Friday, March 15, 2013

Sweet Deception by Heather Snow

Today I was able to finish Sweet Deception by Heather Snow which is the second book in A Veiled Seduction. I must say this was a delightful read with mystery and intrigue. Before I tell you what I thought, I best beginning what the story is about.

The last time we saw Derick Aveline, Viscount Scarsdale, was in Sweet Enemy trying to figure out who was the traitor. Now he has a new assignment which takes him back to Aveline Castle near Derbyshire to find a traitor in the mist. 

The top suspect would be the neighbors older brother, Lord Wallingford. However, there is an appealing obstacle in his way, Emma Wallingford. The last time he saw her was when she was a gawky young girl, but now stands a beautiful smart young woman. Now they need to worked together to figure out who is killing off unsuspecting bystanders. 

First off, loved this book. Here's why:

This kind book kind of reminds me of Bones for regency times. This is my reasoning: Emma Wallingford reminds a lot of the character Temperance Brennan, because the way her mind process things. Not only that, but she would say something that didn't match the normal idiom she was trying to convey. For example she would say, "I propose we put our currency where our mouths are." Which she should have said money instead of currency. Something Bones would say. Another thing was how she hated the nickname Derick gave when they were kids and he would call her Pygmy (like the pygmy owl all knowing and wise). She would tell Derick quick calling me that, kind of like Booth calling Brennan "Bones." The last thing is how Emma had the ability to detach herself from emotions. 

In closing, this is a great book. I found it fun and loved it as much as the first book. Not only that, I didn't peek at the end of the book (which is a huge thing). The story was captivating from the first page to the last and I didn't have the urge see the end. Plus, Ms. Snow had you guessing who the real culprit was up until the end. So, if you are looking for a little mystery and a romance I would suggest taking a look at Sweet Deception. Not only that Ms. Snow knows how to write an intelligent heroine that isn't too self-absorbed.


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  1. I haven't gotten around to reading Sweet Enemy yet, but the "Bones" references make me want to catch up on the series :). Maybe I'll make Sweet Enemy my next read. Great review!

    - Chris

    1. Heather said that she kind of based on Numb3rs. I saw more Bones than Numb3rs. I was gearing up for book three. I hope you get a chance to read both these books.