Friday, September 6, 2013

Risky Surrender by Robin Bielman

Let's get one thing straight, when I started Risky Surrender I didn't really know what the story was about. I kind of glanced at the book blurb, but I didn't really paid attention to the blurb. However, I saw that it was written by Robin Bielman, and I have loved the stories I have read. I figure I couldn't go wrong. Which I was correct.

In Risky Surrender, Robin brings us a story about a young archeologist by the name of Lucy Davenport. Lucy is after one particular artifact that will help her lay to rest the guilt she feels for losing her father and husband. Darn those past demons, they will always get you. While trying to find this particular artifact she runs into Keats McCall. The funny thing is the artifact she needs is an area where he's trying to preserve. Oh great, sounds like things will be getting a bit complicated.

I actually thought Risky Surrender was a delightful read. Basically, you have a nice story line that isn't too complicated and works well to give you a satisfying ending. Sometimes novellas can be little rush to get to the happy ending, but Robin manages not rush the story. Honestly, it has a nice pace. Lucy and Keats are great together. One thing Lucy isn't fawning over Keats, because he's rich and handsome. Instead she's trying to go under his radar. Yet, Keats isn't going to have that. Actually he wants to help Lucy, but she just needs to be forth coming in whats going on in her life. They do have a great dynamic together.

Overall, an enjoyable novella. So, if you are looking for a quick read that isn't too rushed, you might want read Risky Surrender.

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  1. Hi Melody! Thanks so much for reading and reviewing Risky Surrender! I'm so happy you enjoyed McCall and Lucy's story! :)