Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Audiobook Review: Be Still My Vampire Heart by Kerrelyn Sparks

I was able to finished Be Still My Vampire Heart by Kerrelyn Sparks, and I have to say this went a lot better than the last book. I think it was a better listen because it had something to do with the overall arc of the story. Yes, we had a focus on Emma and Angus.

We have Emma who believes all vampires are evil. When Angus meets Emma, he's instantly smitten by her, and willing to prove that vampires are not all evil. However, Angus has his work cut out for him. As Emma gets to know Angus, she starts to understand that there are two types of vampires. She ends up getting Angus and herself in serious trouble.

Anyway, this was a better listen than the last book. I did like Emma and Angus. Emma is strong and willing to fight for the good cause, and Angus would love to have Emma on their side. Be Still My Vampire Heart definitely gave me something to look forward to the rest of the series.

Copy provided by local library

4 1/2 Stars

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

The Moonglow Sisters by Lori Wilde (Review)

I got a chance to finished Lori Wilde's The Moonglow Sisters. There were parts I really enjoyed, and there were parts that were okay. The story wasn't oh my gosh I need to finished this story. I would started and I would get distracted with other things. However, there were  moments where I needed to find out what's going happen next. However, there weren't a lot of those.

So, we meet the Clark sisters who grew up in Moonglow Cove, Texas after their parents died. We have Madison, Shelley, and Gia. There grandmother has brain cancer, and needs the girls to come home and patch things up. She places the task on Gia. Gia is the baby of the family, and the peacekeeper. Maddie has some animosity towards Shelley. Shelley has been off in the land of paradise. Each of them have their own secrets.

Anyway, The Moonglow Sisters focus on how the sisters can rebuild their relationship. You don't think it will happen until Gia comes up with the idea of a fake engagement to bring them all together. It didn't magically happen, but it took a little time. I liked how we got to know each sister insecurities, and what really caused the drift. Overall, the story was an okay read. There were parts that I really enjoyed, and others that were meh. Not a bad read, and I could see as a beach read.

Copy provided by William Morrow via Edelweiss

3 1/2 Stars

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Audiobook Review: Vamps and the City by Kerrelyn Sparks

Where do I go with Vamps and the City by Kerrelyn Sparks. I tried to like this story. I was willing to go a little higher, but the ending pissed me off. I get that Darcy missed being a human, and she couldn't hack it as a vampire. Spoiler ahead: However, it really chaps my hide that she decided to become a human again, because she wanted to be with a guy. I don't understand why he couldn't change for her. She gave the ex-harem a purpose to live without a master.

I was mad at the ending last night, and I'm still pretty upset. I guess I have to move on to the next story. We are done with Darcy, and I'm okay with that. The Harem was a bit annoying in the story, but when they were working together to find a new master they weren't so annoying. I'm okay with Austin, because eventually changes his tune about Vampires. By the way he works for Shana's father, so that's a big step for him.

Like I said, I wasn't a big fan of the story, and I'm going to stop before I nitpick this to death. I know that the series has to get better, because I absolutely loved Grigori's story. There is hope.

Copy provided by my local library

2 Stars

Monday, March 23, 2020

Just Thinking: The Craziness of Today

Not many people know I suffer from anxiety. I normally can manage it on my own, but lately I'm having a hard doing that. With the media being bombard with Corona Virus, I have panic attacks about contacting it when I go to the store get groceries. The whole idea of being asymptomatic freaks me out. I have been trying to keep my fears to myself, because feed off my fears. I tend to project my fears on to them, so I'm really impress on how well have been handling.

We read the meme's about check on your extrovert friends, because they aren't okay. It's true. I'm not okay. I thrive in social situations. I read one of my introvert friends saying she's thriving in this situation, and I wish I could say the same thing. I'm not writing this to gain sympathy. I'm writing this cause it's an outlet. It might come off a little random, which is fine.

Another meme popped up saying about military spouse have been doing this forever. The whole thing about make plans, and they getting shoved to the side cause you got orders. Yes, but this is way different. At least with military orders you know the target, and eventually you know it will be alright. At this moment I don't know if it's going to be alright. When you get to your next assignment you know where you need to go to get the answers, and there have been others who have been there before. However, this is uncharted territory. I guess we could compare it to Europe when bubonic plague.

I guess I'm done with my ramblings, and I feel a little better. I still have my anxious feelings, and my fears, but deep down I know I'm not alone. I hope that you aren't feeling the same way as me. I know there is a lot of judgement going on out there, but this a no judgement area. I think that is important to remember. If you have the same feelings as me, that is totally fine. Eventually we will get through this, and it will be one day at a time.

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Audiobook Review: How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire by Kerrelyn Sparks

At the beginning of the month I got a chance to start How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire by Kerrelyn Sparks. I had to put the book on hold cause I was listening to another series, and the book was available. Since this isn't a hot commodity I knew I could recheck out the story. It probably was when it first came out. However, you will find a lot of humor in Kerrelyn's book, and it's worth checking out.

We have Shana Whalen who is wanted by Russian mafia, now she's in witness protection. Things are going south very fast. Roman Draganesti is in search for a dentist who can help him put his fang back in. He finds Shana, but she has a slight problem she kind of faints at the sight of blood. Pretty difficult to be a dentist. However, Roman realize she needs his help.

Anyway, How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire is a fun listen. We have Shana trying to fight her attraction to Roman, because he's a vampire, and it could never work our for them. We have Roman trying to keep his mitts off her, because she's mortal. We find out that her dad works for the CIA in a department that hunts vampires. On top of it all Roman is trying to make the world a safe place for vampires and mortals alike, but there are the ones call the Malcontents. Anyway, we have a lot going on as we beginning this series. However, Shana and Roman do find happiness at the end, but the story still has more going on.

Copy provided by my local library.

4 Stars

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Audiobook: Diamond Fire by Ilona Andrews

I got a chance to listen to Diamond Fire by Ilona Andrews. I really liked this novella. There are some points where it the story is a little bit awkward or a little rush, but that happens with novellas. However, I like this story, because it's a great transition from Nevada to Catalina. In Wildfire we finished Nevada and Rogan love story, and now we get their wedding. Catalina is starting to be able to understand and control her power. We get to see a her use her power to solve what is going on that might stop Rogan and Nevada wedding.

Yay! for transitions. Now I'm reading to start on Catalina's story. I might hold off on continuing on with the series at the time, because I need the complete story with Catalina and Alessandro. This way Catalina's trilogy will be done. However, I'm really enjoying the series.

Copy provided by local library.

4 Stars

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Almost Just Friends by Jill Shalvis (Review)

I had a chance to ready Almost Just Friends by Jill Shalvis. This wasn't my favorite story. I had a hard time connect with the characters. I would find myself kind of putting the book down and trying to find other things to do. I even was thinking of DFN the book. However, I pressed forward thinking I could finish it. Honestly, it took me two months to finish.

I had a hard time connecting with Piper, and her siblings. Her siblings kind of drove me nuts. Their relationship was a bit strain cause Piper was more like their mom than their sister. Her siblings were kind of selfish. Her siblings kept so many secrets, granted I could understand why, because Piper would blow a gasket.

Anyway, Almost Just Friends wasn't a bad read, but I did struggle with the story. I know that there were a good number of people that enjoyed this story, and I hope you are one of them. I guess I'm ready to move on to the next story.

Copy provided by William Morrow via Edelweiss

3 Stars

Saturday, March 14, 2020

Audiobook: Wildfire by Ilona Andrews

I got a chance to finish listening to Wildfire by Ilona Andrews. We are drawing an end to a couple's saga, but the mystery of who is Caesar is still a mystery; it's like one step forward, two steps back. Anyway, we have a couple of bumps in the road for Nevada and Rogan. Nevada is trying to become a house, and there are other Primes that interested in her. Another issue that has popped up is Rogan's ex-fiancé husband is missing, so she needs his help even though she hired Nevada. Rynda is annoying, and needs to find her own husband. I love how Rogan team can't stand her, and they are on Team Nevada.

Anyway, I had a lot of fun listening to this story. Don't get me wrong there's a lot of action going on in this story. The title suits the story. We get to see Nevada and Rogan claim each other, and they have no problem telling others it's going to be that way. We also get to see that recurring characters that help Rogan and Nevada solve cases. We get to see other characters that are memorable. One of my favorite is characters is Sargent Teddy the pacifist Kodiak bear. Anyway, I did enjoy Wildfire, and I can't wait to continue on with the series.

Copy provided by my local library

4 1/2 Stars

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Audiobook: The Lemon Sisters by Jill Shalvis

I got a chance to listen to The Lemon Sisters by Jill Shalvis. We are heading back to Wildstone in this story. We have two sisters Brooke Lemon, and Mindy (I can't remember her last name). Anyway, they have drifted apart, and Mindy needs her sister. Technically they need each other, but you don't realize this until later in the story.

Both of them has a misconception of each others lives, and they don't realize it until they are in each other shoes. Actually Mindy believes that Brooke is living the high life, but doesn't have a clue. She actually makes a few rude comments about Brooke's life without even knowing what's really going. I didn't like Mindy for most of the story; she was b-witch. When she talked to her sister her inner b-witch would come out. She wasn't likable. Also, Mindy try to be the perfect mom, and started to crack. I did like Brooke. She did have moments that would drive some people crazy, but I felt for her. She had struggles, and she felt that she had to keep it all to herself. It wasn't until we go to the middle when she started sharing what she was really feeling. It slowly spilled out.

Now we have the sisters guys. Mindy is married to Linc. Linc's kind of clueless to his wife's needs, but that's partly Mindy's fault. Okay, it's a good portion of her fault. We have also Garrett. Garrett wasn't to forgiving to Brooke. Oh boy did he feel like a jerk for the way he treated her.

Anyway, I liked The Lemon Sisters. I laughed, and I did cry when it was painful to Brooke. I had a soft spot for Brooke, and that could be I have the middle name of Brooke. I really liked her. Mindy did have a redeeming quality, but it wasn't until the end. I really didn't like Mindy. Linc was great even though he was kind of clueless. I had to warm up to Garrett, because he didn't have all the facts. Overall, a decent read.

Copy provided from my local library.

4 Stars

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Yours In Scandal by Lauren Layne (Review)

A few weeks ago I saw the cover for Yours in Scandal and I was like I want to read that. The main reason was the pink. I love the color pink, and the guy on the cover was pretty good looking. However, it was the pink cover that caught my eye. Plus, it looks like it's going to be a new series.

We get to meet Robert Davenport who happens to be the mayor of New York City. He's about to get out office, and looking to pursue his political career as the Governor of New York. He's just trying to find a way to take out the incumbent governor, so his team is looking for a way to get there. They might have found a way with the Governor's daughter, Adeline Blake formerly known as Addie Brennan. Robert never to intrigued by Adeline, and struggles with the idea of using Adeline to take down her father.

Overall, Yours in Scandal was an adorable read. Don't get me wrong they have some fun in the story, but they are pretty cute together. They do well with keeping each on their toes. I was pretty entertain with their banter. You want something light with a little touch of politics, you might enjoy Yours in Scandal.

Copy provided by Montlake via Netgalley

4 Stars

Sunday, March 8, 2020

Just Thinking: It Seems Like I Have an Attention Span of a Gnat

Yes, I had grandiose plans for this blog. I FAILED! EPICALLY! You know what I'm okay with that. As I said with the titled of the this post I have an attention span of a gnat. I have been trying to finish these books that I have decided to take on. I'm just not in the mood to read. However, I have been slowly getting back into my mojo for reading.

YES! It is slowly coming back. I think what has been helping is my local library does digital audiobooks through Libby, by Overdrive. I thought the Playaways were awesome, but I love being able to check out any audiobook that is available. However, there is a downside: the waiting for a book you really want. The book I'm currently waiting for is Wildfire by Ilona Andrews. Seriously, the wait has been killing me. However, I finished The Lemon Sisters by Jill Shalvis. Which I should have a review up fairly soon. I love being able to explore more books this way.

I know I have a plethora of books, but I love having this option. If you haven't heard about Libby, I would recommend checking it out. I knew my library did book checkouts with Overdrive, but you can do audiobooks too. I had a friend at work share how to do this with me and soooo grateful to her for sharing this tool. I'm sure you all have heard about this, and have been in the know a lot longer than me.

The question of the day is do you utilize all that the library offers? If so, what do you use? Plus, I love using digital checkouts, because you don't have late fees. I hope you all keep enjoying reading or doing whatever makes you happy.

Saturday, March 7, 2020

Audiobook: White Hot by Ilona Andrews

YAY! I got a chance to finish listening to White Hot by Ilona Andrews. We continue with our journey Nevada and Rogan. First off, you will need to read Burn for Me before starting this story, because at the end of the story we see them part. We know that's not the end of them, because fate has a funny way to bring them together.

At the start of White Hot, you're not quite sure they are evening going to get back together, because Rogan was stupid. We also have Nevada coming more into her power. Then trouble starts and she needs help with Rogan, but she doesn't really want to go to him. They slowly conquer their relationship issues. They are pretty big issues, and hopefully the issues will no longer be an issue. I guess I have to wait until the next book to see if they are going to make it. Ugh.

Anyway, I liked White Hot, and I can't wait for the next book. I like that we actually got to see Nevada and Rogan getting together. However, more stuff happens that make you go whoa. Yes, this story keeps you guessing, the surprise of another family member trying to do something bad. That's the only downfall with checking out from the library.

Copy provided by library

4 1/2 Stars