Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Once Upon a Wallflower by Wendy Lyn Watson

I just finished Once Upon A Wallflower by Wendy Lyn Watson. All right, I picked this book for a couple of reasons. 1) The Cover. If we remember I'm a coverwhore. Yes, this cover is beautiful. Plus, I love how it is all dark with that little splash of color. It really catches the eye. 2) A wallflower. Yes, I tend to root for wallflowers, especially when they are a bit of a blue-stock.

Mira Fitzhenry has been sold into an engagement to cover her uncle's gambling debts to a notorious man, Nicholas Ellerby, the Viscount Ashfield. Nicholas isn't a rake, actually he's a bit different. However, that isn't what is concerning. Oh no, it's that he's been accused of murdering three women and has gotten away with it. The danger that lays ahead of Mira.

I'm in awe with Once Upon A Wallflower. Once Mira and the family start to make their way to Cornwall, the mystery begins. Mira decides to prove that Nicholas didn't commit the crimes and find the real criminal. It was like playing Clue, but you knew where the girls were murder and how they were murder. However, you were missing the motive and the person. Once at Cornwall, you meet the list of suspects: Lady Beatrix (step-mother of Nicholas), Lord Blackwell (father of Nicholas), Jeremy Ellerby (half-brother to Nicholas), and Lady Phoebe (cousin). The fantastic part of the story you would get a little piece here and there and made you question if you had the right person. I was guessing all the way till the end of the story and I was like, wow. Seriously, a fantastic historical mystery. So, if you like regency and mysteries, you might want to checkout Once Upon A Wallflower. It will keep you guess till the end.

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