Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Little Bit Scandalous by Robyn DeHart

I have finally read the third book in the Forbidden Love books, and I think A Little Bit Scandalous happens to be my favorite. Which each book it just keeps getting better and scandalous. This time the scandalous relationship is between Monroe Grisham (Roe), Duke of Chanceworth, and his ward Caroline Jellico.

Caroline has been in love with Roe, I have no clue how long. When she was about to start her first season, she made it abundantly clear that she wanted Roe. However. Roe being older and wiser declare it would be unwise, since he was her guardian. After two dismal weeks, Caroline decides to scurry back to the country declaring she would never marry. Yes, a bit dramatic, but she's entitled to be.

About six years later, Caroline decides to her make return to London with her guardian's mother, Millie. Millie is an absolute hoot by the way. Anyway, they come with a hair-brain scheme to raise money for her plans to help orphan children. After all she's a talented card shark, and what easy way to raise money when the cards are in your favor. Yet, there is a snag when she's caught by Roe. Now this will cause a tad of a complication.

Seriously, I think this is the best out of the three stories. You actually hear about Caroline in the earlier books, but not as we know her in this story. She's refer to as "the boy"(we don't find out why she's refer to as the boy until this book). The banter between Roe and Caroline is phenomenally witty. I actually really like Roe, because he believes he wouldn't make a good husband since he's a lot like his father. Or at least he believe he is and it takes a clever young woman to prove him wrong. Caroline is a lot of fun. Of course, she has to be, I mean what kind of young woman goes around masquerading as a man to make money? A clever one. Overall, I think this is the best of Forbidden Love books. So, you can't resist a young woman who risks her reputation to go to a gaming hell, you might want to give A Little Bit Scandalous a try.

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