Wednesday, August 21, 2013

eARC: The Matchbaker by Jerrica-Knight Catania

So, last night I finished The Matchbaker by Jerrica Knight-Catania. If any of you are familiar with Jerrica's work would know she tends to write regency romance. However, she has been spreading her wings and start writing contemporary romance. I adore her regency books, and I'm so glad I got a chance to read The Matchbaker.

Since there isn't a lot of buzz about this book. Yes, there is a contest on Facebook about her new book. Unless, you are a current fan of her's or know someone who is, you probably haven't heard much about the book. So, here is the actual book blurb:

1C Chaos
1Tbsp Romance
3tsp Betrayal
2C Comedy
1 Pinch Magic 
Candace Cooper is living the life she set out to live. With a posh apartment in Manhattan, a  high-powered job that takes her all over the world, and designer clothes that most women would kill to have in their closet, she's definitely living the high life. But when her best friend drags her to a seedy section of Paris to meet with a crack-pot fortune teller, she hears things she doesn't want to hear. She desperately tries to ignore the unsolicited advice, but that becomes nearly impossible when her perfect life starts to unravel.
"Filled with comedic catastrophes, magical mishaps, romantic blunders, and tasty recipes, The Matchbaker will have you laughing, crying and reaching for the nearest box of baked goods!" Ava Stone, Amazon Best Selling Author

**Includes Cupcake Recipes from Erin Knightley, Polkadot Cupcake Shop & Sugarcain Cupcakes** 

Honestly, I didn't know much about the book. Here are the things I did know: 1) It was about a baker. 2) It's release soon. 3) I love the author 4) Loved the cover. So, you can say I was going to the book with a clean slate,  open to whatever might happen.

First off you need to read this like you are watching a romantic comedy. Here are the cast of characters you need to keep an eye out:

Candace Cooper: our leading lady. The one with her career is about to take a major change. Learns the hard way that she might have magical powers.
Holly Cooper: little sister, also recruit to work in the baker with her sister.
Colin Hawthorne: he's going out with Holly, but Candace thinks he's for her.
Her Parents: They basically leave without telling her anything, which gets Candace in trouble.
Joe: Works at Latte Joe and will be owner once his father passes.
Of course there are other characters, but I pretty much brought up the important characters.

The more I start to think about The Matchmaker, the more it reminds me of 27 Dresses in some ways. For instance, little sister sees Colin and basically makes a play for him. Candace kind of resents her sister for making the first move. So, in a way Candace is trying to figure a way to get Colin from her sister. Well, she kind of uses magic and it goes way, way, way wrong. Part of the problem was her parents kind of left her high and dry to figure things out for herself. Oh dear. However, Candace finds her knight and shining arm guy to help her solve her problem, which cause another slew of problems. This what I say in the book.

I really liked The Matchbaker. The story had me laughing out loud and going "oh my goodness". There were times where it just broke my little heart. I even bawled my little eyes out, because I felt so bad for Candace. I was starting to wonder if she would find her match. However, I have one tiny little gripe and that was the ending. I was happy, but at the same time a little upset on how the story ended. Yet the ending leaves an opening for more books to come, and I hope that the problem at the end rectify itself *fingers cross*.

This story isn't for everyone. The Matchbaker is a charming story with crazy situations that can put a smile on your face. So, if you are person who loves whimsical and charming with a dash of magic, you might enjoy The Matchbaker. Which will leave you warm and fuzzy and possibly craving a cupcake.

Be on the lookout for this cupcake caper on August 27th.

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