Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tempting Bella by Diana Quincy

So, I spent most of my day reading Tempting Bella by Diana Quincy. I thoroughly enjoyed this story. Seriously, I found the hero to be impeccable and honorable. Now the heroine, she's a bit of a challenge and at times I wanted to bang my head on the wall. So, let me explain further.

Mirabella Wentworth (Bella) was just a child when she married Sebastian Stanhope. As she grew, she believed her husband to a horrible man, so she painted him a blackguard. Which Sebastian would be the polar opposite of a blackguard, dude he's practically a saint.

Plus, he tries to atone for his sins. Honestly, they weren't that bad, actually he tried to give Bella freedom until she was ready to take her roll as being his wife. Seriously, who does that? To top it all off, he honored his marriage vowels even though he probably could have done more.

When I first started Tempting Bella, I felt horrible for Sebastian, because he really thought he was doing what "he" thought was best. Not only that, he was served as the sacrificial lamb and married a 13 year old at 19. I know some of you are going eew. However, he went off to finish his school and let Bella grow up. When she became of age he didn't force her to become his wife, but allow her to have some freedom.

Some may not like Sebastian, and claim he's too perfect. Yes, he's perfect, but it's a story. Sometimes you want a perfect hero. I wasn't really found of Bella at first. I had huge problem with her trying to find fault in Sebastian. Every little thing she analyzed and tried to find the imperfection. It didn't help that her "friend" was feeding the negative thoughts.

However, I found the story quite enjoyable. The best way to describe Sebastian is he's practically a saint. Bella could definitely try the patience of a saint. So, this sounds like a smashing good time. I'm surprise Sebastian didn't give up (or try to kill her), because I would have said "I'm done." Yet, he was perfectly understanding and willing to work with Bella to gain that trust. Overall, a good read. So, if you are looking for a saint and someone who can drive a saint crazy, you will find a win with Tempting Bella.

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