Sunday, March 31, 2013

Tempted by Trouble by Michelle Smart

Let me just say, I'm so sorry for putting Tempted by Trouble by Michelle Smart off. Seriously LOVED this book, I couldn't put it down, even with the headache. This tempting story is worth the time to read. Let me share what this story is about and my thoughts.

Pippa Rowantree is forced to go into exile for a couple weeks while the situation of the scandal slowly dies down. Force to stay with Marco Capello who just sees her as the same party girl that she was seven years prior. Somehow they need to keep out of each others way in order to find peace. Yet, that isn't in the cards for them.

I felt so sorry for Pippa. I don't know, but how many people do stupid things when they were younger. I mean seriously, some people need to make mistakes and learn from them. Pippa was one of those people. However, Marco kept throwing her past in her face. No matter how hard she tried to explain she had change, Marco wouldn't hear. He basically blamed her for ruining his life. Oh man, that pretty sucked.

I liked Marco and disliked at the same time. He was so judgmental towards Pippa it made me dislike him. Then when you read what happen to his life, you kind of understand. However, I kept thinking she was still a teen when all that happen. So, I had mix feelings towards Marco.

Seriously, LOVED the story. Tempted by Trouble definitely tugged on my heart. Throughout the story I felt those tears wanting to come out, because I felt for Pippa. Towards the end the flood gates couldn't be closed. Fantastic read! I personally like the animosity between Pippa and Marco, because of Marco wasn't willing to reconcile with the past. So, if you are looking for a read that tugs at your heart and hope of reconciliation, you might want to read Tempted by Trouble. I must say it was certainly a tempting read.

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