Sunday, September 22, 2013

Romancing His English Rose by Catherine Hemmerling

Early today I finished reading Romancing His English Rose by Catherine Hemmerling. Of course, I would start with book two of a series. Heaven forbid I would actually start with book one. In my defense, I didn't realize that this was a book two of a series. However, I manage to make it through the story without too many complications. I think most readers will survive if they hadn't read the first book. I plan to go back and read book one, because there are characters in this book I would like to know how they came about to be a couple. Of course book one answers those questions. Anyway, Romancing His English Rose focuses on Rose Warren and Simon Trumbull.

At the beginning the story, we see a young Rose and Simon. Rose was always calling Simon "Mine", because she was told that she would one day marry Simon. When Simon found out he was aghast and from that day on he did everything in his power to avoid being a decent young boy.

Fast forward some years later, Simon is trying to obliterate that memory of that fateful day when he decided to change. However, he's still "technically" betrothed to Rose. However, circumstances forces these two to work together. As they slowly get reacquainted, they realize there's an attraction. Yet, Rose doesn't want to get too attach to Simon for fear she would never recover, and Simon doesn't want to get attach cause what happen when they were younger. 

I really enjoyed the Romancing His English Bride, because you have a romance and a mystery going on. Honestly, the style for this book kind of reminded me of Robyn DeHart's Ladies' Amateur Sleuth Society. If any of you read those book, would actually enjoy Catherine Hemmerling's books. I did like the attraction between Simon and Rose. Plus, they work well together. Romancing His English Bride kept me entertain while they try to solve a mystery, and the bonus is the budding romance. So, if you are looking for a little mystery with your romance, you might want to give Romancing His English Bride a try. I personally can't wait for the next story.

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