Thursday, August 29, 2013

Stay With Me by Elyssa Patrick

The other day I finished reading Stay With Me by Elyssa Patrick. This would be Elyssa's first New Adult romance. I must say that it was a pleasurable read. Let me share my what it's about an my thoughts.

Hailey Bloom grew up in the limelight. Always performing, but as she got older it wasn't what she wanted anymore. She wanted to do something completely different from what she knows. She has decided to go to college in a small town in Vermont (talk about a major change). With this major change in her life, she has a hard time adjusting. Partly, because she doesn't really know who to trust. After all she got burned by people who "supposedly" cared about her. Caleb Fox is a decent guy who isn't after Hailey's fame, but just wants to get to know her.

All right, this story is a nice story. Let me explain. Caleb and Hailey meet and Hailey is afraid to let a relationship define her. So, at the beginning she pushes Caleb away, because she's afraid she's going to get hurt. Caleb is willing to let her have her boundaries. In a sense Caleb is a beta guy. He's willing to be her pal, and he's not afraid to be just her friend. In all honesty, Hailey needed a guy like Caleb to keep her grounded.

I enjoyed Stay With Me. As I said it's a nice story, because it's not an emotionally draining book. Sometimes we all need something that won't throw us into a tailspin. You watch Hailey adjust to real life and she ends up with a really nice guy. Caleb is very understanding especially when she reveals her big dark secret. Some may say that it wasn't that dark, which might be true. Hey it's a story and it's ok to have everything go smoothly. Elyssa could have gone a different direction with this story, but she didn't and you know what I'm fine how she wrote story. Stay With Me does have a sappy happy ending. Honestly, I like sappy happy endings. So, you want a new adult book that isn't going to leave emotionally drain, instead leaves you happy, you might want to give Stay With Me a try.

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