Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Love Lost and Found by Michele Winton

First and foremost I'm not a big fan of romance novels with someone with amnesia. I struggle with them, and I'm not sure why. Don't get me wrong they can be awesome reads, but they tend to be emotionally rocky. In Michele de Winton's book, Love Lost and Found, is an amnesia story.

Felicity Williams doesn't remember the last five years. Instead of trying to figure out what happen in the last five years, she escapes and works on a cruise line. Figuring it would be a good time to take her life in a new direction.

Rick McCarthy finally comes out of his coma and finds that his fiancée has abandon ship and he has no clue where she could be. Basically, he goes looking for her and eventually finds her. However, she doesn't know who he is. Plus, he needs to find away to get her to sign some papers of a project they had going before the accident.

First off, Love Lost and Found is an extraordinary story. I did enjoy how well the story was written. Michele could have gone a couple of different direction with Felicity amnesia, but she went a route that you probably wouldn't really see in most romance novels. That really made the story unique. I like how Rick try to adjust with the new situation he was given. Honestly, he could have walked away from Felicity, but he tried to find common ground with her and build from there.

Honestly, Love Lost and Found is a remarkable read with an amazing story line. However, it just didn't suit me, and that's no ones fault. I do believe others will love Love Lost and Found. There are so many great things about the story, but you have to be prepare for an emotional roller coaster. So, if you don't mind taking a ride on an emotional roller coaster, you will find Love Lost and Found a wonderful read.

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