Friday, January 15, 2021

The Forever Girl by Jill Shalvis (Review)

I was privileged to get a chance to read The Forever Girl by Jill Shalvis. I'm glad a I got a chance, because it was a nice diversion from life. We get a chance to meet Maze, Caitlin, Walker, and Heather. When they were younger Caitlin's parents took in Maze, Walker, and Heather into their home. Tragedy hits and Maze, Walker, and Heather had to be place back into the system. However, they all stayed in contact. 

In the beginning Maze has a freakout and the band goes their separate ways until Caitlin comes up with a plan to bring them all back together. Caitlin plans to have a wedding, but she needs her family there. We see how things have change for each of them. We watch these four repair their bonds that were damage a few years ago. Also getting to know one another again. 

The Forever Girl had me all over the place with my emotions. I felt bad for Maze, and she couldn't out run Mayhem Maze. However, she's pretty amazing. Walker is pretty stoic. We don't really get a feel for him unless we are in his mind, and even then you don't really get to see him until the end. Heather is a hot mess, but she's managing it. Caitlin has to be in control, but she's barely hanging on. They actually are better all together. I enjoyed this story and it's a pretty good story to read. I like that they start to figure out that they are better with each in their lives. 

Copy provided by William Morrow via Edelweiss

Rating: 4 1/2 Stars

Monday, January 4, 2021

The Secret History of the Pink Carnation by Lauren Willig (Review)

About 10 years ago I purchased The Secret History of the Pink Carnation, I'm a sucker for a pretty cover. It wasn't even the original cover, but the reprint. The story was published back 2006, and I happen to stumble upon the reprint. I started the story, and felt the story dragged. It wasn't what I was expecting at the time, and I thought it was boring. I put the book down, because it wasn't calling my name. However, I did go back to the story, and story does pick up. 

Now fast forward to the present. I have read majority of the books in the series. Actually loved the series, but stories weren't coming out fast enough, so I had to put the series on the back burner. Life got ahead of me, so I never finished the series. I decided to make it my goal this year to finish the series, but I have to go backwards before going forward. Here I am starting the series again, and starting with The Secret History of the Pink Carnation

What makes this series an interesting one is the fact we start off in the present with Eloise Kelly trying to do a dissertation on the Pink Carnation, but she's blocked by one of the ancestors of the story Colin Selwick. Eloise finds away to read about the Pink Carnation, and begins the story of Amy Balcourt and Lord Richard Selwick. The story stays mainly with them. We see how many puts forth her dream in being in a league with Purple Gentian. We watch it transfer back to the present.

When I first read this book, it was an okay read, and I struggle. I eventually finished it and was emotionally invested with Eloise and Colin. Their story continues even after Amy and Richard find happiness. This go around, I found myself enjoying the story a lot more than I did when I first read the story. The Secret History of the Pink Carnation is not for everyone. If you have a the patience to stick out the story you might enjoy it. Also, if you are looking for a historical accurate story, this is not your story. If you are needing an escape you might want to take an adventure with Amy and Richard. 

Purchased this book years ago.

Rating: 4 Stars