Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Possession: A Little Harmless Military Romance by Melissa Schroeder

This past weekend I wanted to read something short and quick read with a little steam too. I have definitely found that this weekend with Melissa Schroeder's Possession: A Harmless Military Romance.

In the story you have a Navy Seal, Deacon Berg who is attending a buddies wedding when he see's his ex-wife Samantha. There issue was never about sex, actually that was the best thing going for them. The problem lied with Sam's insecurities which were cause by her parents. One thing leads to another and they end up in bed together. Deke realizes that his biggest mistake was leaving her and so he vows to fix it.

I can't really go into too much detail after all it is a quick read and I might give too much away. I loved it. The story was amazing and it was a lot of fun. So, if you are looking for something quick with a lot steam, I would say look no further.

Monday, June 25, 2012

A Gentleman Undone by Cecilia Grant

Alright everyone, I got the opportunity to read A Gentleman Undone by Cecilia Grant which was provided by Goodreads. I was really surprise that I was selected to read this book. I mean what were the odds.

If you are looking for a happy, cheery romance novel I wouldn't suggest this book. The story line is a dark one, however, well written. You have Will Blackshear basically coming home from the war on the continent with some heavy, dark secrets that he would like to carry with him to the grave. One night he notices a woman, Lydia Slaughter, who happens to fleece him out of 180 pounds. Lydia is one smart cookie who knows how to play the game of life. She especially knows how to play a good game of cards. She sees an opportunity and takes a chance on Will. So, there adventure together begins. 

For most of the book, I had a really hard time with it. Let me be honest,  I don't have a problem hanging out in a gaming hells; my issue was with Will being so noble and trying to be so good. When you have a character who is trying to keep his past from anyone else it gets a bit trying. 

With all that said, I probably still would have bought the book, because of the plot; it intrigued me. Would I have finished the book, eventually. I would had to read a couple books in-between to get me through this one. Is it well written, absolutely. So, if you are looking for a darker romance novel, look no further.  

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Beyond Seduction: A Bastion Club Novel by Stephanie Laurens

As you all know I occasionally will listen to a book on tape, which Beyond Seduction was my book of choice this go around. Ok, I got this book sometime in the middle of May and I'm just finishing it. Heres the reason why: my daughter is out of school and I just can't tune her out on a walk. I don't think she would appreciate walking for at least 30-40 minutes while I listen to a chapter. I would never finish the book, because she would whine and complain. No fun. So, I have been squeezing in times to listen to this book. Really, squeezing in. Almost a month later, I finish the book. It wasn't I didn't like it. I actually loved it. Just trying to find the right time to listen to it with out the interruption of children, which is a little difficult.

Remember in a previous post that I have this habit of jumping in a series, well it has happen again.  However, this time it was book six. Almost to the end of the series. However, through out the book it could have stand alone, but it wasn't until the end of the book where it might be important to read the other books before this one. Majority of the book focused on the budding relationship between Madeline Gascoigne and Gervase Tregarth, the Earl of Crowhurst. Let me say the this relationship was entertaining, because Gervase didn't believe he could find a local girl that would fit his criteria. However, to his surprise Madeline actually fits his criteria. I'm guessing that the villain makes an appearance in previous book, because he gets away in the end. Sorry if I ruined that for you. It was the one way to keep you reading this series.

When I have finished the pile of books that I currently have, I plan to go back and actually read this series. I really liked the one book that I listened to and it has enticed me to read the rest. Another thing I found interesting, with this audio version was a guy reading it. I don't know, but it was awesome to hear a male voice reading a romance novel, it just kinda melts your heart hearing it. Overall, loved it and I can't wait to get my hands on the rest of the stories and finish the series, one day.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Secrets of a Scandalous Bride by Sophia Nash

There are two things I do the most. The first is I look for a good deal. I love when books are on sale. It makes me want to do a happy dance. I also love that when I find a good deal and its a great read. The second thing I do is find a book that is in a middle of a series. I don't do this on purpose; it just happens. Trust me I'm notoriously picking a book in the middle of series I don't know why or how. However, I find out  when I get close to the end of a book. Then I notice it's book three or four in a series. Oops! So, I enjoy it when I can read it and not worry I didn't read the first couple of books. However, there are some books you can't do that. However, Secrets of a Scandalous Bride can be a stand alone book. For those that are wondering what book it is; it's book four in the Widow's Club. With that said heres what it's about.

Miss Elizabeth Ashburton is masking around as a widow trying to avoid General Leland Pymm. Let's say even though he is a revered war hero, he is a bastard of the first order. Everyone loves him and he is about to become a duke. At a friend's wedding she notices General Pymm and Elizabeth makes her great escape. However, you know the old saying out of the pan into the fire, well, it applies here. She ends up in the coach of a notorious Mr. Rowland Manning. He's the bastard son of the former Earl of Wallace and half brother to the current Earl. So, there is a price Elizabeth must pay in order for Mr. Manning to keep her safe. I don't know how safe that could be, after all how can you trust a scoundrel?

Ok, let me say I loved this book. It was amazing and I couldn't put it down. The book was highly entertaining and with some twist I would never would have seen coming. It was worth the time I took to read it. I would even recommend you guys to read Secrets of a Scandalous Bride

Friday, June 15, 2012

More Than a Stranger by Erin Knightley

Last week I headed to my local Barnes & Noble to pick up Erin's debut novel, More Than a Stranger. So, I scour up and down the romance isle in search of her book. To no avail I couldn't find it. What! How can this be, it was suppose to be out that Tuesday. Determine to make my purchase that day, I sought the help of an employee and asked if they had a received Erin Knightley's book. I informed the employee it was to be release that day, so we mosey on over to the computer. The book in question showed up in the system, so the very nice employee checked the back to see if was ready to be shelved. To my relief, it was. YAY!  Before I could meander over to the check counter, I asked the employee who helped me get the book if she could take my picture with the book. As you can see, she was sweet enough to do that for me. She probably thought I was crazy and that's fine with me. As you can see there's a cheesy picture of me with Erin's book. Now you know the crazy story, here is what I thought of the book.

We have the first book to a new novel to a brand new series. It's always interesting to see how the characters will develop in the story. We have Lady Evelyn Moore (aka Evie) who starts writing to her brothers friend when he went of to Eton. She was so sick and tire of hearing how great his new best friend, Benedict Hastings, was. Evie decided to take matters into her own hands and decides to write him a letter to state that he was not Richard's best friend, but she was. So this starts a friendship between Hastings and Evie. They wrote to each other and then all of the sudden the letters start, which causes Evie's broken heart. We jump ahead and we meet an older Evie and Hastings. So, we see the inner struggle that Hastings is dealing with trying to keep all his secrets from his friends and family. At the same time, trying to keep up the facade that his name is James Benedict, while trying to keep his feelings for Evie at bay.

Overall, it was a sweet story of two friends who come to realize that love can start at a tender young age. And with that said, love at that age can be a tad bit fragile.  I liked the book and I look forward to reading more books from this up and coming author.

Congratulation Erin for your new book. 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Impetuous Innocent by Stephanie Laurens

First of all, I haven't really had too many experience with reading Stephanie Laurens. This was the first book I read of hers. Well, I have a friend who has read a number of her books and has said that she was a fantastic writer. Let me say this, it is well written book. However, if you are looking for hot and steamy, this is not the story for you. On the other hand, if you are looking for a sweet and warm romance, look no further.

Georgiana Hartley leaves her home in Italy after her father's death to live with her Uncle. Once she reaches England, she comes to find out that her Uncle has passed away and now in the care of her  lecher of a cousin. So, she decides to escape his grasp early in the morning to seek the help of Dominic Ridgeley, Viscount Alton. Well, he's not much better, because he is a know rake. Dominic is in no hurry to find himself leg-shackle at anytime soon, so he sends her off to live with his sister. During the course of the season Dominic has to save her from her naïve self and in the process starts to fall for her.

Ok, the first time I read through this book, I didn't care for it. However, I did get a chance to re-read this book and to my surprise I really enjoyed. The story wasn't that bad. After all, it was really sweet. So, let me re-iterate if you are looking for a hot steamy romance, this is not it. On the other hand, if you are looking for a sweet romance check this story out.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Lady Amelia's Mess and a Half by Samantha Grace

Last night I finished Lady Amelia's Mess and a Half. Let me tell you, I have been waiting for this book to come out. First of I loved her first book and was excited that I got my hands on her second book. Now, I'm anxiously waiting for the next book, and I'm sure its going to be great.

Definitely, different from the first book. Where Drew is a scoundrel of the first class, Jake Hillary is the complete opposite. Jake tends to put family first and looks out for everyone he cares for. His over-protective nature tends to get him into trouble at times. Lady Amelia Audley is still upset from Jake's treatment the year before. However, his brother sees Amelia and wouldn't mind jumping in her bed. However, Jake would rather see Amelia with him than his debauched brother. So, the brothers have a "friendly competition" to see who can get close to Amelia. Fortunately, Amelia would rather be with Jake, because she still carries a torch for him. Jake and Amelia finally come to an understanding and beginnings to clear the air of the past.

Ok, if that was the end of the story it wouldn't be a very good story. However, it's not. Samantha Grace tends to throw a twist here and there in her stories, so I was trying to guess what it was. Well, my guess was completely wrong. Oh my goodness, the twist she had in there was amazing, and let me say I would never have guess the twist she picked. So, go check out Lady Amelia's Mess and a Half its definitely a fun read.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

The English Lieutenant's Lady by Ava Stone

This last week Ava came out with her new book. I'm always excited when she comes out with a new work, because I just love her work. In my last blog entry I talked about her first book in Heroes Returned. I wondered why Philip ended up with an injury and he didn't have it in A Scandalous Pursuit. Well, my internal question was answered in The English Lieutenant's Lady.

Well, the Avery boys and Moore were call back to duty. Now they are returned again. We know that Captain Avery is engage to Miss Phoebe Greywood. However, he seems to forget about her and she  starts to question the reason she's engage to him. Lieutenant Tristan Avery can't stand his brother's whoring around and can't stand the treatment of the girl. Phoebe and Tristan have this animosity towards each other that stems from a misunderstanding in a previous book. Even though Tristan isn't too fond of Phoebe, he still can't stand his brothers treatment of her. However, Tristan and Phoebe find themselves drawn to each other. Who would have guess that one?

Overall, I love this book. Tristan is such a great guy and too bad more guys aren't like him. He does the honorable thing even when it hurts him so much. I can't wait for the last book in the Heroes Returned and it should be interesting to see how Captain Avery learns to cope with his humiliation. So, I hope you get a chance to check this book out. By the way, out of Cordelia's brothers Tristan is my favorite.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

My Favorite Major by Ava Stone

Well, good morning y'all. Well, I have finished My Favorite Major, and decided to write about it today. Ok, let me be honest I read it when it first came out in early March and I hadn't decided to start my blog yet. However, I decided to re-read it again since book 2 of the Heroes Returned just came out. I needed to be prepare myself for the next book. So, let me get on what I thought of the book.

Major Philip Moore is still suffering from a broken heart, since we read about his return in A Scandalous Pursuit. Where he lost the girl of his dreams to the wicked Duke of Kelfield. However, his buddy Russell Avery thinks he needs to get over Olivia and move on. Russ thinks that Miss Amelia Pritchard is the perfect solution to the problem. Amelia decided to come stay at her cousin's house to escape an ex-fiancé. While in London she meets Major Moore and has decided to become his friend. No use getting high hopes since he has a broken heart. However, situations throw them together and they might find out that they actually suit each other.

I like this story, because I love happy endings. I'm so happy to see Philip find love. You wouldn't think he would after reading what happen in A Scandalous Pursuit. This is really sweet story with a an honorable, kind major and a sweet tenderhearted girl. However, you do have a psycho ex-fiancé roaming around. I hope you enjoy this book as I have.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Because of You by Jessica Scott

Last night I finished Because of You due the fact I couldn't sleep. A lot of it has to do with, we were in a tornado watch. Let me just say I don't do well with that. I'm surprise how well I handle the north west part of Louisiana when we lived there. However, I need to write about what I thought about the book.

In the story we meet we meet  Sergeant First Class Shane Garrison, he's about ready to head back to Iraq and he wants to go. He pretty much has nothing left in the states until he meets Jen St. James the night before he leaves for his assignment. Instant sparks between them. While he's over there, a mission goes completely wrong and he comes back to the states not the same person. Shane and Jen have issues from there past that they need to overcome before they can move forward.

I really liked this book. I personally, think that it gave a perfect description what happens on both ends of war. You have Shane over in the sand box fighting for what he believes will make a difference. Then you have Jen who is stateside trying to help friends in need, because they need that extra support. At times we are at a lost of what a family might be going through while a love one is away. Truly a fantastic read and glimpse in military life. 

On a personal note, no matter what branch of the military these families might be serving in, they each have there own trials. However, the trials might vary from branch to branch. It truly takes a special person to live with the demands that may come with the service of ones country. I'm thankful for all the men and women who serve this country. Even my husband; even thou I don't tell him often. But I think he gets the picture, because I'm willing to support him.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Silent Governess by Julie Klassen

Ok, I bought this book when it was good deal not knowing it was an inspirational romance. I loved premiss of the book, so I got it. I mean a girl accidentally kills her father, because he was abusing her mother. So, she was just trying to save her mother. In the process of running away, she over hears something that she shouldn't have and tries to run away from that situation. Well, she ends up getting strangle to the point that she loses her voice and so she becomes the silent governess.

Overall it was a good book, however, it was lacking the steam that I like to have in my romance book. Don't get me wrong it was written well. However, it wasn't what I wanted at the time. Would I re-read this book, no. I know that it would be perfect some people, just not me. If you are looking for an inspirational book, this is a good book to read.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Rogue Pirate's Bride by Shana Galen

I have to say I'm starting to really like pirate stories and here's why: I get to use words like swashbuckling. Now, who doesn't love the word swashbuckling? I mean come on that word is a lot of fun to say.

In the story we have two strong will people. First off we have Miss Raeven Russell, a daughter of British admiral who seeks vengeance for her dead fiancé. Sébastien Harcourt, marquis de Valère (aka Captain Cutlass throughout the book), is trying seek out vengeance for a friend who took him in when he was just a lad and was killed by pirate another. Both seeking vengeance for someone they cared about.

You have to love Raeven, I mean at the beginning of the book she issues a challenge to Captain Cutlass, because he's the one to kill her fiancé. However, there is one problem with accomplishing this task. Now you are wondering what could be the problem, I mean all she has to do is killed the bastard. It's kinda hard to kill someone who you're attracted to. Which happens to be a serious complication, but a fantastic read for you and I.

I love this story. It was a swashbuckling good time. Even though I get use my favorite word for pirate story it was a fantastic read. I honestly couldn't put it down. However, I do require some sleep in order to function throughout the day. If I didn't, I would have definitely forgone sleep to finish The Rogue Pirate's Bride. It is definitely worth getting and reading.