Sunday, September 29, 2013

ARC: Season for Scandal by Theresa Romain

All right, I finished reading Season for Scandal by Theresa Romain. Well, I haven't read the first two books. I know, I know, but I do own them. I'm going to make it my goal to read them before Christmas. Please feel free to bug me about them. Anyway, we are going to focus on Jane Tindall and Edmund Ware, Viscount Kirkpatrick, story first.

Let's be honest, marriage of convenience are never ever convenient. This is why they're my favorite to read. Yes, the hero and heroine believe that it's just easier to find someone that will suit their purpose, but in the long run they find love with each other. It's getting to the happily ever after that can be a bit tricky.

Now Jane has been in love with Kirkpatrick for sometime, so when she found herself in a bit of a pickle and needing rescuing it was no hardship to yes to Kirkpatrick. However, Kirkpatrick saw Jane as a way out and possible prevent scandal to his name. Now you are wondering what could possible be scandalous about Kirkpatrick since he's probably the most decent, kind-hearted gentleman you could ever find. Of course, every gentleman has his secrets. Granted his isn't hiding a secret love child or a harem of woman, his is more like a family secret. Those family secrets throw you under a bus, maybe we should carriage since it's the regency time. Sorry, digressing.

Of course, Jane wants more than what Kirkpatrick is willing to offer. Which causes a couple of rough patches in their marriage. Plus, it doesn't help that someone from Kirkpatrick's past is causing trouble. Hate when that happens. So, you get to watch Jane and Kirkpatrick fumble through the story. Granted it would so much easier if Kirkpatrick would open up to Jane. Then again we wouldn't have much of a story without the secret that he keeps.

Anyway, I found Season for Scandal quite witty and entertaining. I love dynamics between Jane and Kirkpatrick. They are such a fun couple, especially as they fumble along. I love Jane was willing to be herself no matter the cost. Plus, Jane stubbornness pretty much saves Kirkpatrick from his own self-destruction. Yes, Kirkpatrick is a decent guy trying to atone for the pass. Sometimes you just have to let it go. A fun holiday read that leaves you with a sappy Christmas ending. I personally think that Christmas stories should leave you ooey-gooey inside, otherwise they are doing something wrong. Anyway, if you are looking to start your holiday read, you might want take a look at Season for Scandal it's a misguided adventure of marriage of convenience.

Favorited Quote:

"I know you're looking at me from the corner of your eye," she said. "But turn away if you must. My brilliance can be difficult to gaze on directly."
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