Saturday, September 14, 2013

Reforming the Cowboy by Marisa Cleveland

The other day, I was able to finish Marisa Cleveland lastest release Reforming the Cowboy. I must say that I enjoyed this story. Reforming the Cowboy was a pretty easy going read. There was a couple emotional tugging parts, but nothing that would ripped your heart out.

In Reforming the Cowboy, we meet Billy Hardy who is trying to make a come back to the country music world. Plus, he's making his come back to in South Beach at a little cafe owned by Lacey Durant. To be honest, I wouldn't really think of South Beach as a country hub, what do I know?

I enjoyed the story, and I personally thought it was really cute. Plus, Billy and Lacey have this chemistry between that they can't ignore. Now, Lacey is wondering how it would work out between a returning country star. While Billy has been having writers block for sometime, but something happens when he gets involve with Lacey. Suddenly his life starts to make sense. However, Billy's pass tries to make it's ugly head into his happiness, and could possibly ruin his bliss.

Granted Reforming the Cowboy isn't laden with drama, but it's fine and dandy. I personally thought the story was really cute. Yes, there are some steamy areas, but nothing that will make you blush over. Both characters try to aim for their dreams in the story. So, if you are looking for country singer, you might enjoy  Reforming the Cowboy.

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4 Stars

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