Friday, August 30, 2013

Slow Summer Burn by Elisabeth Barrett

I finally have gotten to the last book in Star Harbor books, which happens to be Valentine (Val) Grayson's book. Yes, we get to know Val a little better in Slow Summer Burn by Elisabeth Barrett.

We have finally arrived to the big finish, we are about to find out who's behind the drug problem in Star Harbor. Each book the danger level has increase. Who would have guess that dirty politics would play a roll in the drug ring. Honestly, I didn't see it coming.

Anyway, Val Grayson is the best brother anyone can hand. He basically step in when his father passed away and raised his brother. While raising his brothers he manage to get an education and end up working as DEA agent. Now he's one step closer to cracking the case behind the drug ring that has been plaguing Star Harbor. When he finally gets to know Cameron Stahl.

Cameron Stahl grew up with the privilege lifestyle, but slowly realize that her lifestyle is suffocating her and so she started her own business. Now she has open a new store in Star Harbor. Her parents would love her to make an ideal match with Junior Kirkland. However, she doesn't feel right about the situation. After all, she just sees him as a friend. Yet, when she's with Val, she starts to see her real self and likes.

So, we have the drug problem, but Cam and Val seem to make time to get to know each other. While in the process, Cam is able to help Val get closer to his target. I love Val. He's such a stand up kind of guy, who won't succumb to pressure. He stands up for what he truly believes and goes after what he wants. Cam is learning that she doesn't really like her old life and actually loves the life she's forging with Val. However, there are couple of complications that jump and they manage to handle it.

Overall, I really like how the series turned out. I think Elisabeth did a wonderful job with building of the story in each of the books. This is one of those series, you have to read them in order. The romance part you don't really need to, but to have the full appreciation of the story, must read in order. I believe Slow Summer Burn gives that satisfying ending and wraps everything up very neatly. So, if you have been reading the Star Harbor books, you need to finish out the rest. And if you haven't yet, then you need to get the first three books before getting this book otherwise you will be a tad bit lost.

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