Saturday, September 28, 2013

Can't Let Go by Jessica Lemmon

Yes, Jessica Lemmon's new novella Can't Let Go  has a cliffhanger ending. However, if you read Tempting the Billionaire you would remember Aiden Downey and Sadie Howard had a quick starting relationship that turned sour quickly.

In Can't Let Go, we see what happen during the short period Aiden and Sadie were together. This would be the scene we didn't get to see in Tempting the Billionaire. Since Tempting the Billionaire focus more on Crickett (Sadie's best friend) and Shane (Aiden's cousin).

Bottom line: A quick read that will leave hanging. However, Can't Let Go fills in the gap and prepares you for Hard to Handle. Now I wonder how Aiden is going to repair the damage he inflicted. That boy has some major ground to makeup for his stupidity. Overall, I liked the story.


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