Thursday, August 8, 2013

Crave by Monica Murphy

If y'all didn't know, I love to read while working out. So, I have designate one book as the "gym" book. This is the book that will keep me entertain while working out. So, my selection was Crave which happens to be Monica Murphy's new release and also the first book in Billionaire Bachelor Club. All right now realizing selecting this particular book wasn't such a great idea. Don't get me wrong, I actually really enjoyed the story. However, at times I really needed fans to be working. Quite embarrassing. Anyway, my other thoughts on the story.

Like most fun stories, this all starts at a wedding of a pal of Archer Bancroft, Gage Emerson, and Matthew DeLuca. These young handsome gentleman have way too much time on their hands and decide to make a wage on who will be the next to bite the dust. Archer and Gage are quite adamant that they will never marry. However, Matt doesn't believe them, so he suggests a wager among them to see who would marry next. We all know that all good stories need to have some kind of wager to make it interesting. So, the story begins.

Well, Crave focuses on Archer and Ivy Emerson. Ivy is the little sister of Gage and we all know that she's doesn't count in the wager. 1) She's related to Gage and is totally off-limits, so Archer tries to tell himself. 2) Ivy can't stand Archer, or we are suppose to believe that.

Ivy has problem when it comes to men. She tends to pick "Humpty Dumpty's", you know the guys who tend to be all broken and can't be put back together. She tends to be a fixer, you know the girl who is attracted to the broken men and believes she can fix them, but later realizes they are a lost cause. That pretty much sums up Ivy. Archer is definitely a "Humpty Dumpty" and has no problem staying in pieces until she gets close to Ivy.

Boy, Crave is one hot read. Not in the way of "I'm completely embarrass I'm reading this", but more along the lines of sexual tension between Archer and Ivy. Once the sexual tension is broken through you have them trying to keep their relationship under wraps, you know those overprotective older brothers. However, like most guys Archer does suffer from this syndrome where he shoves his foot into his mouth and says something stupid. We wouldn't want their relationship to come to easily now, would we?

Overall, I did enjoy this book and for the most part I did enjoy the characters. I love how Archer becomes a blithering idiot when he's near Ivy. Some of things he says are like, "wow you really said that". I like Ivy and how she tries to stay away from Archer, but when their hot you can't. So, if you like rich panty melting guys, you might want to checkout Crave. I must say that I have a craving for the next book. 


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