Monday, December 31, 2012

Lord of Scoundrels by Loretta Chase

Today's lovely selection is Lord of Scoundrels by Loretta Chase. Let me share the history of this book. I actually bought this book last year. The reasons I bought this book: 1) I actually read another book by this same author and loved her writing style. 2) It was on sale. If any of you know me, knows I can't pass a book on sale. Let just say it's my kryptonite.

Anyways. I was on twitter and chatting with a couple of friends about books (whatelse would I do). So, Lord of Scoundrels came up a couple of times. I mentioned that I owned it, but haven't read the book. Some of my friends were aghast at the notion I haven't read this book. The pile of TBR is quite long; on top of that I can't resist a sale. Finally, I broke down this holiday to read Lord of Scoundrels.

First off, the prologue just broke my heart. Granted it was sad that the previous Marquess of Dain's family had all passed away. He did remarry and probably didn't make the best choice. Even with choice, he didn't have the treat Sebastion like he was an ugly unwanted person. Just because he had an awkward childhood doesn't mean he's going to still look the same, he might actually grow into his features. Everyone seem to see Sebastian as this ugly demon like guy that people just tolerated. So, Dain decided to live up to there expectation as Lord Beelzebub.

Jessica Trent was tired of her brother cause a nuisance in France and decided to bring him to task. After all, he is the head of the house. Not only did she not come along, but she brought along her grandmother (I loved the the fact she was a cougar) to celebrate her birthday. Once in town she meets Lord Dain and is taken back by his appearance. Not that he was ugly, but she couldn't resist him. Trying to save her brother and herself from Lord Dain will be a challenge.

I actually really liked the story, and I was kind of sorry that I hadn't read this story right away. Oh well, I have atone for my mistakes. I love the chemistry between Jessica and Dain. I mean they were both hot-headed people that were fighting their attraction to one another. Neither one of them was willing to let the other win. I love that Jessica saw pass Dain dark and evil persona. Plus, she was a quick-witted girl. Overall, I LOVED the fact she shot Dain when she was pissed-off with him. How many times have you wanted to hurt some that wronged you and not suffer the consequences; that was awesome! A pretty darn good read and I'm glad I got a chance to read this book. So, if you haven't read this book, you might want to check this story out. I hope you have a wonderful New Year and I will see you next year.

4 Stars

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Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Earl with the Secret Tattoo by Kieran Kramer

Good morning to you all. Since I have been reading a lot of books and novella of late, I figure I should squeeze in another novella. On top of it, I didn't get much reading done yesterday either. Partly because we went and saw my Les Miserables (by the way was pretty good, but I still prefer the musical). Sorry I digress, anyways. Last night I started and finished The Earl with the Secret Tattoo by Kieran Kramer.

Here is my quick sum of the story: Lady Eleanor Gibbs has a fiery spirit that must remain hidden while she resides in Lord Pritchard household. James Dawbry, Earl of Tumbridge, sworn to protect Eleanor and bring down his enemy.

Sounds like a great quick read. Well, at least for me. I really like Eleanor and her need to find the truth no matter what the cost would be. James pretends to be a scoundrel, because of the brotherhood. However, deep down he is a really good guy.

Then you have Eleanor's family. Her mother could careless about Eleanor and cares more about what Pritchard thinks. It's ashame that her mother is blind to the evil man. Lord Pritchad is definitely a dastardly bastard. I really didn't like him. His daughter is just awful and cares for no one, but herself.

Overall, it was a good quick read and I enjoyed it. I loved that it had a mystery that needed to be solved. My only concern was the rushed ending, other than that it was pretty good novella. Wasn't too short but felt complete, I personally think that is the most important thing to a novella. So, I hope you get chance to read this quick read. And I will see you all later.

4 Stars

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Friday, December 28, 2012

Yours At Midnight by Robin Bielman

Howdy y'all! Well, I must say that I have exceed my goals for December. Partially because we headed down to Utah for Christmas. However, that is not the only reason. The main reason is: IT SNOWED PRACTICALLY THE WHOLE TIME! I don't like snow, but at least it has lotted me to get a lot of reading done. YAY! The positive.

Anyways, last night I finished another book, Yours At Midnight by Robin Bielman. A nice quick read that will get you in the mood for New Years Eve.

I actually loved this quick read and I think the cast of characters really helped with the story. So here are the memorable characters and why they were:

Lyric Whetstone: The heroine with a secret that happen four years. I have to say that it's impressive to keep a secret that long. I don't if I would be able to keep her secret that long.
Quinn Sobel: Trying to make atones for what happen four years ago. Still living with the guilt of the past.
Max: Lyric's son. What a cute little boy.
Teddy: The escaping dog. Yes, he is the reason for Lyric and Quinn run into each other, so in essence he is important.
Caroline Whetstone: Mother always knows no matter what. Even when you try to hide the fact.
Oliver Sobel: Pretty much the whole reason Lyric and Quinn were thrown together four years prior.

Seriously, a great read. I love how the whole story centers around Quinn getting pass Oliver's death and learning to live again with the help of Lyric and her family.  As the story progresses, Quinn slowly learns he needs to live again. Of course, Lyric's secret might tear him apart. The characters that I mention really make the story come alive and I loved how this stories centers around the New Years Eve.

Absolutely a heart-warming read that will make your heart melt when you see Quinn, Lyric, and Max all together. So, I really hope you get a chance to check this heart melting read and I will see you all later.

Copy provide by the publisher

5 Stars

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Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Reluctant Wife by Bronwen Evans

Good morning y'all. I'm excited to bring to you the newest book from Bronwen Evans. If any you have read any Bron's previous books, you would know that she normally writes historical romance. Well, this is her first time writing a contemporary romance. I must say that it was pretty good. So, let me bring to you The Reluctant Wife.

After three years Abby Taylor needs a huge favor from her husband Conte Dante Lombardi, she needs help with medical expenses for her grandmother. So, she returns to ask; she wouldn't ask if him she could avoid all possibility.

Dante is too prideful to ask his wife to return on home. No, he has to blackmail her home. All he asks in return are to warm his bed and provide an heir. No big deal there, right?

Alright my thoughts: At first I didn't like Dante, even though he's handsome, charming and rich. I really wanted to slap the crap out of him (more like deck him). Whenever Abby is around he tends to hide his charming side. I couldn't understand why he didn't want to share part of his heart with Abby. The answer came out in the story, but I still didn't understand the reasoning. Granted it would be the typical male thing to do. I felt bad for Abby at times. Yes, she so was young when they were married and Dante just couldn't understand the things she did. There was a lot of lack of comunication between Dante and Abby.

However, I really did like the story. I love how Abby sacrifice her pride for family. I also love how after three years she had grown up and was able to stand up to Dante. At times my heart did break for Abby and Dante. I'm not going to lie, towards the end I had tears streaming down my face for them. Seriously, enjoyed The Reluctant Wife. So, I hope you might get a chance to check this story out and I hope you have a wonderful day.

Copy provided by publisher

4 Stars

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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

eARC: Undeniable Demands by Andrea Laurence

Good morning to you all. It's amazing how much you can accomplish during the holidays when your not home. Granted I would have loved to celebrated Christmas at home, but it has been nice being around family. With that said, I bring you another book this morning. YAY! I know I feel so accomplished. Anyways, today's read is Andrea Laurence's Undeniable Demands which is the first book in Secrets of Eden series.

First off, I wonder what the deep dark secret it is, because throughout the book they kept hinting around the secret. With that said, I'm anxiously waiting for the next book. Seriously. I want to know the deep dark secret, by the way is a great way to get you hooked on the next book. Since I don't have a clue what this secret could be I might  as well share what Undeniable Demands is about and what I thought of the story.

Wade Mitchell had a rough start to life, but fortunately was able to find some stability once he arrived at the Garden of Eden Christmas Tree Farmer. This is where he was taken in by Ken & Molly Eden who wanted to have a house full of children, but were unable. Yet they took in foster children (awe super sweet, right), to fill that void. What fun it would be to grow-up on a christmas tree farm?

Anyways, rough times hit Ken & Molly, so they started to sell off parts of the farm without telling the children that they raised what they were doing. Of course this upset Wade and his other siblings (Heath, Xander, Brody, and Julianne). They set out to get back to the land, so the secret may stay buried.

Wade sets out to make an offer to one of the landowners, unbeknownst to him they actually have a past together. What! Victoria (Tori) Sullivan actually worked for Wade seven years prior to her buying the property. However, she was let go, because an incident. Now not willing to give back the land to Wade, he's willing to do whatever it takes to get back the land. Sounds like this should be good.

Wow! What a great start for the Secrets of Eden series. Seriously, I can't believe I put off this story till it was almost time for the book to come out. I really enjoyed the chemistry between Tori and Wade.  I loved the fact that she carried the grudge of getting fire, for something she was accused of doing. I also enjoyed the fact that Wade wasn't able to buy his way out of the jam, but he had to use his charms and wit. Plus you have the fact that Tori with her trust-issues that just adds fuel to the fire. Nothing like falling for a woman who has trust issues.

Incredible! Undeniable Demands left you wanting to find out more to the grand scheme of things. Yet Tori and Wade's romance was fun to watch, especially when they are trying to outwit each other over a piece of property. So, you might want to checkout Undeniable Demands by Andrea Laurence, you might enjoy it like I did.

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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas Everyone! Secret Santa Reveal

Hello everyone! During this month I participated with a Secret Santa Swag Swap sponsed by Reading Romance . I have to say that was a lot of fun to participated in.

So, I sent out some stuff that I thought was a lot of fun and I hope they enjoyed their swag. I wish I took a picture of what I sent out. Oops. I sent stuff to Jeanne and Marika.

Since I was Secret Santa to those people I also received a gift from Amber from AwesomeSauceBooks which was really cool. Here is what I got from them.

I also received from April and I'm not sure what her blog is, but here is what I receieved from her.

I have to say this was a lot of fun and I would probably do it again. Merry Christmas and I hope you all have a wonderful evening.

Holiday Sparks by Taryn Elliott

Merry Christmas everyone! I'm super excited to be with you all this Christmas morning. I hope that you all are having a Merry Christmas. So, during the craziness of preparing for Santa, I was able to a hot streamy christmas read. A self-fanning read. Without further ado let me share Holiday Sparks by Taryn Elliot.

Darcy Tucker HATES Christmas. I know who doesn't love Christmas, sounds kind of Grinchy to me. Anyways. I guess I can understand her hatred towards Christmas. Afterall she does work in retail, which doesn't help the love towards Christmas. Then you have Ben Hartley who LOVES Christmas. Loves how the holiday brings hope and joy to all. Now you are wondering how these two crazy kids are ever getting together. Could you ever go out with someone that hates your favorite holiday? Honestly, it would make a hard sell for me. However, Ben has set out to change Darcy's mind. Could it be possible to get a grinchy person to change, it did work for the Grinch afterall.

Overall, I enjoyed this steamy holiday read. I mean it was fun to read about someone who hates the holiday and then come across someone who loves the holiday. I mean that just screams holiday disaster in my eyes. I especially love when she goes ballistic when she comes home to see her howm decorated. That just made me chuckle. So, if you are still looking for that holiday read with a hot tatt out guy who happens to LOVES Christmas you might want to checkout Holiday Sparks. I enjoyed and you might too.

5 Stars

Monday, December 24, 2012

A Summons from His Grace (Regency Christmas Summons)

All right, we have finally reached the last book in the Regency Christmas Summons. YAY! We have been able to witness a number of weddings in the last three books, might as well continue on, right? Without further ado I bring you A Summons from His Grace.

Compromise for Christmas
Jane Charles

Elizabeth Whitton has been working undercover for the Home Office. She has been in Paris pretending to be Lisette Renard for sometime when her grandfather had summon her home. Being a spy had been going well up until then. Not only is she suppose to come home, but she must also bring home her imaginary husband Jean Pierre Bouvier (which happens to be really John Phillip Trent). Trying to get out of a country without getting caught might be a challenge for the both of them. Lets hope they can make it out.

It Could Only Be You
Olivia Kelly

Harrison Connolly barely makes it back to England when falls at the feet of Lily Beaumont. Fortunately, Lily was able to nurse him back to health. As they start to get to know each other, a bombshell happens to come knocking. That wily Duke will always get his way. Will this affect the budding relationship or will it help progress? Hmm, I guess you have to read. 

Becoming a Lady
Phyllis Campbell

The final story. In this story we meet Dorothy Paxton who is the illegitimate child of Lord George Whitton, which makes her a grandchild of the Duke of Danby. Since Danby is calling for all his family, he sent out Calvin Seton, a former scout officer, to search out his granddaughter. Lets just say it is a memorable meeting in New York. Will Danby accept her or will she hightailed back to New York.

So, what I thought of the last book. First off it has been a lot of fun re-reading these stories and seeing how they all turn out. With Ms. Charles we find ourselves barely escaping the clutches of the French. In Ms. Kelly's story we find hope to bring family back together. And finally, we have Ms. Campbell story of the Duke making the amends to the past.

So, we have just finished the last book in Regency Christmas Summons and we have seen the Duke of Danby make at least 13 matches over four books. Overall it has been amazing and I have loved how all these women brought a story to life. So, I hope you have been enjoying these adventures as I have. In the closing epilogue we find out that Duke has a few grandchildren who escaped his reach this holiday. Hopefully they will be married one day. The ones who escape his grasp are: Nicolas Beckford, the Baron Edgeworth; Lady Miriam Thornhill, Lady Whitton (she eventually marries Viscount Marston); Lady Olivia Foster; Robert Goddard; Thomas Goddard. I hope these grandchildren find a spouses soon.

Since this is the holiday seasons and a time for giving. All those would like a chance to win a $10 gift card to Amazon (US only) have to comment on What is your favorite Christmas romance? I need to start making the list for next year.

Merry Christmas to all!

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Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Trouble with Being Wicked by Emma Locke

For the past few days I have been reading an imaginative debut read by Emma Locke, which is The Trouble With Being Wicked. So, let me share with you the story and my thoughts of this sensational read.

Celeste Gray has been a courtesan for approximately 18 years. However, she's been looking for a change, especially when her friend Elizabeth Spencer is pregnant and need a place to give birth to her child. They headed to Brixcombe-on-the-Bay in the Devon area.

Ready start there new life, they meet Ashlin Lancester, Viscount Trestin. Celeste feels something she has never felt before when she encounters Lord Trestin. Which can only spell trouble. At the same time Ash is drawn to Celeste, yet he feels that she wouldn't fit into her sober lifestyle. He also feels he needs to keep his sisters away from Celeste. However, Ash's sisters seem to search out trouble themselves.

Ok my thoughts: The first couple of chapters I found a little slow. Sometimes when you are starting a new story to a series you need to have a build up for future story,  so I found it was worth the time to get to know the characters in the story. I love how the heroine is courtesan. I found her intriguing. A girl force into being a courtesan, and wanting to make a change in her life. Sometimes it can be a challenge to write a character like Celeste, yet I really enjoyed her character.

Since Ms. Locke has one extreme, might as well make the hero the polar opposite, which makes the story more interesting. Especially when he wants to be the exact opposite of his father who was know for womanizing and making the rounds of the demimonde. I also love how Ash takes on a lot of responsibility for his family to make sure scandal doesn't touch them. Yet somehow scandal does find them.

Overall, I found the story well written and has me eager to read more about Elizabeth and Ash's sisters. I must say that this is a great start for the Naughty Girl series. Once the storyline got moving I found myself that I couldn't put it down. Plus, I had to know if Ash could get past the fact that Celeste was courtesan or if he found a woman with a pristine character. So, I hope that you might get a chance to checkout The Trouble With Being Wicked. I hope you are having a wonderful day and I will see y'all later.

Copy provided by author


Friday, December 21, 2012

ARC: Waking Up With A Rake by Connie Mason & Mia Marlowe

Happy dance time! Yes, that's right just finished another book and the world didn't end. I guess technically it could still can, since the day is not over. However, I'm not going to worry about that right now; I have more important things to type about. For instance, the book I just finished. So, today I bring you Waking Up With A Rake by Connie Mason and Mia Marlowe. Let me share a captivating story and my thoughts.

Miss Olivia Symon has a chance to elevate her status from commoner to possible princess. After all the Duke of Clarence has shown some interest in this young girl; key word being "young." However, some people might not wish this to happen and would do anything to stop it. They might even call upon the powers of a rake to stop this tragedy from happening. Sounds like a fabulous start to a brand new series, right?

Our first rake, Rhys Warrick might be perfect candidate for this job. After all he is dangerous and handsome; the essence of a perfect rake.

First off, let me share I love historical romance novel and here's why: I actually learn something. I know some people might say "really" in that I don't believe it tone, but it's true. Or if something sticks out to me and I wonder did that really happen.

Anyways. As I said at the beginning I found the story captivating. Once I started reading the story, I found myself wanting to continue it. Yet life doesn't always accommodate to what I want. I love how the authors combine historical facts into there story line. It really made the story come alive.

I also love the fact that Olivia was just an all around kind of girl. Here's what I mean: some girls would be like I'm getting attention from a Royal Duke and your not, but she wasn't like that. She was down to earth. Her mother was more excited than she was about her future princess. Then you have the rake, Rhys, which I adore. Deep down inside you know the guy isn't really that bad. Granted there are some that are, but he wasn't. Sometimes life events change a person and not always good. I really do hope we get to learn more about the situation that shape Rhys and his buddies life in the next stories.

Overall, I thought the story was a fantastic read and well worth the time I spent reading. So, I hope you all get a chance to read Waking Up With A Rake. I enjoyed and I can't wait to read more. So, I will see you all later.

Copy provide by author


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Real Men Don't Break Hearts by Coleen Kwan

All right for the past couple of days I have been reading Real Men Don't Break Hearts by Coleen Kwan. I have to say I really enjoyed this story and I love when I get a chance to read author's that are new to me. It just gives me that warm fuzzy feeling when I enjoy there work and can't wait to see what else they might have out there.

Anyways. Ally Griffin grew up in Burronga, Australia, and always had the typical girl dreams: find love, get marry, and have a family. Yet, life hasn't turnout the way she envisioned, but she has made the best out of it with the cards she was dealt with. However, life always seems to throw a curveball here and there from time to time.

Nate Hardy grew up as the local bad boy, always getting himself in trouble. Somehow he manage to get his life in order and grow up some. Nate decides to come back to Burronga to correct some wrongs from his past and start anew.

Funny how the past and present collide into one another. Ally receives a couple of disturbing news. Of course, it happens all in one day.  First, she comes to find out the ex that jilted her six years ago is getting married in their hometown. Great. Second, she gets a new landlord and it's not just anyone. Of course it had to be the cousin of her ex. Seems to get better and better. Sounds to me a disaster waiting to happen.

I adore the rocky start, seriously. I actually enjoyed all the bad news hitting her all at the same time and wondering how this is all going to workout. I appreciate how Ally is viewed as miss goody two-shoes and Nate is a bad boy trying to reform. Plus, I like her busybody family thinking they know what is best for her. Funny how that works when your the youngest of the bunch. Overall, it was a sweet enjoyable read. So, if you are looking for that sweet read that leaves with that warm fuzzy feeling, you might want to checkout Real Men Don't Break Hearts.

So, I hope you all a wonderful holiday and I hope to see you guys tomorrow.

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A Summons from the Castle (Regency Christmas Summons)

Looks like the Duke has done well for himself, after all he has manage to get 7 out of 19 grandchildren married off. He must be proud of himself. Now we will see three more marriages occur in A Summons from the Castle. Oh let's see what's in store for us.

An Unintended Journey
Catherine Gayle

In this story we meet Abigail Goddard, who's upset to see her grandmother pass away. Right before Abigail's grandmother passes, she informs her son, Hugh Goddard, a family secret that she almost carried to her grave. The secret was who is his birthfather, who is none other the Duke of Danby (cue the music of shock).

Wesley Cavendish, the Earl of Fordingham's second son, has had feelings for Abigail since they have know each other. However, couldn't really do anything about it cause of his father. Yet, could there be a chance that they might have a future? It's a long shot, but could being a long lost granddaughter to almighty Duke of Danby help? Hmm, we shall see.

A Caribbean Jewel for Christmas
Suzie Grant

In this story we meet Captain Randall Whitton, who carries a huge chip on his shoulder from his grandfathers treatment to his father many years ago. However, he must get past the chip since he has been summon to return to the castle. Before he could leave he must meet with a conniving Commander. Which didn't go as well as Commander Blythe had hope.

So, Commander Blythe turn to his attention on Jewel Derington to try to persuade our dear old Captain. Since Jewel really didn't want to do this, but making the deal with the devil was the only way to free her father. Gosh, I hate blackmail, especially when the life of the love one is on the line. Sounds like Captain Whitton's goose is cooked or is it?

Winning a Lady's Heart
Christi Caldwell

In this story the Marquess of Tweksbury sets out his theory that the fall doesn't fall far from the tree when it comes to Nathaniel Winters, the Earl of Pembroke. By meddling in his daughter's life, Lady Alexadria Foster, he set out to break up the courtship. However, the Duke of Danby is all knowing and sets out to rectify the situation. Will there be a happy ending for Nathan and Alex? Let's hope so.

It's probably a good thing that Danby is not in the modern day. Even though these stories are set in the Regency Era, he somehow has eyes and ears everywhere. Kind of scary of his all knowing about his children and grandchildren. Could you imagine if he had the internet, twitter, Facebook, or an iPhone? His family would be in a world of trouble.

With that said, book three of Regency Christmas Summons has come to an end and we must move on to the last book. Before I can do that I leave you my thoughts of each story. Ms. Gayle brings us a tale of a story about a girl who started out as a maid and was able to raise from her station. Ms. Grant brings us a swashbuckling tale about deceit and smuggling. This was the story that got me interested in reading other stuff from Ms. Grant. Last but not least, Ms. Cadwell brings us a story of a horrible father who tried to destroy his daughter's happiness. However, it being set in Christmastime we are able to find those happy endings. I hope you get a chance to read these stories, because I have enjoy them. I would like you all to enjoy them too. So, happy holidays and I will see you all soon.


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Angel Redeemed by Andris Bear

If you all remember back in October I read Angel Unborn and really enjoyed this book. So, Andris Bear brings to us a little novella to let us know what happen to Ursus while his spirit was not attach to his body. If you haven't read Angel Unborn you might want to read that before jumping into this novella.

With that said, I actually enjoyed this quick little read. You get to see how fierce Ursus can be, even when he's a little ball of energy. Trust me he's trouble when he's that little ball of energy. A fierce angel that comes back to the girl he loves. What's not to love. So, if you have read Angel Unborn and wonder what happen during the time Ursus was separated from Joey then I suggest you checkout this quick read. Trust me it's quick and fun. So, I hope you have a great day and I will talk to you soon.

Copy provided by the author


eARC: Forever a Lord by Delilah Marvelle

Today's selection is Forever a Lord by Delilah Marvelle. I have to say I enjoyed this story. Especially, since we have drawn to the end I believe. It's always hard to see the end.

In the previous books you have seen Edward Coleman, but not really in the forefront. Now we get to learn more about him and the past he wishes to forget. However, that is not always the case and it has a way of sneaking in when you least expect it too.

Edward Coleman, born actually Viscount Nathaniel James Atwood, was taken as a young boy. Lost to the streets of New York, he decided to change his life and forget his past as the heir of  Lord Sumner. Yet, he is force to go back to London, because of a situation that arrises in New York.

Lady Imogene Norwood tries to find away to help her brother Weston get out of an unhappy marriage. However, unsure how to fix his problem. After all, divorces aren't cheap and the scandal they incur. Yet they are able to come up with a solution. Weston and Imogene come up with a solution, that could possibly give them the freedom they are looking for and possibly save a man in search of himself.

First off I have to say that it was a satisfying ending to the book. I mean if you have been following this series you would be happy to see Nathaniel happy, especially after the troubles he had growing up. I actually enjoy that he wasn't your normal lord; what I mean he grew up on the streets which made him rough around the edges. Plus, he had to learn to take of himself and others around him. In his own way, he did put others first, but you might not see it that way.

Imogene's character was a different too. You don't see too many heroine's with health problems and are strong enough to stand up to the hero. Granted she is a bit submissive in the beginning, but as the story moves along you see her develop a backbone with the help of Nathaniel.

I loved the boxing aspect of the story, which is surprising since I'm not a boxing fan. However, it was neat to see the dynamics and how it made the story come to life. Last but not least, the few surprise with the story. For one thing the father, total bastard (ok not really surprising). The surprising part was the reason for leaving Nathaniel behind in New York and forgotten. That was just heart-breaking, that man could be so heart-less to leave his only son behind.

Overall, I found the story satisfying. I enjoyed Nathaniel, though he might have been a bit harsh at times. I love Imogene and her patience. A good read that you might want to checkout. However, I might suggest you read the other books before hand they might help a bit. So, I hope you all have a wonderful day.

Copy provide by NetGalley


Saturday, December 15, 2012

His Mistletoe Bride by Vanessa Kelly

YAY! Another Christmas book knocked down! That's right I'm making progress. Anyways, I just finished a charming and unique story, His Mistletoe Bride by Vanessa Kelly. Here's what makes the story unique:

Born in America, Phoebe Linville had been summon to meet her grandfather, the Earl of Merritt and get to know her English relatives. I know what your thinking, that's not very unique, come on we have read plenty of books with young American heroines coming across the pond. Being American is only half it, what makes this story unique is the fact Phoebe was raised a Quaker. Never thought you would see that coming. Honestly, I never saw that coming.

So, Phoebe being a Quaker kinda makes this story a little more interesting. I mean with her using the word "thee." It's one thing to be an American, but it's another when you are using a form of english that is a tad bit archaic. Anyways. She arrives to England to find out that she made a journey a little to late, when she hears her grandfather had pass away while she was traveling.

Major Lucas Stanton, the bearer of bad news, informs Phoebe of what transpire and hope that she would stay to get to know her English relatives and possibly form a union with him. You know how well that would go over, telling the girl her grandfather died and he wished that they marry. That went over real well.

So, that's the quick start of the story. However, of course there is more to the story than my quick little sum up. Honestly, I liked Phoebe and how na├»ve she sees the world, very child-like. I think being a Quaker shelter her from a jaded world. Some people might not like Phoebe, because of innocent outlook; however, I found it refreshing. Then you have Lucas who is thrown into being the Earl of Merritt, and not really prepare for the responsibility of being an Earl. Some people might view him  overbearing at times, but it fits his former life as a military man.

I actually liked that the hero and heroine being polar opposite. I mean you have Lucas who is very ridge and with the mind set of "it's my way or the highway." Then you have Phoebe who is sweet and kind and more like "lets see if we can come a place where we can agree on." That just spells trouble from the start.

Overall, I enjoyed the book. It was interesting to see Phoebe and Lucas come to terms on how to make their marriage work. The other things you get to look forward in the book are: the smuggling ring. Nothing like having a smuggling problem. Then the manor itself. What doesn't scream Christmas more than having a home called Mistletoe Manor? Seriously, very christmasy. That's not all, but the staff with the last name Christmas. I know that may be silly, but that makes it funny. So, I hope you get a chance to checkout His Mistletoe Bride for a christmasy book. I hope you are having a wonderful season and I will see you all soon.


Thursday, December 13, 2012

Hunk for the Holidays by Katie Lane

As I make my way through the Christmas reads, I have finished another one. (As I pretend there is cheering in the background). Anyways, I started reading Hunk for the Holidays not knowing what to expect. I read the back the book and thought this could be interesting. Here's what I mean:

Cassie McPherson has always put her love life on the back burner, work always came first. When she needed a date she would hire an escort to take her out. Plus, this would help deflect her over-protective family thinking she had some type of love life. Well, she made plans to have an escort take her to the company holiday, so when she sees this hunky guy comes walking up she automatically assumed he was her escort.

Yes, James Sutton is a handsome man. So, when Cassie made the mistake of believing he was her escort, he just went with the flow. How can he turn down an attractive young women. How can anything go wrong?

Ignorance is bliss. I have to say this was an enjoyable Christmas read. First off, I really did enjoy the fact that James and Cassie had such great chemistry, even though they were suppose to enemies. Then you have the over-protective brothers, who just butt into her relationships no matter what.

Overall, this was enjoyable light read. Sometimes you just want something that will entertain you and nothing too serious. I really liked the fact that this whole mess starts with the initial miss understanding that just escalates to more fun for the reader. So, I hope that you get a chance to checkout Hunk for the Holidays by Katie Lane, because it was certainly entertaining read.

Copy provide by Forever Romance


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

eARC: The Escape Diaries by Juliet Rosetti

Have you ever read a book that left you with a book high? I mean the feeling of wow that was an awesome book or wow I couldn't put it down. This is the case for Juliet Rosetti's The Escape Diaries. I started the book on Sunday night trying to finish the book before it came out, but life was against me. So, I was able to finish this book this morning. WOW! is all I can really say. With this kind of start you I'm beating you want to know what this awesome story is about.

Mazie Maguire was accused of murdering her husband Kip Vonnerjohn a few years back. Convicted and sent to prison, because of an incompetent lawyer. Now with no way of getting out, Mazie has accept her lot in life.

However, luck was on her side one day when a tornado struck the prison and she had found her way out. Now on the run and trying to out smart the law, Maize needs to figure out a plan. Fortunately, she might have a few accomplices. Especially, one handsome guy by the name of Bonaparte Labeck.

The story itself is intriguing, but the cast of characters make it so much fun. I mean with Kip's mother trying to kill Mazie in and out of prison. No love lost there. Then you have the set up and the references to The Fugitive (by the way if you haven't checked out that movie you might want to see it, because there are lot references to that movie). Plus, who wouldn't love a hero name Bonaparte Labeck, I mean the name itself is fabulous. Also you see her dog-nap one of Vanessa's (the mother-in-law) pooches, and you watch the transformation of Muffin. Last but not least is the chapters. Instead them being called chapters, they are number Escape Tips. For your information, there are 34 escape tips.

So, I will leave with a few of my favorite tips: 1) Be prepared. It's always good to be prepared, yet Mazie isn't at the time. 9) You can't go wrong with basic black. Accessorize with white. I will let you see what that tip is about. 14) Don't fall in the Radon. Just for your information Radon is a gas, not a liquid. Yet it's funny how many people don't realize that.

Overall crazy fun when you read The Escape Diaries. I really would suggest you getting this book if you are looking for some crazy fun in your read. Seriously, it left me with a book high. Love it from cover to cover. So, go out and have some fun.

Copy provide from Random House via NetGalley