Friday, September 6, 2013

eARC: Winning the Boss's Heart by Hayson Manning

A few months ago I got a chance to read Hayson's debut book Wife in Name Only, I must confess that I thought it was pretty darn good. Now Hayson Manning brings her new book Winning the Boss's Heart. Just like her first book, she still brings the emotional tug, but adds a dash with some lightheartedness.

Mason Christian is an all work and no play kind of guy. He basically lives breathes work. However, that all goes out the window when he hires his 42nd assistant, Billie McLeod. Now Billie is a bit of a free-spirit, but wants to establish roots in one area. Plus, she has a dream of finishing up culinary school.

Mason would be a stick-in-the-mud kind of guy. He has a tendency to hold on to the past and he has erect these walls to make sure no one penetrates the barriers. The best way to keep things impersonal is calling his assistance by the number they were hired as, so Billie is number 42. By the way did you know there was this baseball player that was 42 that broke through some major barriers when he join the major league. Not that has anything to do with the story. I'm just stating a fact. Back to book thoughts. Anyway, Billie has a tough task working for Mr. Impersonal. Yet, him calling her 42 isn't going stop her from being who she is, oh no she found the perfect way to needle him. Instead of calling him by his first name, she calls him so many different names. For example her are a few of the names she calls him: Grover, Jimbo, Denzel, Philbert, Shaft, and so many more. It's amazing that don't kill each other, but they both start to grow on each other. While one has no problem with the changing of the relationship, the other tries to head for the hills. What better way than to make the other feel insignificant.

Honestly, Billie is probably the most rounded character I have ever saw, especially with the lifestyle she grew up with. You would think she would be more of a flake, but she isn't. However, she wants to be embrace by love. Mason is stuck living in the past and he has no clue how to get past it. At the beginning of the story he really didn't want to move from the past, but Billie changes everything. She's sort of the wild card. Overall, a good emotional read with some lightheartedness. So, if you are looking for something like this, you might want to give Winning the Boss's Heart.

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