Friday, August 30, 2013

Fallen by Celeste Bradley

First off, I picked up Fallen by Celeste Bradley, because of the cover and the book blurb. Seriously, this cover is gorgeous. Plus, I'm really partial to pink. Also the book blurb made it sound like a scandalicious good time.

However, I had mixed feelings by the end of Fallen. I seriously loved the beginning. When you we first meet Isadora "Izzy" Temple, she's such an unusual young woman. She's willing sacrifice her good name to save Julian Blackworth. Most woman would be calculating on the circumstances that occur in the bedroom, but all Izzy really wanted was her freedom. So, Julian and Izzy pretend to have an engagement. However, Julian is a calculating young man and figures that he would marry Izzy to keep his inheritance. By the end of the story there was so much going on and you wonder what the heck happen.

Well, I did a little bit of looking in the story of Fallen to see if there were other books. Well, I came to find out that it was Ms. Bradley's first book and gotten a second chance of life. With that said, it's quite possible that she was trying to find her voice in romance.

I have read other books by Ms. Bradley and I have notice that she does like to have other story lines and other romances to go along with the main story. For instance, we have Izzy's maid and Julian's groom falling in love. Granted this isn't really important to story, but at times it did help to try to get Izzy and Julian together.

My thoughts on the main characters: I thought Julian to be an idiot at times. Serious idiot, because he was so focus on trying to get his inheritance at any means that he almost lost what was the most important person in his life. Izzy she's such a strong person at the beginning of the story and just accepts what she has been dealt, but as the story continues she kind of gives up. In a way, losing who she really was. Fortunately, she comes to her senses before she completes washes away, and about that time Julian realizes he loves her.

At the beginning of Fallen, the story reminded me of  Cinderella, and eventually becomes it's on story once Izzy leaves her home. I did like Izzy and I wish she hadn't went all wishy-washy towards the middle of the book. Oh well, I'm just glad she decided to fight for what was right for her. I'm serious when I say Julian was an idiot, but I'm glad he learned what it would take to become the man he is by the end. Even though I had mix feelings towards the end, the epilogue left the story open for another book. All though it wouldn't be about Izzy and Julian or their friends, but for their children. However, we are left guess what became of them. Overall, not a bad book and I did like it, but I just didn't love the story. So, if you like when rakes jump into the wrong bed, you find Fallen enjoyable.


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