Sunday, August 18, 2013

Curse of Passion by Melissa Bourbon Ramirez

I happen to really enjoy Melissa Bourbon Ramirez's Deadly Legend series. In the first book, Sacrifice  of Passion, she took the legend of La Chupacabra and made her on little twist. Well, she has taken another hispanic legend and made her own little twist in Curse of Passion. This time we will be looking at the legend of La Llorona (The Weeping Woman).

For those who don't know the legend La Llorona, there is a young woman who believes that the only thing holding her back from a certain man is her children. So, she decides the only way to get her man would be to get rid of her children. She ends up drowning her children and man still doesn't want her. After losing her children and the man, she decides to drown herself. Plus, there are different version of the story that contain: a harlot, a virgin, a witch, and a siren.

With that said let me share my thoughts on the story:

Johanna Rios has always been haunted by the story of La Llorona, because her mother had such a strong belief in the story that she tried to drown her two  daughters one night. Fortunately, Johanna and her sister, Carmen, were able to escape before their mother ended killing them both. Years later still scarred from the past strange things start to happen San Julio that make her start to truly believe in La Llorona legend. One by one there is a young woman marked as one of types of La Llorona legend and need to figure out before more girls are taken. Things start to get a bit more hairy and Johanna turns to her friend Ray Vargas.

I love how Melissa Bourbon Ramirez has taken this legend and made a fantastic thrilling read. You get a strong sense of danger as one by one girls are picked out dress like in the La Llorona story. Johanna can't seem to let go of the fear that she might end up like her mother, so by not finding love she figure she could keep no existing children safe. However, the murder takes former students and use them as bait. Definitely a sicko there.

Ray is the principal of the school Johanna works out. He has a hard keeping the fine line between Johanna and him when Johanna's life is endanger. He has had feelings for her, but always afraid to cross those boundaries between boss and co-worker. However, he realizes life is unpredictable, especially when it comes to love ones. Sometimes it all boils down to a choice.

Overall, a thrilling read. I find myself enthrall with Deadly Legends books. I can't wait to see wait legend comes up next. I think Curse of Passion is a fantastic book filled with mystery, intrigue and definitely suspense. So, if you are looking for a story with a legend and suspense, I would suggest to grab a copy of Curse of Passion.

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