Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Edge of Never by J.A. Redmerski

Last night or early this morning (depending on how you view things), I finished Then Edge of Never by J. A. Redmerski. I wasn't sure what to expect. However, I was drawn to the cover and the title.

Camryn Bennett has always followed the rules, but found herself needing a change in scenery when things started to get complicated. So, she decides to get on a Greyhound bus heading to Idaho and from there who knows where she might go next. Along the way she meets Andrew Parrish who has decided to take the bus to get to Wyoming. He see's Camryn and instantly drawn to her. So, they decided to enjoy each others company till they get to Wyoming. Once there both their plans change and decide to take an adventure together. Camryn never really living on the edge of life decides the adventure with Andrew might something she needs in her life.

All right, I actually enjoyed the story. Camryn has had bad things happen in her life where she decides to cut herself off emotional from everyone. Everyone pretty much accepts it. However, when she and Andrew start their adventure he doesn't want Camryn to hold back and basically teaches her how to live again. Andrew seems like a fun guy full of life, but he's hiding something huge from Camryn. I honestly, didn't expect what he held secret. Could say I was blindsided by the information he withheld. I completely understand why, because if he had reveal to Camryn his secret early on, she probably would have withheld her emotions from him. Overall, I was intrigued and captivated by The Edge of Never. I really like how the two characters opened up to each other and became friends beforehand. So, if you are looking for an adventure, you might want to give The Edge of Never a try.

Copy provided by Forever Romance via NetGalley


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