Monday, September 2, 2013

eARC: Wicked Heat by Nicola Marsh

Let me just say, that I have the hardest time keeping a secret especially when it's super exciting. However, I manage to keep this a secret. Yes, this is the new Brazen book out and I was lucky to get selected to read Wicked Heat by Nicola Marsh. So, Entangled has been keeping this story under raps till today. Boy is this one hot read.

So, we meet Allegra Wilks who's an uptight ad agent that got some pretty bad news. One her wedding was called off by the groom and her business is starting to crumble. Poor gal. So, she heads off to the Kaluna Resort to try to keep her business from tanking. However, there is another is going there to the same thing.

Australian Jett Halcott has been burn by his best friend and just lost his company. So, Jett is heading to Kaluna Resort to try to secure the advertising account to restart his company. He knows the competition will be tough, but he's tenacious. Plus, he has the heart to take down his opponent.

When Allegra and Jett come together, boy instant fire. As they are spending more time with each, Allegra realizes they are both after the same account. Uh-oh! Now that might put a damper on the hot and steaminess, but Allegra manages to keep this a secret. Since this isn't anything more than a fling, what harm can this cause? We all know how well flings turn out when emotions starts to get complicated and jobs are on the line.

Seriously, loved this hot and steamy book. I'm not kidding when I say they were like a wildfire with no end in site. You wouldn't expected from Allegra who is wound up tight to cut loose and be free, but somehow Jett gets her to unwind. Then you have Jett who tends to have flings and nothing too serious and something more with Allegra. As you read Wicked Heat you see a power struggle between in the bedroom, but in the end they both win. So, you are looking for some island fun, you might want checkout Wicked Heat. By the end you might need a cold shower.

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