Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Playing the Maestro Blog Tour: Interview with Aubrie Dionne

Today I have with me Aubrie Dionne the author of Playing the Maestro.

Welcome to What I’m Reading Aubrie. How are you today?
I’m doing great! I’m very excited to be here! This is my first contemporary romance, so I’m so thrilled and nervous to see how it will be received by the world! 

Let’s these questions going:

What was your inspiration for writing in general?
I’ve always loved stories, whether it was reading or watching movies.  I grew up watching the older Star Wars movies over and over until I could recite every scene in my backyard with my sister. I loved Christopher Pike’s books, and Tad William’s Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn epic fantasy series. 

For those who having gotten a chance to read Playing the Maestro, can you share what the story is about?

Sure! A flutist in an orchestra falls in love with her boss, the guest conductor from Germany. Of course, this presents a whole bunch of problems, and romance ensues! This is a great story for all those band geeks out there, and anyone who’s ever wanted to play an instrument. The story gives the reader a window into what playing in an orchestra can be like.

What made you to do decide a story that takes place in orchestra?

 I’m a professional flutist, so I knew that world very well!

I adored the story, but I was wondering why would you name the heroine Melody? What was so important to name her Melody? I personally like it, but I’m curious.
I wanted a musical name for the main protagonist. As a flutist I LOVE playing the melody- not the umpa umpa accompaniment part. Thank goodness flutes usually do get the melody!

Will we be seeing more stories like Playing the Maestro? For instances, will there be a story about Carly?
 Yes!!! The sequel is about Carly! Tentatively titled Duets with Michelangelo, the orchestra tours Italy in the sequel, and Carly is especially taken with the Italian tour guide. She’ll have to decide whether to go back to her life in Boston, or join Michelangelo on his vineyard!

I just have a couple more questions.

So, are you working on any new projects and if you are able to share them with us?
 I’m currently finishing up the sequel that I spoke of earlier, and I can’t wait for this one to come out. Carly deserves a happily ever after, doesn’t she? Also, I just finished the third book in my YA sci fi Paradise Reclaimed series from Inkspell Publishing. The first book, Colonization, came out this past fall, and the second book will be coming out May 1st.  

My final question, if you were to write an autobiography about your life what would your title would be and why?
 Flutey Words- the title of my blog for sure. My life is definitely a combination of words and music.

Thank you Aubrie for stopping today and I hope you have a wonderful day.
 Thanks for having me!

About the Playing the Maestro: 

Melody Mires has sworn off dating musicians, but when the sexy European conductor Wolf Braun takes over her struggling symphony, her hesitation almost flies out the window with the notes of her flute—until he opens his mouth. Wolf is arrogant, haughty, and seems to have a personal vendetta against Melody. Oh, and he’s her boss. If she wants to keep her job as principal flutist, she’ll have to impress Wolf while simultaneously keeping her undeniable attraction to herself.

Wolf came to America to get as far away from his past as possible, and to recover some of the swagger he had as one of the world’s best maestros. He never imagined being forced to reassess the entire orchestra’s talent—and potentially fire anyone who doesn’t make his cut. Dating the attractive flutist is out of the question, but as their feelings reach a fever pitch, can they risk both their careers for a chance at love?

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