Saturday, August 3, 2013

Angel Unleashed by Andris Bear

All right last I finished Andris Bear's latest release from her Deadly Sins Novel which happens to be Angel Unleashed. Have you ever read a story that consumes so much that you find yourself dreaming yourself into the story. Yep, this would be my case. Honestly, this has happen only a couple of times. Now you are wondering what my thoughts are about this story since I have been dreaming myself into the story. Here we go:

Detective Jacob Ryder has survived death and is on a special mission. Yet, he has no clue what he's up against or what his special mission. Plus, he is so lucky to get stuck with an angel who is unhappy with her current assignment, which is to keep him alive to fulfill his mission.

Jake cracks me up. Not in the funny way, more like oh my gosh I totally didn't see that coming. When you first start the story Jake is more brooding hero type. However when he's around Liadin (the angel), she tends to bring out his naughty side. Here are a few examples:

"Don't let this pretty face fool you. I can be ridden all night and not wear out."
"Yeah. Like sour-patch candies. The first taste makes you pucker, but then you hit the sweet spot and can't stop licking all that sugary goodness off your fingers."
Bad, bad, bad boy. Not only that he's modest too:

"Yep. I'm brawn, charm, and brains. You're lucky to have me."
 Then you have Liadin, who isn't a guardian angel, but more  archangel. However, she has been given an assignment to watch over Jake. As she gets to know Jake she starts, she has a hard time separating being an angel and possible feelings for him.

I really liked the story. We continue to have the battle of good verses evil and how we are one step closer to the final battle. I love the relationship between Jake and Liadin. Boy they get into hot and heavy. Other than that you truly see witty, charming and sarcastic at it's finest in Angel Unleashed. So, you love angels and a hot bad detective you might want to get yourself a copy of Angel Unleashed.

Let me leave you with my all time favorite line:
“Don’t think of it as an order, more like a mandatory suggestion.”
 Copy provided by the author

4.5 Stars

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