Sunday, September 29, 2013

Lovers Unmasked (Brazen Anthology)

Halloween is the perfect time to put away that good-girl persona and bring out that inner vixen. Within Lovers Unmasked you see that in the stories presented. Each one brings a Halloween party to life. So, get your costume ready and have a time with Lovers Unmasked.

Seducing Mr. Right
Katee Robert

So, the story is about Danielle who goes to the company Halloween party to meet up with a guy who she believes is the mail guy. However, Grayson is more than the mail guy, he's actually the owner.

Lying is never good to start off a relationship. I can understand where Grayson was coming from; he's worth a lot of money, and most girls just see dollars signs and not his true self. So, he figures he found someone special in Danielle.

Seducing Mr. Right was alright. I do actually like Katee's stories, but I think this one just a miss for me. It's still a hot steamy read, but overall an okay read.

Tempted by His Best Friend
Cari Quinn

All right, now this one was freaking hot. Yes, Halloween tends to be the holiday to put on your most slutty outfit and bring out the inner vixen. Well, Stephanie has always followed the rules, but she wants to make a change in order to capture the eye of her best friend Landon. However, Landon sees her just fine and dandy, but he would like to keep Stephanie in the dreaded friend-zone. Even though he's attracted to her. Idiot.

Yes, this friend to lover story is smokin' hot. Yes, it's a bit of a Cinderella kind of story. However, Stephanie does know her prince and tries to convince him she's the right princess. Or we can go with Stephanie is Landon's vixen to his fox. Anyway, Landon isn't quite ready for all the rule to change. Let's be honest he's afraid. LOVE, Tempted by His Best Friend.

Wicked Games
Samanthe Beck

All right, if you had read Lover Undercover, you would remember Stacy Roberts as stripper sister, who tended to get in trouble. Well, in Wicked Games Stacy is getting some nasty letters, that she pretty much has been ignoring. However, her sister finds them and basically calls in the reinforcement. Which happen to be her boyfriend and his friend, Ian. Now Ian and Stacy use to be hot and heavy until she freaked out and dumped him. Now thrown back together can Ian get Stacy back? Good question.

Honestly, I like Kylie's story better. Hey, Stacy's story is still good. Yep, there is a little danger and gotta love a hero whose an idiot. Yep, I call Ian an idiot, because his stubbornness almost cost him his love. However, when it was all said and done he came back to save her. Still steamy and I liked the story.

Protecting What's Theirs
Tessa Bailey

The last story in this anthology. First off Protecting What's Theirs is a follow-up story to Protecting What's His. So we get see what happens to Derek Tyler and Ginger Peet. You know what this was just a sweet story. Yes, there is some hot sex, but overall sweet and quick. Talk about some misunderstanding between the two of them. Ginger is afraid Derek is getting tired of her and about ready to give the boot. However, there is more going on than he wants Ginger to know. Gotta love misunderstandings.

Overall, all the stories are pretty good. My favorite happens to be Tempted by His Best Friend. However, each story brings some Halloween mischief and steaminess. So, you are looking for some hot Halloween reads you might give, Lovers Unmasked a try.

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