Thursday, August 1, 2013

Seduction in Silver by Natalie Anderson

All right everyone, I finished Seduction in Silver by Natalie Anderson yesterday. I must say that I enjoyed this novella. So, let's jump into my thoughts.

I adore Nina Breslin. In the story she's young beautiful, but at the same time she doesn't realize it. Of course, it's cause of a douche bag ex who dragged her confidence through the gutter. So, when she gets a chance to meet the guy she has been pining for she has a hard time believing he would be into a girl like her.

Handsome Eduardo Ruiz really has no time to get emotionally involve with anyone. However, once he meets Nina he just can't seem to get her out of his mind. At the same time he wants to put up these emotional boundaries so no one gets hurt, but we all know that never works.

For being a really quick read, the story is really emotionally charged. At times, I felt the pricks of tears in my eyes hoping that all will workout between Eduardo and Nina. Overall, a good emotional read. So, if you are looking for an emotional quick read, you might consider Seduction in Silver.

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