Just like the other books it shares the same heart-warming experience and Miz Miriam still playing matchmaker. So, let's meet todays soul mates.

Savannah White has decided she needed to break away from her life in Baltimore and figure the best place to go would be Last Chance. Growing up she remember her summers in Last Chance and figure it would be a great place to raise her son. However, she didn't count on running into Dash Randall.

Dash Randall didn't really like Savannah growing up. Always thought she was a bit of a princess. So, he has a hard time believing she has change. However, he finds himself drawn to Savannah and her son. Maybe they can mend the fence and become friends or more.

I actually thought this story was adorable. For those who have read Pride & Prejudice might enjoy some of the parallels that are drawn in Last Chance Book Club. I found myself laughing, because of Savannah and Dash butting-heads at every possible way.

Here's the bottom line: If you love the previous Last Chance books, you will love this book too. Last Chance Book Club has the same southern charm you find in the other stories and most important a happy ending that melts your heart. I hope you all take a chance on Last Chance Book Club.

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