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An Encounter at the Museum by Claudia Dain, Deb Marlowe, Ava Stone, & Michelle Marcos

Todays read takes us on a journey through the British Museum. I don't know about you, but I always love museums. Through the eyes of these authors we will see a lot of the Reading Room and some animals through our tour. As we see what An Encounter at the Museum will bring us.

A Chance Encounter
Claudia Dain

In this story James Cavershame, the natural son of the Duke of Aldreth and Zoe Auvray. That is such a nice way of saying bastard. Anyways, he happens to go to the Bristish Museum and meet an enchanting young lady by the name of Elizabeth Ardenzy. However, there is only one thing standing in the way of there love and that is her father. After all it is every fathers dream to have his daughter marry a title gentleman. Will there love conquer all or will it fizzle?

An Unexpected Encounter
Deb Marlowe

In this story we meet Lisbeth Moreton who happens to be waiting at the muesum for a friend by the name of James Vicker. However, he never comes. Fortunately, she happens to stumble upon a young girl by the name of Aurelia. Which Aurelia was able to convince her trustee, Edmund Banke, Baron Cotwell, to hire Lisbeth as her governess. Pretty ingenious of the young girl. Sounds like Lisbeth won't be toss to streets. Let's hope for the best.

Encounter with an Adventurer
Ava Stone

Andrew Yeats, Viscount Brookfield heads to the museum to find his friend Ian MacLaren, Earl of Ericht, when he hears a woman berating another young woman. Intrigued by the young woman, decides to have a conversation with her (if you know anything about regency time this is a a big no-no). Lucinda Potts (Lucy) is also intrigued by the young man, after all he's been on many adventures. Maybe Drew will be willing to take Lucy on an adventure too?

Bad Luck Encounter
Michelle Marcos

Our final encounter, we meet Isha Elmwood who happens to stumble upon Bad Luck. He's making a mess of things for her family life. Let's hope things turn around for Isha and her family.

There is the quick sum up of each story. Overall, I enjoyed each of the stories and I found them all delightful in there own ways. I know that in A Chance Encounter we see some characters that are familiar to those who are familiar with Ms. Dain's Courtesan Chronicles. If any of you are familiar with Ms. Stone's books you would recognize of some of the characters in Encounter with an Adventurer. So, if you are looking for stories that will take you to the British Museum, you might want to checkout An Encounter at the Museum. Plus each stories leaves with that heart-warming feeling with their happy endings.

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