Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Dirty Trick by Christine Bell

So, I spent most of my day reading Dirty Trick by Christine Bell. Which happens to be the first in Bell's newest series Perfectly Matched. Basically it's about two friends, Grace and Serena, who own a matchmaking company in Salem, MA.

Dirty Trick starts off right before the biggest Halloween Party of the year. Grace basically gets dump before the party and now she's dateless.

Trick has been in love with Grace since the first moment they met, but he wasn't really ready for a relationship. So, all Grace saw was the playboy side and didn't believe he would change. She figure it would be best to keep them at the friend level. During their friendship, Trick decided to grow-up and want a real relationship with Grace. Somehow, Grace didn't notice Trick had change. Man that gotta suck for him. So, he figure it would be a good idea to let Grace see him differently and try to win her over using a disguise. When will guys learn?

I actually like these two characters, because they really pack some heat when they are together. Grace is a vulnerable woman who is naïve at times. Plus, he's afraid to let Trick into her heart, because she's afraid to get burned again. The last guy did a doozy on her, so she doesn't really trust her instincts when it comes to guys. Yes, Trick was a player, but he really wanted to get with Grace. So, he cleaned up his act. Honestly, that's really sweet.

Overall, I enjoyed Dirty Trick. Yes, Trick was an idiot the way he went about to get past the friendship wall. Still, the guy had to do what a guy has to do to get what he wants. Plus, Grace put up some serious walls to protect her heart. Basically Dirty Trick is a hot steamy read with a sappy ending. So, if you are looking for some steam with a dash of sweet, you might like Dirty Trick.

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