Thursday, March 28, 2013

eARC: Darius by Grace Burrowes

Last night I finished Darius by Grace Burrowes. I have to say I was on the fence on what I thought of the story through most of the book. Before I explain my thoughts, I guess I should share what the story is about.

Darius Lindsay is a penniless second son of an Earl and has found a way to make money. He tends his to use his body to entertain jaded women of society to make a living. Each time losing himself a little more. Until Lord William Longstreet makes him an offer that will help him break away the life he is living. However, there is a slight problem when he becomes attracted to Vivian when they try to make Lord Longstreet an heir.

So, that's the simple gist of the story. I'm sure this probably happened more often then we like to think. Anyways, Darius is different from other Grace Burrowes stories, but the writing is still excellent. I just don't think this is a story for me. However, there are others who will love Darius. As the story progress, I did start to like the story more, but just didn't grab me to the point of love. However, it did intrigue me enough to wonder what happen to his sister. Which will be the next book, but I don't know if I want to continue to reading. Maybe in a few months, who knows?

I did like Darius and I thought he was a pretty stand up guy once he remove is wall. Vivian was young and need rescuing from her step-father. Like other Grace Burrowes books you find a twisted villain. I have say I was surprise with who the villain was, because I thought it was someone else.

Bottom line: It's not a bad a read, and I did warm-up to book. However, it wasn't for me. I'm all for trying something different. So, if Darius piques your interest, I would say give a try, because Ms. Burrowes is an excellent writer. For some people the story might be right up there alley.

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