Saturday, August 17, 2013

Deceiving the Witch Next Door by Melissa Bourbon Ramirez

I have been feeling like reading some paranormal books and I happen to be lucky Deceiving the Witch Next Door by Melissa Bourbon Ramirez happen to be waiting for me.

I really enjoyed Deceiving the Witch Next Door. At first I thought it was about moonshine and a witch. Alas I was wrong, the story actually went deeper than trying to find a secret ingredient to a particular flavor moonshine, but a more sinister plot. Which I was blown away.

Before I got to the sinister plot, we had to deal with Storie Bell and Reid Malone. Storie has always been looked as a little odd and no one could really put their finger on it. Oh there's speculation that she could be a witch. Of course, she's a real witch and she has tried to keep her powers under control, but when she gets a bit emotional distraught they tend to make their presence known. When Reid is around they tend to pop-up.

Now Reid has made his poppa a promise to find the secret ingredient that makes their moonshine so special. Once he finds it, he's onto bigger and better things. However, he needs to worm his way to getting Storie to trust him. Not an easy task, especially when Storie has been warn that he's up to good.

I love how these two characters are enemies in one aspect, but the electricity between the two of them is too powerful to ignore. However, Reid tends to be a smoother talker and isn't a stranger to the ladies, and Storie isn't going to go just willy-nilly. Then things start to pop into the story that makes her question her decision to come back to Bloomington.

Overall, a pretty good read. I believe Deceiving the Witch Next Door really gets you anxious to see what happens next. Yes, the story starts off with the neighbor being conniving to get the secret recipe, a witch that's not sure who to trust, and then the return of mummy dearest. Which wreaks havoc on Storie. So, if you are looking for a witch and moonshine with a dash of sinister, you might want to checkout Deceiving the Witch Next Door.

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