Tuesday, March 5, 2013

eARC: Her Perfect March by Jess Michaels

All right, for the past couple of days I have been reading Her Perfect Match by Jess Michaels. The final installment of A Mistress Matchmaker series.

Vivien Manning has been a mistress for about 10 years and has grown tired of it. Vivien has decided to hang up the mistress gig and mistress matchmaking for good. However, she is finding that she needs get some closure before she leaves. One of the things she needs to settle is her feelings for Benedict Greystone.

I enjoyed Her Perfect Match. I actually enjoy Jess Michaels books for a couple of reasons: One it has nothing to do with the sex scenes. Two, she's able to write a good story if you feel the need to skip over the sex scenes, but if you are looking for a good sex scene she can write them.

I enjoyed this story, because of Vivien. I actually like the idea of her putting together a bucket list of things she wants accomplish before she ended her life as a mistress. Don't get the wrong idea that she's going to off herself off. No she's just no longer going to be mistress or be in London. She's planning to start anew. I love the idea of her ending one life to start anew.

In the story, you learn that Vivien is no stranger to reinventing herself, which happens to add more character depth. In the past we just seen her as this cold calculating person, but there is more than she reveals to anyone. However, she starts to reveal more to Benedict and he starts to fall more in love with her. I love that Benedict is willing to sacrifice everything for her, but she fights him all the way. I love that she loves him so much that she is willing to sacrifice herself to make sure he is in good standing in society.

Overall, an enjoyable read. A great way to end the Mistress Matchmaker series. I absolutely enjoyed the ending of the story, which gives you the closure that is needed. So, if you are a fan of Jess Michaels you are not going to miss this story.

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