Friday, August 9, 2013

eARC: Fake Fiancé, Real Revenge by Roxanne Snopek

Last night I finished Fake Fiancé, Real Revenge by Roxanne Snopek. Now this is the third book in the Three River Ranch novels. I must say that I really enjoyed this story. Who doesn't like fake engagement and revenge? I mean that just sounds like my kind of trouble.

Well, Mitchell Granger has found himself in a bit of a pickle. Here's why: one of the mighty fine ladies he works for, Della Fontaine, wanted to foist her step-daughter on him. Not there was anything wrong with Paris Waterton other than being a tad bit too young for his taste. So, Mitch happens to suggest that he was engage with a girl back home, cause he couldn't think of any other girl other than Sabrina Becker.

Fortunately, Sabrina is willing to play along, but comes with a price. However, Mitch doesn't really know the price yet, and he's not going to. Sabrina sees this as a perfect opportunity to get back at her ex-lover. Nothing like a little revenge. It's always amazing to see the best laid plans never work out the way you had them planed.

I think Fake Fiancé, Real Revenge is probably one of my favorites out of Three River Ranch books. Here's why: 1) We have fake engagement. Let's be honest those are always trouble no matter how well the characters plan their escape from whatever they are trying to escape from never works. 2) Revenge. Seriously, who doesn't want to extract revenge on someone that has hurt them in the past. 3) The whirlwind know as Della Fontaine. She wreaks havoc on the good people Lutherton, Montana.

After all, Fake Fiancé, Real Revenge was a lot of fun to read. I love how Mitch tries to pull the wool over Della's eyes with his "engagement" to Sabrina and keep Della happy. I love how Sabrina calls out his emotional intelligence with this line:
“Your emotional intelligence is practically nonexistent and you figure that’s normal. Now that I think of it, your buddy Zach Gamble was the same way until Desiree walloped him into adulthood. Did you all sniff glue together as kids or something?”
I found that funny. There were a lot other fun lines, especially coming from Della. Overall, I found this story fun and sappy. So, if you are looking for fun and sappy, look no further and get yourself a copy of Fake Fiancé, Real Revenge.

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