Friday, March 30, 2012

Tempted at Every Turn by Robyn DeHart

Final book in the Ladies Amateur Sleuth Society, Tempted at Every Turn. Let me say this up front, you know when you read the last book in the series you get that closer that you crave and need and sad to see it end. I didn't get that feeling to the book. I didn't get the closer that I wanted. Lets be honest need. With that said let me tell you what I thought about the book.

With every book in the series I found myself loving each book more and more. I really like the characters Wilhelmina (Willow for short) Mabson and Inspector James Sterling. During the whole series you see Willow writing anonymous letters to the Inspector and complaining about his techniques. So they make a wager to see who could solve the crime first. As they battle each other out to see who is better detective, they end up battling each others affection for one another. I have to say that this was a delightful read. Who doesn't like the battle of wits? Plus, you have the age old question who does it better men or women?

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Highland Rogue, London Miss by Margaret Moore

Yesterday my friend and I were talking about my blog. I know that she is excited that I started, because I at one time gave her a least of all the books I had on my kindle with comments about the books. Needless to say that list has grown so much in over the year that I haven't been able to update. So, the blog is a great idea and she can see what I have read and what I thought of it. So, we were talking about this book and she was like you need to make a post about that book. Of I said sure since I have read this book at least four times. So here goes todays post.

Let me start by saying I love this book, otherwise I wouldn't have read it four times. Harlequin Romance novels are usually fun for a quick read and sometimes its a miss. However, Highland Rogue, London Miss is definitely a fun quick read. I just couldn't put it done when I got it. I practically stayed up all night to read. (Just to let you know I purchased it about 9PM at Walmart).

So you have Esme McCallen and Quintus MacLachlan and there is so much sexual tension between them that its kinda funny. So, her brother gets a letter from an girlfriend saying that she is in trouble and needs legal help. He sends his sister with Quin unto Scotland to help solve the problem. Together they masquerade as Quin's brother and sister-in-law since he go around society. Your wonder where his brother is in all this, well he is somewhere in the Caribbean. So you see them a couple compromising situation throughout the book. Highly entertaining. The best part is the end, which if you want to know your going to need to read the book. Just to let you know I had to do a double take on it. As my friend put it "a jaw dropper." Definitely like WHAT!

Looking for a quick read an unexpected ending you might want to give a try.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Royale Sisters Trilogy by Kathryn Caskie

I have read a lot of reviews on this series and lot of them negative. However, I'm a sucker for a story with a Duke. I have come across so many of those types of stories which I don't mind. So, the first book title drew me in, How to Seduce a Duke. Sounds promising doesn't it.

Well, in the first book you meet the Royale sisters, and they are Mary, Elizabeth and Anne. They are triplets. However, they don't look anything alike. Which I can understand why some people would have a hard time with this and think it unlikely to happen. Of course that is true, but its a book and fictional one at that. I digress, anyways, they are in London for the season. They were raise by Dr. Royale who has pass since and they have discover that they might be illegitimate children of King George IV and Maria Fitzherbert. So, they go throughout the series trying to solve the mystery of there birth.

So you have the first book title How to Seduce a Duke, which is Mary trying to end up with the Duke of Blackstone's brother Quinn. However, she ends up with Rogan Wetherly. Who cares if Mary's boss she's the first born. Even twins the first child knows who's first no matter what.

Book two How to Engage an Earl, is Anne story how she ends up with an the Earl of MacLaren. She ends up in a very compromising situation with Laird Allan who happens to be drunk at the time. Who doesn't like that?

Now the third book is How to Propose to a Prince, which is the final sisters story, Elizabeth. She meets the Marquess of Whitevale, but she mistakes him him for Prince Leopold since they look alike. Anyways, she ends up Sumner Lansdowne.

Personally, I didn't mind the book. I have no problem with triplets with different hair color, because its a story. The question is, did you get what you wanted from the book? If the answer is yes, its a good book. If not, try something else. I liked the book; it was fun for when I read it. Would I recommend it. It depends on your taste. If you have similar taste to mine, you might enjoy this series.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Valkyrie's Vengeance by Suzie Grant

Let me start by saying, I love regency period romance novels. However, I have been known to venture out of that sub-genre to other ones. This would be one of those times I venture out of my comfort zone.

Who knew that reading a Viking romance novel would be so much fun, I mean when you think of vikings you automatically think of pillaging or the of Capitol One commercials. This being said I'm going to tell you why I love this book and would recommend you all to read it.

First you have Tyra who has been away from her family for 10 years, and she develops a friendship with this old lady name Enid. One day the Vikings come and Enid is slay by the King, which starts Tyra on her course of vengeance. She captures the oh so handsome Rorik, and pretty much forces him to help her to get to his king. During the course of time Rorik gets to know Tyra and realize who she really is, yet doesn't tell her. So, you watch as their relationship grow as they overcome the challenge of what might happen.

I know that this is very vague, but I have a habit of spoiling a book cause I just get so excited that I just have to tell everyone that this is a great story. In short, it's a FANTASTIC book! If your look for action and romance, you have it all rolled into one. The book is well written that you can actually picture the whole thing in your mind. Who knew that a Viking romance would be an adventure worth taking.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Deliciously Wicked by Robyn DeHart

Book two of Ladies Amateur Sleuth Society, in this story we get to know Meg Piddington and how she finds love in Gareth Mandeville. At the beginning of the book she gets herself locked in a room with Gareth. How scandalous; right. So, throughout the book Meg is trying to save Gareth from getting fire and not compromise herself in the processes since she is he alibi.

Some of the reviews for this book have been they loved it and others didn't. I thought it was a fun book to read. Come on now, there's a chocolate factory involve, who doesn't like chocolate. Plus, its fun watching the two characters fight there attraction for one another. My friend would consider this brain candy, just entertaining and fluff.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Huxtable Series by Mary Balogh

About a year and an half ago I got the urge to read romance novels again. I was pregnant and feeling sicker than a dog. I really didn't want to anything except lay around and rest. However, I just didn't feel like watching TV. So, I started to read romance novels again. I was out and about with my friend Beth. I told her I need a romance novel to read. As it happen to be we were at Walmart and came across some books. They looked good. So, I bought a couple of them. The two books I bought were First Comes Marriage and Seducing an Angel.

I get home I start off reading Seducing an Angel, not knowing that it was the fourth book in a series. Just to let you know I'm notorious for starting in a middle of series and not knowing it. Anyways I get to the end and see an epilogue, and I try to figure this all out. Come to find its a series and I have book one, so I start reading book one and fell in love with this family who grew up at vicarage to come and find out there brother is the new Earl of Merton due to the fact that there cousin was born two days before his parents were married which made ineligible to take the title when his brother dies on his birthday. So you read the journey of a life changing experience for these families.

First Comes Marriage is the first book in the series. I love this book and think its because I see a lot of the main character in me, Vanessa Huxtable. She is the second child in the family and is describe as plain compared to her brother and sisters. However, she manages to marry Elliot Wallace, Viscount Lyngate (heir to the Duke of Moreland) who happens to be her brother's guardian. They both have issues to workout and you feel for her during the story. Eventually it all works out. It is a great start to a great series.

The Next book Then Comes Seduction. This book focus on the Katherine Huxtable, and she is the third child of the family. She finds herself in a compromising situation with Jasper Finley, Baron Montford. She goes into seclusion for three years and re-emerge to find out that her brother is friends with Montford. Eventually, the scandal becomes release and they are force to marry. Jasper has a serious betting problem which cause problems in their relationship. They manage to have every to out fine, but watching it unfolds is so much fun. A fantastic story as you read more into the Huxtable family.

At Last Comes Love, this story I always have a hard time remember to story line. Don't get me wrong it is a good story, I just hadn't form an attachment to Meg like I have with the other family members. However, when I start talking about the series I remember more and more what happen in this book. This book focuses more on Margaret Huxtable (Meg) the eldest child in the family. She tries to run away from her former love who just came back from the continent a widow when she runs into Duncan Pennethorne, Earl of Sheringford (heir of Marquess of Claverbrook) also known as Sherry. Who happens to be a walking scandal from an incident in the past. Of course they end up together and the past makes there way into there lives. They form a bond and love that is amazing even with the scandal.

Seducing an Angel, my favorite story. Final Huxtable and baby of the family Stephen Huxtable, Earl of Merton just turn 25 and not ready to settle down until he meets Cassandra Belmont, Lady Paget. She is a scandal, because everyone believes she killed her husband. Cassandra wants to takes Stephen as a lover, which doesn't work out so well. He helps her try to get her back on her feet. In the process starts to fall in love with her. However, her past baggage causes her to have trust issues. I love Stephen and his good heart in his story.
In the end they all find happy lives and marriages. Then you have Constantine Huxtable who is the "bastard" in the eyes of the law who can't inherit the earldom. Of course, everyone would like him to have a happy end too, right.

The fifth book just happens to give that closer you all, A Secret Affair. You learn more about Constantine Huxtable and there is more to him than meets the eye. The one who finds this out is Hannah Reid, The Duchess of Dunbarton who takes on Constantine as a lover. LOVE this book too. They both have secrets that make them the perfect for each other.

In the end you find the closer you want with this series and you enjoy ever moment with them as you watch them grow into the people you want them to be. This series is filled that heart warming romance sometimes you just need with a moving story line. Would I read this series again, absolutely and I have. Some of the books I have read two or three times.

Friday, March 23, 2012

A Study in Scandal by Robyn DeHart

Let me start by this I have been reading romance novels for over a year. I have read over 150 books during this time. My latest read has been A Study in Scandal.
The book is set in late 1800s just around the corner to the turn of the century. It is the first book in the series called Ladies Amateur Sleuth Society. Well, it was a fun read. I really like the quotes from Sherlock Holmes book. The two main characters are Amelia and Colin and they are trying to solve the mystery who stole her father's bust of Nefertiti.
If you are looking for a little mystery with your romance you might like reading this book.
That's all for today. Happy reading.