Thursday, April 15, 2021

Wilde Child by Eloisa James (Review)


Oh boy! There were times I was blushing with Lady Joan and Thaddeus. Somebody get me a fan. Other than a higher steam factor, Wilde Child is amazing. LOVE these two. It's amazing to watch these characters to grow in the series to finally get their story. Plus, amazing to see them actually come together when we watch Thaddeus court to of Joan's sisters. 

Honestly, Thaddeus wouldn't have worked with her sisters, he was to stuff. He needed to let loose, who better to help with that other than Joan. I love when Joan realize that she might like Thaddeus when she was a little butt-hurt in the past. As they hang out more, passion ensues. However, both have things hanging over their head. It's been a while since I read the other books, so I can't remember if Thaddeus circumstances was mention on why he had to marry a certain type of girl. However, Joan's is mention since she's a walking scandal. I mean when your mother walks out of the family to be with a Prussian Prince it makes the news. It doesn't help that you look more like the Prussian Prince. Hey she has royal blood. 

Wilde Child was a fantastic way to end a series. I know the Duke of Lindow has more kids, but you never know when they will popup in a series, and Eloisa James is amazing at doing that. Honesty, we are probably not done with the Wilde, but the others a little too young to get their own stories. Thaddeus and Joan make this story go way too fast. I completely melted when Thaddeus would look Joan *self fan*. One thing that sticks out in the story is that Wilde's stick together. 

Copy provided by Avon via Edelweiss

Rating: 5 Stars

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

InkSlinger PR Blog Tour + Review: By Mist@ke by Sigal Ehrlich

By Mist@ke 
Poison & Wine, 1
Sigal Ehrlich
January 21, 2021

You've Got Mail meets Grey's Anatomy in this sweet slow-burn, virtual meet-cute romance.

There's so much going on in Anna's life. Teaching countless hours at the studio and nurturing the three major relationships of her life - her group of tight-knit friends, all while attempting to not screw up this whole adulthood thing leaves very little time to waste on yet another dating app. At this point, a relationship is off the menu. Being "self-partnered" is more than enough.

A serious relationship has been crossed off Liam Brody's list of goals, at least for the foreseeable future. Completing his residency and becoming a trauma surgeon is his only priority. Casual relationships, his friends, and books are the only things he's willing to lose his precious free time to.

When an accidental email starts a deep online connection, both Liam and Anna dive in with zero concern . . . because there's really no harm in getting close to someone who you'll never meet in real life, right?


When a turn of events brings their "safe" virtual connection to an unexpected face-to-face, Anna and Liam learn their online chemistry pales in comparison to the real deal. A realization that brings along the bazillion-dollar question - what do you do when you meet The One at the most impossibly wrong time?

** by Mist@ke is book 1 in a standalone series with connected characters, but independent storylines.

My Thoughts:

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

The Spinster and the Rake by Eva Devon (Review)

I got a chance to read The Spinster and the Rake by Eva Devon. Definitely not your typical read, but still a good read. Some parts of the story does remind of me Pride and Prejudice, but the story is its own. We meet Georgiana Bly who is destined to be a spinster; however, fate has another plan. We also meet Edward Stanhope, the Duke of Thornfield. Of course, he feels that he was trapped in marriage. Good times. 

Anyway, Edward isn’t your typical Duke. He’s a bit standoffish, but there is a reason. Even though it wouldn’t be something talked about in a regency story, I get the feeling that he might be on the spectrum. However, this is my personal opinion. I could be wrong, but that is how it felt to me. I love Georgiana, she’s so understanding and tries to be a perfect duchess even though she’s way beneath Edward’s status. There were a few times I felt bad for Georgiana cause she never wanted to be someones responsibility. Yet, Edward and Georgiana learn to balance one another. 

Overall, The Spinster and the Rake was a pretty good read. I hope that we get Georgiana's sister story, because I think we could see the background of the drama that happens in the story. At least that is my hopes. Looking for a not so typical Duke, you might want to checkout The Spinster and the Rake.

Copy provided by author

Rating: 4 1/2 Stars

Friday, January 15, 2021

The Forever Girl by Jill Shalvis (Review)

I was privileged to get a chance to read The Forever Girl by Jill Shalvis. I'm glad a I got a chance, because it was a nice diversion from life. We get a chance to meet Maze, Caitlin, Walker, and Heather. When they were younger Caitlin's parents took in Maze, Walker, and Heather into their home. Tragedy hits and Maze, Walker, and Heather had to be place back into the system. However, they all stayed in contact. 

In the beginning Maze has a freakout and the band goes their separate ways until Caitlin comes up with a plan to bring them all back together. Caitlin plans to have a wedding, but she needs her family there. We see how things have change for each of them. We watch these four repair their bonds that were damage a few years ago. Also getting to know one another again. 

The Forever Girl had me all over the place with my emotions. I felt bad for Maze, and she couldn't out run Mayhem Maze. However, she's pretty amazing. Walker is pretty stoic. We don't really get a feel for him unless we are in his mind, and even then you don't really get to see him until the end. Heather is a hot mess, but she's managing it. Caitlin has to be in control, but she's barely hanging on. They actually are better all together. I enjoyed this story and it's a pretty good story to read. I like that they start to figure out that they are better with each in their lives. 

Copy provided by William Morrow via Edelweiss

Rating: 4 1/2 Stars

Monday, January 4, 2021

The Secret History of the Pink Carnation by Lauren Willig (Review)

About 10 years ago I purchased The Secret History of the Pink Carnation, I'm a sucker for a pretty cover. It wasn't even the original cover, but the reprint. The story was published back 2006, and I happen to stumble upon the reprint. I started the story, and felt the story dragged. It wasn't what I was expecting at the time, and I thought it was boring. I put the book down, because it wasn't calling my name. However, I did go back to the story, and story does pick up. 

Now fast forward to the present. I have read majority of the books in the series. Actually loved the series, but stories weren't coming out fast enough, so I had to put the series on the back burner. Life got ahead of me, so I never finished the series. I decided to make it my goal this year to finish the series, but I have to go backwards before going forward. Here I am starting the series again, and starting with The Secret History of the Pink Carnation

What makes this series an interesting one is the fact we start off in the present with Eloise Kelly trying to do a dissertation on the Pink Carnation, but she's blocked by one of the ancestors of the story Colin Selwick. Eloise finds away to read about the Pink Carnation, and begins the story of Amy Balcourt and Lord Richard Selwick. The story stays mainly with them. We see how many puts forth her dream in being in a league with Purple Gentian. We watch it transfer back to the present.

When I first read this book, it was an okay read, and I struggle. I eventually finished it and was emotionally invested with Eloise and Colin. Their story continues even after Amy and Richard find happiness. This go around, I found myself enjoying the story a lot more than I did when I first read the story. The Secret History of the Pink Carnation is not for everyone. If you have a the patience to stick out the story you might enjoy it. Also, if you are looking for a historical accurate story, this is not your story. If you are needing an escape you might want to take an adventure with Amy and Richard. 

Purchased this book years ago.

Rating: 4 Stars

Thursday, December 31, 2020

The Perks of Loving a Scoundrel by Jennifer McQuiston (Review)

When this book first came out, I had started The Perks of Loving a Scoundrel. The sad thing was I so close to finishing the story, but something stopped me from reading. I put it aside, and I finally finished the story. I'm kicking myself, because I was soooo close to the end😫. Moving on. 

Truth be told, the story was meh. I think part of the reasons I stopped reading the story was I had other things pressing, and I figure I can put this aside. It has taken me a few years to come back to the story, and I had to restart the story. We meet Mary Channing who came to help her sister out, but her sister had other ideas. Her twin sister wanted Mary to experience a season, and possibly find love. However, Mary is content with her nose in a book. Then we meet Geoffrey Westmore, a well known scoundrel. Always scamping around London, but he accidentally gets trapped into marriage with Mary. All she wanted to do is prevent an assassination plot that they over heard together.  

We have a mouse heroine and a rake of a hero. West is trying to keep Mary safe, but she doesn't want to be left out of action. Both finding that they might actually find themselves please to be together. There were a few surprises I didn't expect. Overall, not a bad read. I'm glad to finally finish the story. 

Copy provided by Avon via Edelweiss (also own the story)

3 1/2 Stars

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Her Night with the Duke by Diana Quincy (Review)

I was excited to read Her Night with the Duke by Diana Quincy, because I read her very first book and I loved it. Honestly I had high hopes. Don't get me wrong it was pretty good read. I really like the beginning of the story, because we had so much sexual tension between Hunt and Leela. Both of them trying to fight their feelings. Hunt trying to marry Lady Victoria, which happens to be Leela's step-daughter. However, they are more friends than step-mother and step-daughter. 

The pacing of the story was going great for the first half of the story. However, the pacing slows down when a certain event happens. I felt that the latter half of the story felt like filler. I actually put the story down for sometime. I felt myself trying to finish the story. I wanted to scream at Hunt, there is a reason for Leela to turn you down you dolt. 

Overall, it was a pretty good story, but to me it felt like it was starting drag. I'm intrigued by other characters story. Hunt was a dolt at times. Leela was a strong heroine. I liked that she didn't simper when things didn't go her way, but made them happen. It's a pretty good start to a new series. 

Copy provided by Avon

3 1/2 Stars

Monday, October 12, 2020

This Scot of Mine by Sophie Jordan (Review)


Finally decided that This Scot of Mine by Sophie Jordan need to be read. I have to say this was an interesting read, and of course I'm jumping into a middle of the series. A couple of reasons why I chose this book: 1) The author is amazing. I have enjoyed previous books of hers. 2) THE COVER. That is probably the main reason. I'm sucker for a red dress on the cover. SUCKER! Moving on my reasons for picking this book, and writing what makes this interesting read. 

We have Lady Clara who decides that she needs to cuckold her vile fiancée, and makes him believe she's with child from another man. Vile fiancée believes her, and disgraces her. Now she needs to run up north where she will be safe from ridicule of the Ton. Her whole family believes she's pregnant, and they are trying to figure out who to marry her off. All Clara wanted was peaceful life in Scotland, and be the amazing aunt everyone wants. Marcus has other plans for her, and he finds the perfect gent for the part, Laird Hunt MacLarin.

Hunt believes that his family is cursed. Each of the previous Laird MacLarin never saw the birth of their babes, so he has decided to never get marry or have bairns. He has a sweet deal going on with barren widow, why mess it up. However, he gets an opportunity to be a father without being the natural father to Lady Clare's bairn. Actually pretty ingenious, except for the fact she's not pregnant. 

This is where the story gets interesting. Boy does some crazy stuff happen, and due to a curse. There could have been a curse, but some of things could be explain through logic. However, logic does take a backseat in this story, because we have a CURSE. It's interesting how they break the curse. I'm still not sure on that, but he it was a pretty good read. If you are looking for cursed fellow, and fake pregnancy, you don't have look to far with This Scot of Mine. Honesty I couldn't put it down. I needed to know if he lives or dies. It was a pretty fun read, and I felt bad for Lady Clara.

Copy provided by Avon via Edelweiss

Rating: 4 1/2 Stars

Saturday, October 3, 2020

The Other Miss Bridgerton by Julia Quinn

I finally finished The Other Miss Bridgerton by Julia Quinn. Now I need to slap myself, because when I originally started reading this I was almost done. Seriously! Almost done🤦. Shame on me. Anyway, time to focus on my thoughts about this story. 

We get to know Poppy Bridgerton. Oh she can be a troublesome young girl with her curiosity. She stumble upon a something she shouldn't have encounter, which led her to be kidnapped. Which beginnings our story. Andrew James Rokesby is known as a privateer in society. However, he's secretly working for the crown. Now he's stuck with Poppy, because she stumble upon a secret that could effect national security. Okay, the main thing that jumps out at me is Stockholm Syndrome. However, she doesn't completely sympathize with Captain James peril. She doesn't know the whole truth of the situation. Poppy does fall in love with Captain James, and vice versa. Andrew's conscious does eat at him with the issue of Poppy. 

The Other Miss Bridgerton was a pretty good read. I had fun with Poppy and Andrew as they journey to Portugal. Andrew saw that Poppy was a special young lady that wouldn't really fit into society, but would fit for him. It was worth the time. 

Copy provided by Avon via Edelweiss 

4 Stars

Monday, September 28, 2020

My One True Highlander by Suzanne Enoch (Review)

I got a chance to check out My One True Highlander by Suzanne Enoch earlier this month. I do not recommend reading No Ordinary Hero backwards. I would recommend you go in order. Somethings would make more sense if you read them in the proper order. Just a suggestion. 

In this story, we meet Marjorie Forrester who happens to be the sister of the Duke of Lattimer. When she gets the letter from her brother saying he's going to marry, but she shouldn't come up there. After all, winters are pretty harsh. Everything starts to fall apart when she heads up north. 

We also meet Graeme Maxton, who is a Viscount and a chieftain. He's trying to stay a float when the Duke of Dunncraigh makes an offer, but in return he must kill the Duke of Lattimer. However, Graeme doesn't like the offer, and doesn't trust the Dunncraigh. His brothers happen over heard things and decided to take things their hands, and they kidnap Marjorie. 

This story has some lulling points, but it was a good read. The nightlight of the story was Connell, Graeme's little brother. He's so adorable and has a soft heart. He kind of stole to story, which is fine. Marjorie is kept captive until they figure out what to do. Of course they fall in love, but I think that was a giving. Overall, not a bad read.I guess I need to read the first book, since I have read these totally backwards. 

Copy provided by St, Martins via NetGalley

3 1/2 Stars