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In March 2012 I started my blog to let my friends know what I have been reading and what I thought of the book. The main reason for starting this blog is my husband is in the Air Force and we tend to move around. I had a good friend back in California who shared a love for romance novels. We would get together at least once a month to go search for a new novel and talk about the ones we have read. Since then I have move and we both live busy lives, so What I'm Reading became a source she and anyone else to go to see what books I liked or not so much.

With that said, I'm always looking for books to read and review. If you would like me to checkout your book you can contact me at: 


It's amazing how time has fly. Okay, here's the deal on reviews. I have the ultimate say on what I read. Just to let you all know, I'm only one person who operates this blog and sometimes life gets a little crazy. However, I will try to get review posted asap. I will post on Goodreads, my lovely Tumblr (right now there aren't that many followers, but there is always hope), and pending if Amazon is being nice I will post on Amazon (cause we all know that they are getting to be a little finicky), and if you would like me to post on B&N please let me know, because they are even more difficult than Amazon. I will share my links on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram.

All my reviews are honest, or I hope that is the impression I give. However, they are my thoughts and my thoughts alone. Everyone is entitle to agree or disagree. I hope this is helpful to you all.

EU Compliant. Here's my thoughts on it. I don't collect your info and sell it off. I hate collecting emails  for giveaways. Which I do third party stuff like that. As far as I know it never goes anywhere. I don't send out send out emails unless you signed up to receive an email about a blog post. I have really cut down on blog post. Since EU has put up this law I need to let you know. I don't really want your info, or plan to use it. I read books for fun. I started my blog for that reason.


  1. Hi Melody May I saw your comment on Random Romance. I'm like you. I would choose werewolf too. I think you might like Teale Moon by Vivian Hartley. It's the best werewolf book I ever read.

  2. This is such a cool blog and I love the font!

  3. Could not control myself from checking out all the sections of your cute blog, Melody. It looks very professional. Keep up the good work. All the best! <3 :)