Monday, September 9, 2013

Tempted in the Tropics by Tracy March

Yesterday, I started Tempted in the Tropics by Tracy March. We all know how much I enjoy the Bliss line and I couldn't pass this delectable read. Plus, the story eventually ends up in an island paradise. By the way, I would love to go to a resort like the one described in the book.

Anyway, we have Paige Ellerbee who owns a little bakery in town. Cute little store, and she's also helps the locals with her baked goods. Though she gets a little help from Doctor Hartley. However, he ends up going on vacation and turns his practice over to his nephew till he returns.

Lane Anderson got himself in some trouble with his practice in Austin. Even though the situation wasn't his fault, he doesn't want to continue helping Paige while his uncle is gone. Well, you know this is going to cause some tension.

Let's just say that Lane and Paige got off on a rocky start. Paige would probably understand more if Lane had been upfront with her about his troubles. However, we couldn't have that could we; that would make the situation a little too convenient. Basically takes an island get away to bring these two together. Just to let you know, it wasn't all peachy king on the island either. Let's just say there were a few bumps in the road. Some of those bumps were awkwardly funny.

Overall, I enjoyed this sweet read. My end I was getting little teary eye. I was a little worry, Lane would miss his chance with Paige. However, he came through like a true hero. Since this is a Bliss book, you will find that happy sappy feel good feeling. So, if you are looking for something like that, I would suggest Tempted in the Tropics. If not that, then for resort paradise. I'm not kidding when I say I would love to go to a place like the book.

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