Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Walking Sexy by Andrea Laurence

Here is another novella from the More Than Men books. First off, let me clear some things up: I'm not a fan of The Walking Dead. Seriously, I don't like zombies or what Ms. Laurence calls them in The Walking Sexy: "flesh eaters, stumblers, walkers, rotters, the undead, or meat puppets." I have to say meat puppets is pretty clever. Anyways, there's my stance on zombies. However, I'm able to tolerate them in The Walking Sexy for a couple of reason.  The main reason you don't really see them till the end.

The story takes place after the zombie apocalypse. Yep, the zombie apocalypse happen and Greyson Foster isn't quite human or quite a zombie, but something in-between. He somehow stumbles upon Daria Mason while she had isolate herself from whatever is out there.

Ok, even though I'm not a fan of zombies, I was able to enjoy this story. Even if Grey isn't quite human he's still pretty hot. Daria is one smart cookie. With there combine effort they might the worlds only hope. Yay for hope! Here's the bottom-line, if you like zombie stuff and romance, I'm sure you will enjoy this quick read of The Walking Sexy. And a girl who can't stand zombies can enjoy this story, it be worth looking into.


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