Thursday, September 19, 2013

First Surrender by Katie Reus

Yesterday, I wasn't feeling to well, but I was able to manage to get some reading done. I was able to read Katie Reus new novella, First Surrender. However, it was actually first published in a collection called Wicked First. By the way I do have, but I haven't gotten a chance to read. Back to my thoughts on First Surrender.

If you have read any of Katie's Red Stone books you would recognize a couple of the characters, because they have made an appearance. Especially, in Breaking Her Rules. Now we are heading back to Serafina hotel and casino and staying there for awhile. After all this is the start of her new series The Serafina: Sin City.

In First Surrender, we meet Sierra who works at Cloud 9 (one of the restaurants in Serafina). However, she has had a huge crush on Hayden since she has arrived at Serafina. Of course, she can't let him know for a couple of reasons: 1) Rejection. That's always a big one. 2) Not his type. She's seen the girls he's been with can't measure up. Best to keep things at the friend level. The funny thing Hayden has a crush on Sierra and has the same reason for not pursuing Sierra. Seriously, that's funny. Anyway, something happens which pushes these two together. Of course, it has to be some sort of evil that might ripped these to apart.

I personally like Katie's books and novellas. I have to say that she has a talent to lull you into sweet comfort, then bam crazy villain comes. Granted you do see crazy villain, but you don't know he/she is crazy till it's to late. First Surrender is an excellent start for her next series and I can't wait to see what's next to come. So, you feel in a mood for a quick suspense read, you might want to give First Surrender a try.

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